November 03, 2016


You should know what your goal really is and what you really want in life to get it. Sometimes you see an opportunity that is not really the opportunity to win. Sometimes you take what is being presented even if it is not what you really want. You take what is lesser than what you are expecting because you are so afraid that you cannot get anything anymore, you worry about going home empty handed that is why you settle for less even if part of you is against with that decision.

A fresh graduate wanting to become a programmer ends up being an office clerk because after graduating he immediately look for a job, after applying for seven times and he didn't get a programmer job, he look for a job that was in has immediate hiring. He see an opening job for a clerk, he was hired immediately because he was very much qualified. He was happy in the beginning but after working for 5 years, he felt that it is not the job for him. He wanted to go back in his programming career but he was in doubt now because he hasn't program for 5 years and the technology was very much improved. He felt that he cannot compete with the other programmers anymore.

That is what will you get if you grab an opportunity that is not a real opportunity. There is nothing wrong in being a clerk but it is not the job that he is looking for. He was afraid that he might not find a job so he get what is being presented even though it is not really what he is up to. He settle for less that is why his regret is more.

Another example is a Doctor that fled to other country to become a nurse. He did it for the sake of money. But when recession hits the country that he is working, he goes back to his home country only to find out that it is also recession there. If he only become patient in the beginning and become the best doctor that he can be then he doesn't need to go to other country anymore. If he only wait for a longer time then maybe he is a Doctor with a very high position in a specific hospital.

The moral lesson is don't rush and don't take shortcuts. It may take a very long time to get what you want but you will still get it no matter what. Don't grab an opportunity that is not an opportunity for you to grow. Make a stand that you will wait for an eternity just to become successful.

Look for what you really want and never settle for less. Being impatient will make you a mental patient. You will have a lot of regrets in the end and you will think everyday what could have happen if you only wait for a little more time. There is a position waiting for you, all you need to do is get it.

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