December 04, 2016


All of you have goals and ambitions, all of you want to get something something big. All of you are somewhat thinking right and hoping that your life will change but the problem is... you only hope, you don't take actions. You think that your life will change by simple hoping and praying and adding your life with a little self pity. Life will not work that way, you have to take super massive actions to achieve massive results. There is no other way around, a lot of self proclaimed masters out there will tell you how to become successful in an instant, but guess what... they are all frauds.

So what you need to do is study yourself and be aware of what is going on with your life. Study what is stopping you and try to change it. Study all of your thoughts and beliefs and make adjustments with what are not helping you.

Here are some of the reasons why you are not taking actions:

1. You don't believe in yourself. You think that you already failed before you even try. You don't believe that you can do it. You're so scared and anemic. You don't believe that you too can accomplish big things, you don't believe that you too are deserving to become part of a huge success. The best thing to do is to just believe that you can do the next step and the next one and the next one. Keep on believing that you can take actions so that you can move towards the direction of your goal.

2. You think you have a lot of time. A lot of people believe that they have a lot of time and that they can do it in the last minute. They think that everything will be fine so they just need to relax and chill at the moment. They were so comfortable and overconfident. And when the time to take actions is already there, they can't move anymore because they were worried that they don't have enough time to finish what they are ought to do.

3. You think you are still young. You are not taking life seriously  because you think you are too young. You are not moving and making progress because you still think that your parents will be at your side forever. You have a mindset of taking life seriously later and just bum today because you only live once and your youthfulness will soon be gone. You are making a lot of excuses such as: you don't have experience, you are  just a newbie, you're too fresh, you need to reach your prime first etc etc. and then one day you will find out that you are too old to start something. A new set of excuses will be made again just not to take actions. Moving and making actions has nothing to do with your age, if you really want to accomplish something, regardless of how young or old you are... you will execute and grind.

4. You are not serious. You think it's just a joke and you don't need to take things seriously. You will just move every time you feel good. You're acting like a spoiled brat with lifetime pension. You want things to be handed to you without working for it. You want something but you don't want it bad enough. You are more serious in stupid things that won't even give you money or security. You are serious in drinking, partying, spending your money for nonsense things and any other bullshits that will just ruin your life. In other words you are serious in not being serious.

5. You are lazy but you can't admit it. Another thing that is stopping you is not admitting that you are lazy. You don't want to admit it, if someone told you that you are lazy, you will get angry. You are in so much denial of being lazy. If you can accept that you are lazy then you will be able to change yourself. Change takes place in the form of acceptance. You can only move if you are so disgusted being lazy and you are so sick and tired of it. So accept that you are lazy and try to improve your personality by working little by little until you found yourself working hard already.

6. You are jealous of other people's success. Bitterness, envies.. this will make you stuck in a rut. If you feel bad about others being successful then you cannot become successful yourself. You will focus on what they are doing, you will try to pull them down and the result is you don't have time for yourself anymore, you won't be able to take positive actions anymore because you were so focus on what other people are doing. You don't have time improving yourself, you have a negative mindset and that kind of state of mind makes your life corrupt.

7. You don't have an inspiration. If you are inspired then it will be easier for you to move, it will be easier for you to keep going if something misdirect you in your journey. You will be able to come back stronger if you've been defeated because there is something or someone that is pushing you to do your best. If you don't have an inspiration then you will just take everything for granted, you will not mind not being able to make progress. You are completely satisfied of what is going around and you will not do anything about your situation.  

8. You are so comfortable with your life. You feel like everything is fine and your situation will never change forever. If you are rich now and your parents are supporting you... you feel like they can support you forever and that is why you don't have a sense of urgency. That is why you are not moving, you are so comfortable and you are a spoiled brat. You can cherish your king like status now, embrace it while you still have it because if you don't move... you will become a slave in the end.

9. You have the option not to do it. You feel like your life will not be affected even if you didn't take action. For example, you are supposed to wash the dishes tonight, you will not do it because your mom will just get slightly mad if you don't do it, it is not a big deal. You have the option not to do it because you think that it will not make an impact to your life. What you do not know is that a habit of not finishing something is slowly budding in your system and it will make your life miserable if you continue to nurture it.

10. You believe that it will just happen. You are living in fantasy. You have a dream and you think that it will happen someday even if you do not take actions now. You believe that you will be able to make a very strong momentum in the end and things will go out perfectly. You are really blinded by this "greatness" thing that you think you have. You think that you are gifted and you can become successful even if you don't have the habits of taking action.

11. You are so afraid of stress. You already knew that accomplishing something will be stressful that is why you don't want to start. You're acting like you're some kind of a special human being that doesn't deserve to get stressed. You want things to be handed to you without working hard for it.

12. You just want to follow the crowd. If your dream is so big and ridiculous, if somebody discovered it... you don't want to pursue it anymore, you want to follow the crowd, you don't want to get judged, you don't want to look arrogant or insane. You follow what they say, you believe in their ideas that is why you are not taking actions for your won dreams. You don't want to be labelled as weird even if you have something in your heart that you really want to pursue.

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