November 11, 2016


If you are having a hard time in life, if dark clouds is covering your sunshine and you cannot see any light. If you are looking for something that will make you at peace with yourself again then go to your passion.

Any hobby that you love the most, any passion that makes you wanna do it everyday... go back to it. It is the best way to fight depression, it is the best way to keep moving forward and keep your sanity. Because it will help you recover if you are experiencing some heartache for the moment.

Your passion can also help you to stay away from a bad environment. It will give you a new world that will lead to a better path. That is why some famous rappers use rap as a way to escape a drug flooded environment, they use music to earn money in a different and legal way. They also use music to forget their problem.

Using your passion as an escape will make you forget all of your heavy problems, it will make the time fly so fast you will not even notice that a single day had already passed. It is like licking your own wound, it is like fixing your broken heart by a miracle band aid. You will forget the pain, you will forget the hardship.

Look at those great poets and painters, they paint better when their heart is broken. The words come out from nowhere that creates a very artistic and intriguing poem. The painters were able to paint without copying something. They were able to produce nice strokes and colors that looks very alive because they use pain to release the creativity within. They put all their anger and despair to their work and the funny thing is they produce masterpiece.

So if you have a family problem, let's say your mother and father were always quarreling because of money, use your passion as an escape. If you passion is basketball then just keep shooting and shooting until you become tired and when you go home, all you wanna do is sleep. You forget your problems and at the same time you become a better player, the benefit is doubled. Do it everyday, do it until your problem is solved.

Because by making your passion as an escape, you will not be able to entertain negative and destructive thoughts inside of your head. You have a problem but you are in the right direction. You will not be able to think about using drugs or committing suicide. Your mind is in the right place and the good thing is you are still enjoying your life and at the same time you are making yourself better.

There should always be an outlet if you feel bad so you can replace the negative thoughts with the better ones. You will go crazy if you always think about your problem and the worst is you're wasting a lot of time. So instead of wasting your time, why not use it for a more productive activity that will give you some benefits and gains. Not only it will make you feel better it will also make you better.

You can participate in any kind of activity for as long as you feel good about it and you're so happy to do it. Choose an activity that will give you progress. Progress will defeat sadness. Choose an activity that will give you joy and will pumped up your adrenaline again, something that will give you a reason to become excited again. Because life is all about emotions, not too many people knew it, if you are happy then you can attract a lot of goodness in life, if you are appreciative then it will be easier for you to attract the best opportunities.

So it is all about managing your emotions, if you are very depressed today, just find a way how to entertain yourself and the best thing to do that is to go back to your passion. Do something that will override your negative emotion with a positive one. That is how to keep your sanity in check, that is how to continue your life living in a very good direction.

A lot of successful people in this world also have troubles in their past, some of them were abused, mistreated and some of them were really living in poverty. What they do is they find something that will make their hopes and dreams alive, they found their passion and they keep on doing it everyday. The results turns out to be good and they became really successful. When they look back at their past, they can proudly say that they overcome an adversity that they thought they cannot overcome if they don't have any activity to do that is positive and can make them dream again.

If you are facing a big trouble now, let's say you have a family or money or relationship problem... go to your passion and just keep on doing it. It can be about singing, dancing, martial arts, writing, anything that will consume your time to avoid doing negative things... do it. Anything will do, even unpopular activities will do like stitching, pottery, sculpting or even making paper dolls. Anything that will keep you away from doing bad things such as crimes and drugs... do it.

Always be happy in what you are doing, always be happy in life no matter how difficult your situation is... that is the key to live a very good life. It doesn't matter what your situation is for as long as you're happy and hopeful... you will do good, you will survive and you will thrive.

And don't ever make an excuse that you have a big problem that is why you were able to do such stupid things like drugs, crime or anything that will destroy your life. At the end of the day it is your decision that matters. Your small decision for today will affect tomorrow.

You have to remind that your situation is normal and there is nothing wrong about it. Remind yourself that life is unfair and there is nothing you can do to make it fair. All you can do is to become fair with yourself and move your feet in the right direction so you will not be in trouble in the end. Making dramas is useless, at first it can get sympathy but in the end you will still look like a loser and you will find yourself alone because no one is ready to listen to you anymore. They become sick and tired listening to your stories, they became tired of helping you because you are not even ready to help yourself.

And one more thing, there are more people whose situation is worse than you but they were still able to survive and they are doing some good things in life. It is because they make their passion as an escape, they do it very well and they are always giving their best. That is why there are some single mom who is struggling but can afford to send her children to a very good school. She knew her ex-wife will not support them so she go to her passion in business and become very good at it.

The conclusion is... good things will happen to you if you are doing good things, if you remain positive and passionate then for sure you will have a good life. Unlike someone who decided to destroy his life completely because the thinks that the world turn its back from him... that person will no longer see the goodness of life and what it can offer.

Life is very easy if you will only think the right way and do the right actions. There is no such thing as doing something right and enjoying it and then nothing happens. Sometimes the results will not show itself as fast as you are expecting it but for sure you will get something in the end, if you keep the love alive in what you are doing.

Passion is very strong, it will make you strong  again if you are feeling weak. It will make you go back to working even if your whole body is aching. It can make you erase the bad things in your memory. It can give you happiness even if your life is incomplete. You can find a bliss even if you are dealing with a big problem.

Look at those people who were doing yoga or some kind of a routine everyday. They were not that rich, they were not that famous but they look very happy because they were so passionate in what they are doing. They cannot live without doing it everyday, they were so serious and you can see the real love in their actions. You can see the sincerity, freedom and satisfaction. That is what passion does, it will serve as your guide to happiness, it will make your mind floating in the air without taking any drugs. You will make the time faster, you will become very creative and you will feel so successful.

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