November 30, 2016


Excuses are still useful. A lot of people don't know it. They say that don't make excuses if you want to become successful but there are still some times when you need to invent an excuse so you will become successful. You need to fabricate an excuse so you can excuse yourself from activities that are not related to your goals.

The right time to make an excuse is when you are doing something and there is something that is interrupting you. For example, you are busy doing your project and your friend texted or called you and ask you to go to a wild pizza party. Of course you need to do the right thing, you need to do your project first. This is the best time to make an excuse. Tell your friend that you are not feeling well or you have an LBM.  If you tell him that you are just doing your project then he will keep on insisting that you should join him. He will even offer you a help for your project and will promise to help you with his very best after both of you attend the pizza party. You have to make an excuse that will make him stop bugging you, you have to make a believable act so you can work on your project again.

Another scenario is when someone is borrowing some money from you and you know that borrower is not a good payer... this is the perfect time to make an excuse again. Tell him that you haven't eat for days too and you also need some money. Tell him an excuse that will make him pity you so that he will feel guilty about borrowing some money from you. Make emotional dramas that will make him leave your home fast so he can find someone else who will lend him some money. Dramas like: your house is going to get foreclose if you didn't pay the bank next week, you lend some money from the mafia and your life is in danger so you need some money too, you don't have money because you lend someone and you haven't been paid yet. Be creative in making excuses, you need to save yourself so you better be a good actor.

If your friend or relative is borrowing something from you and you don't want your things being borrowed... this is the best time to make excuses again. Tell them that you will use your thing and you will use it for a very long time. Tell them that you there is something wrong with the thing that is being borrowed and you haven't fixed it yet. Invent an excuse that will make them feel that they cannot borrow it from you. You have to be stronger than them and you must not allow them manipulate you so your decision will change.

Sometimes you really have to make an excuse to save yourself, making excuses is good too... especially if it will make your life better.

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