November 10, 2016


So you're good in pointing out someone's mistakes and flaws huh? you think that you are perfect and you've done nothing wrong in your life. You are always belittling people who doesn't accomplish more than you. You're seeing their weakness and you are always telling them how good you are or what they need to do in their life. You're acting like a guru who is perfect with a lot of accomplishments. What you don't know is you're also a bum, you're just on a different level. You just have more money than them and accomplished more than them but the truth is you're also a bum.

You're also a bum from the the eyes of people who were more successful than you. They also thought of you as a bum. You were no different from other bums.

If you're just a middle class and you think you are smarter than poor people, you think that you're so above them, wait until a true rich individual think the same way as you do. The rich people will also think that you are weak and you cannot do something great. They will also think that you're just an ordinary bum who is not doing well in your life. They will also think that you are stupid and you are not getting the things that you can if you will only think and act the right way. They will also think that you are just wasting your life same as the way you think about poor people.

So the conclusion is... you're also a bum, just on a different level. Someone is also better than you and you can't deny it. If you think that you are above anyone then a lot of people were also above you. You're only in the middle so you don't have the right to judge anybody.

So the best way to live life is to not give attention to people who are not doing well. Let them be, let them live their life the way they want it to live. Stop caring about them because it is none of your business if they are destroying their life. They are not in the area of your responsibility. They have all the freedom in the world to do whatever they want in their life. If they fall, don't be happy. If they succeed then be happy for them.

Because if you will look at your own life, you're bumming around as well. You are drinking a lot, watching TV a lot, you are procrastinating, you are not doing anything to improve. You're just better than some people but your life is not super high quality as well. You are also making a lot of mistakes and you are also having some trouble solving your own problem. So you are also not different from people that you are calling bums.

You better be perfect if you will point out the mistakes and shortcomings of other people. If you are not then you better just shut up because you are only making things worse. You are making your life difficult by focusing on other people's lives. It is hard to live if you are not focusing on your own life because you will not be able to take actions for your own personal reasons. You will keep on thinking about them and their mistakes, you will not have a peace of mind and that is very difficult.

If people are not perfect so as you. Don't pretend that you are clean and that you are not doing anything wrong. You may never know, they were also talking about your bad attitude and behavior. You may not know, you are worse than them and they were also disgusted in your attitude.

So if you find yourself better than the others and you want to correct their mistakes, just shut up and let them do their thing. If they ask for your help or advise then that is the perfect time for you to talk and discuss your observations. If they are not asking for your comments then just keep on doing what you are doing and never mind them. If they are doing a lot of mistakes in life, it is their choice, you cannot intervene with their decisions, they will only get mad at you if you are trying to act like a savior. It is their life not yours so you don't have the right to act like you know everything and you can change their life if they listen to you.

Just let them be, let everything flow. Never control nor be an obstacle to someone's life. You don't have the right to call them bum because you're bum as well, the only difference is you are a better bum version. You're no different from them. You have a bad attitude as well. You are also letting go a lot of opportunities, you are also wasting a lot of time. Maybe their vices were worse than you but you have your own vices too.

Instead of always giving a lot of attention to their bad personalities why don't you focus on yourself?
Why don't you shift your focus on bettering yourself so you will not notice negativity from others and have a good life instead? You need to do a lot of working on your life, you have a lot of potential and you will not be able to reach those things if you are not focus on yourself.

If you constantly look at other people's lives, it means you cannot change yourself and you are not interested in your own life. It means you are not progressing because you care about other people and you are not looking at your own journey. You better watch out because it will become your daily habit and it is very hard to get rid of it. It will poisoned your mind and you will not be able to concentrate in what you are doing.

If you don't have anything good to say to other people then just shut up and mind your own business. You don't know what kind of problems they are dealing with, you don't know how they feel and think. Stop acting like you know what is good for them and you have the solution for every problem. They can make their own decisions, you don't have the right to intervene with their life. I know your intention is somehow a little bit good but your main agenda is to put them down.

And if you are really better than them, it is better to stay humble and just appreciate that you can think right. Because one day you will also make big mistakes and you will learned that you are no different from them.

The best thing to do is try to inspire them without trying so hard, let it come naturally. Don't make it so obvious that you are trying to inspire them. If you caught their attention and they seek advise from you then that is the only time that you have the right to give them your opinion about their life.

Always remember that you are no better than anyone, that is the best way to stay on top because you will not think that you don't need to work anymore, you will not think that you were already successful that is why you need to work harder.

And on more thing, always accept that not all people have the same mindset as yours. They have their own way of thinking and you don't need to force them to think the same as you do. We are all different and if you think that you are blessed that you can think better than the others, then good for you but don't be so arrogant because in the end, that will make you fail. You will become so proud, that will feed your ego and will put you in the wrong direction. You will become so over confident to the point where you are not taking actions anymore and all you do is criticize others and compare your achievements with them.

Always seek for room for improvement instead of making yourself feel better because you were better than the others. Always strive harder everyday and nevermind if someone sucks at life. You will become successful if you keep on climbing to the top and not because you are making someone look bad because of your so called success.

You don't have to feel good if someone is doing bad, you don't have to look good if someone looks really bad. What if they are not around? will you still feel powerful? what if there is no one who is not lower than you, will you still feel successful? DEFINITELY NOT.

Try to respect other people's achievement even if it is not according to your standards. Never compare because you will never win by having that kind of mindset. You may see someone weaker than you but you will also see someone stronger and that will make you feel bad. So forget about who is doing bad or good, just focus on your own life and try to become better everyday.

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