December 22, 2016


It all starts inside of you. It will never start somewhere. Greatness and dynasty will start inside of you. You are the one responsible for building your own empire. Your father cannot build it for you nor your mother. Take the shovel and start with what you have.

It all starts in strengthening your belief. Believe in something and never change it no matter what. Even if a storm tries to break you, even if a huge obstacle show in your way... never change your belief, make it stronger everyday by working for it and doing things that will give you confidence. It is like putting some coins into your piggy bank everyday, you have to do it little by little until it becomes very heavy. Your belief is your foundation so you should take care of it very well. Nurture it until you feel like invincible and capable of doing anything.

Build a very strong and effective circle. Choose your friends and followers, choose the people whom you want to invest your time with. Never give time for people who are just making you feel bad, never talk to them nor entertain them because it is just a waste of time and energy. You will never feel good even if you are nice to them because they will never treat you the way you wanted to be treated. Build your own circle even if it is just small, make sure all the people there are making your confidence soar to the highest level. Choose the people who will support your dreams and will push your way to the top.

Build some habits that will make you big and prosperous. You don't need to be a Jedi, Angel or Saint. You don't need to be so very disciplined and nerd like. All you need to do is build some habits that will put you in a better position. Habits that will give you money and improvement. Engage with those habits until you create some greatness in your life. You need commitment, just choose 2-3 good habits that will give you results. You don't need to be super kind or super detailed. Just choose what is effective and do it forever.


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