December 08, 2016


Everyone wants to stay young but the problem is they just want it, they don't want to do anything how to achieve it. Staying young is easy, staying young is simply doing the process that will work for you and doing it everyday. It is also a matter of experimenting, you will try several ways and see if it is giving you good results.

Here are some basic ways that will make you younger, try some of these and see if it will bring out the youth in you:

1. Eat fruits and vegetables. If you really wanted to look young then you don't need to have a plastic surgery anymore. Eating fruits and vegetables will give you younger looking skin and of course a healthy body. Eat a lot of it, your meal should be 90 percent fruits and vegetables. Everybody knows it but not everybody does it. It is cheaper than an expensive plastic surgery operation and you don't have to worry about side effects anymore.

2. Drink a lot of water. Water is underrated, people thought of it as just water. Water will make your system work very well, it will detoxify your body and give you proper bowel movement. Water is very powerful, drink more than 8 glasses of it everyday for at least 8 months and seen the incredible results. Water is life, water alone can heal you, water can make you younger.

3. Move a lot. Make a lot of movements so your body won't get rusty. Walk everyday, jog or run. Make it a habit to make your life a little difficult by moving. Lift weights, engage in some physical activities like sports or some competition. By simply moving a lot will make your body stronger.

4. Do some brain exercises. Read some books so your brain will be exercised. Read anything that will make you think, solve some crossword puzzles. Just do some brain activities that will make you think and use your brain again. If you will not read anything nor solve anything your brain will become rusty. You will have memory issues and this will lead to frustration. Start now by reading one article a day.

5. Wear modern clothes. Wearing modern clothes will make you feel young again. But also, make sure that what you wearing is tuned in with your personality and style. Don't wear something because it is popular at the moment. Wear something that is less old fashioned and will make you somehow connected with modern society.

6. Mix with young bloods. By associating yourself with people who were younger than you... you will be able to adapt their youth mentality and hungriness. You will become stronger again, aggressive again and competitive again. Do some of their activities that are positive and fun but of course won't make you look stupid.

7. Stop eating fatty foods. Again, everyone knows this but they are not doing it. Fatty foods will destroy your system, it will give you disease and it will make you weak. Yes, it is delicious but the effects on your body is ugly. Substitute it with healthy foods. You need to make sacrifices if you want some benefits. There is no such thing as something for nothing. You have to take the consequences if you want to earn something.

8. Stop your vices. Stop drinking alcohol, smoking or doing some illegal drug activities. Having a lot of alcohol or illegal substances in your body will make you die young and look older. I have a cousin who is just 24 years old but you wouldn't believe it because he looks like 35 years old already. The cause of it is so obvious, he is puffing one box of cigarettes everyday and drinking 8 bottles of beers everyday. What a shitty life! If you can't stop your vices then at least try to minimize it if you really wanted to look younger.

9. Pursue a goal. By pursuing a goal, you would love to become stronger and healthier because you wanted to live longer and become successful. It will give you a drive to become better and faster so you can reach your goal fast. It will give you a mental strength to keep going and pushing until your dreams were realized. It is much better if your goal is for long term so your motivation will never die easily. And once you reach your first goal, go ahead and set another goal. The journey of life continues, it will never end until you keep on taking actions, how fun was that.

10. Laugh more often. It is very simple, just think about some of your past experiences that are funny and try to remember all the details. You will find yourself laughing even if you are alone, there is nothing wrong with that, just make sure no one will see you because they might think of you as a crazy individual. Laughing will give you a light feeling, it will make your brain free from stress. You can even fake laugh, try it and enjoy the good feelings that you will get.

11. Stay away from problem. Thinking about problems a lot will double the speed of your aging. Stress will make you look very old so it is either you solve your problem or not. If you don't want to solve it then just forget about it and try to entertain happier thoughts. Problems will go away even if you solve it or not. There are some people who have problems but they still look very happy because they do not give so much attention to it.

12. Enjoy life. Just enjoy life, live with the moment and try to enjoy everything that you are doing. Happiness is a magic formula to give you a positive and attractive energy. Enjoying life will give you strength. Always looking happy will make you look younger. Look at those people who hates life, even if they were still young they look old as dirt.

You don't need to do all of these, just pick some and try to install it in your system. Do it everyday and enjoy the benefits of feeling younger and sharper.

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