November 08, 2016


Your neighbor is so noisy, they are annoying you everyday. They were singing like they have no neighbors. They were acting like they own the town. They were VERY disrespectful, loud and always displaying authority even if they don't have it. You will only feel bad if you focus on them. Look at the very basic things in your life. You have a pretty house, you have a roof in your head and you are doing good in life. You are just hearing their noises, they are not even doing something to you, they are not touching you nor stealing something from you. It is time to think better, appreciate what you have and the hate you feel will change to love. Look at the very basic things around you and your perception will change.

If your son is so lazy and he is not following your orders, don't be mad and don't be sad. The reason why he is not following you is because you didn't say it nicely. Say it nicely and you will see that he will follow you. Say it with love and authority. Look at the very basic, he may not be fast in following your orders but your son is not an addict, your son knows what is right in life and that is already a blessing. Look at his very basic good attributes and learn how to appreciate it, learn to be happy by having a son that is not so good but not even bad. Look at his positive traits instead of focusing on the negative ones. I am very sure you will see something good about your son and you will feel better. What makes you feel bad is you focus on the things that are negative and not making you happy. You should see the things that are giving you good feelings and making you feel blessed.

You are not satisfied with your income? look at the people who only have basic salary. Some of them are happy and satisfied. If they can become happy so are you. all you need is to spend your money wisely, use it for important things and never use it to impress people and make them see you as a rich kid. Just stay simple and low key. You can become rich even if your money is small. Just make sure you don't have debts and you spend less than you can earn. If you feel good and safe everyday that no bank will knock on your door everyday and confiscate some of your properties because of heavy debt... then you are rich. In other words, you are really rich if you have some extra money and no one has the right to say some bad things to you because you don't owe anyone.

Just stay with the basic and you will become rich. Save everyday, work hard everyday, stay away from useless spending and debts, make your money grow, don't compare your money to everyone, feel good about your money and then you're already rich. "The Money" Floyd Mayweather even said that it doesn't matter if you have 100 dollars or one thousand or ten thousand or one million. If you're rich at heart then you're already rich. It simply means you must appreciate any amount that you have, if you feel good about your financial status then you're already rich.

There are lot of people who have big houses and multiple cars but those properties came from loan, they look like they have money but the truth is they are broke. They don't feel good because the bank is hunting them everyday. The conclusion is... they are still poor. If you can only go back to the basics, just have one simple car, one simple house and then make yourself debt free and create some passive incomes then you will feel really better, you will feel really rich. It is very simple yet people doesn't want to do it because they want complexity. They want to complicate their life.

If your mind is going crazy and a lot of thoughts are running inside of it... all you've got to do is get rid of useless thoughts. Go to the basic thoughts. Thoughts such as you will just run your normal day, you will just think about your work, your family, the food you are going to eat and then have some little fun after work if you still have time. Make your thoughts very simple, make it very basic so you will be able to stay away from stress and any other negative feelings such as anxiety, fear and nervousness. It is very simple, why will you worry about the things that you can't control? just focus on simple thoughts and you will have an easier day.

Thoughts such as paying bills, deadlines, lack of resources, traffic, arguments... it will only give you a headache. Those are just normal problems and it will not kill you so stop thinking about those things. If you can't solve it then so be it but don't ever make your thoughts very crowded because you will get crazy. Just make the thinking simple and easy.

If you will attend a party and you have no idea what to wear then wear your simplest shirt or dress. People will not judge you if you look so plain. You don't need to think about what they think. Being simple is beautiful and presentable. After all, it doesn't matter what clothes you wear, what matters is how you feel while wearing it.

If you have a big problem and you feel like you can't take it anymore... the solution is very simple again... just go to the basics. Live your life everyday, eat then sleep. Let the problem take care of itself. If it cannot be solved then just live, that's how simple it is. No need to drink sleeping pills, no need to kill yourself. Just live and do what you do everyday. You will be able to survive it, trust me. Time will solve it soon so just enjoy the ride and face the problem everyday. Don't run away from it because by doing so, you are just complicating your problem. Problem is getting bigger everyday if you are not giving it some attention. Just do simple actions that will make it smaller that its normal size. It is like cutting a tree by axing it little by little.

People tend to complicate their lives, they don't know that it is very simple if they can make it basic. They can feel good, look good and live good if they will narrow down their thoughts and actions.

If you are part of a long distance relationship and you miss your girlfriend too much, just call her, that's how simple it is. You don't need to post it on facebook and make dramas. People will just complicate your thought by giving useless advises. You think that they are helping you but the truth is they are just gossiping. They just want someone to talk about. Just talk to your girlfriend, send her message and that's it, no need to feel bad about it. Just make her feel you, listen to her sweet voice, exchange sweet words. Just do something that will lessen your sadness.

If you don't know what to do in life then just do the simplest thing that you can do. Do it everyday and do it passionately. Find the activities that will make you happy and never stop doing it. Very simple right? If it is about making money then do it, if it is about making arts then do it. No one can stop you, no one can make you incapable of doing something.

Basic things and basic thoughts will make your life easier. People forgot that living life is very easy because they were so consumed by activities and thoughts that are not helping them. They were occupied by negativity and worries. All you've got to do is think right and do what is necessary. All you've got to do is just live your life and be the best that you can be. It is not hard, you will just take actions.

Look at the legendary Tim Duncan, he is a five time NBA champion, he doesn't have any flashy moves, he doesn't jump high, he doesn't do exhibitions. His style is very basic but effective. Unlike any other athletic players out there who wants to complicate their game, Tim Duncan is a winner because he simply knows how to win, he never complicate things. His actions and moves were all effective and smooth. He knows what to do during crunch time, he never crumbles, he never make poor decisions. He is simple, quiet and just doing what he loves to do. You can never see him worried, troubled or pressured, when the game goes tough, he will stick to the basics and implement the game plan, as simple as that. He knows the very simple formula for winning and that is staying with the basics.

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