November 02, 2016


Being the greatest is not all about having the biggest fan base, it is not about having the biggest money in your bank account. You can also become great even if your niche is just about small things. You can become the greatest in deboning a fish, you can be the greatest in cleaning a car, you can be the greatest in making sacrifices. You can be great at anything.

You can choose anything where you can be great at, even if it is unpopular and looks funny to everyone, at least you are still the greatest. Being great is very simple, you just find the thing that you love, do it everyday and do your best while doing it, it's that simple yet people are complicating the meaning of greatness. They are comparing and they are arguing that is why they can't find the true meaning of it.

You can be the greatest at being simple. You just need to wear plain shirts, pants and shoes and use the cheapest cellphone. You were already great, people will notice you.

You can be the greatest in telling the truth, just tell the truth everyday. Tell the truth even if it is against you, tell the truth even if it hurts you. It is very easy, all you need is honesty. People will love you, people will see that very good quality of yours. Tell the truth even if it will hurt your loved ones or friends, never lie, that is the quality of being the greatest in telling the truth.

You can be the greatest in making paper dolls, you will try o experiment folding papers and produce any kinds of dolls, you also need to be creative, you need to repeat it over and over again. Some people will like your work, some people will think of it as very easy to do but they don't know that you are the greatest in making paper dolls so you know something that they don't know, you have a very deep knowledge about making it that cannot be learned in just a few months or years. You've been creating paper dolls all your life so no one can match the talent that you have. You are the greatest, people may not recognize it but you feel it, you feel great, you feel very confident in making it.

You can be the greatest in folding clothes. You can fold a cloth in just 5 seconds, you can fold it nicely, neatly and perfectly. You can fold a cloth like it is ironed even though it is not. You can fold a cloth by just one hand, you are amazing, you are the greatest.

Being the greatest at something will give you a very strong confidence, you will believe that you are one of a kind and you have an edge from others. It is easy being great all you need is commitment, commitment that you will do it everyday, commitment that you will improve everyday.

You don't need recognition from others to feel and believe that you are great. You don't need a popular niche, all you need to do is choose the very best thing that you love, be great at it and nurture it. People will recognize you even if you don't show it, it will be exposed naturally, they will kiss your ass and ask for your autograph.


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