November 12, 2016


Life is unfair, it is truly unfair that is why you have to become fair to yourself in the way you live your life. Life is paired with time, time is fast, life is so fast. Time will not wait for you, you will not even see that your life is already going at the end of the tunnel. You will not even noticed that you're already old and you cannot even run anymore.

You were just thinking about buying the most flashiest clothes in the store yesterday and now you are thinking of buying a cane to help you to walk. You are so fast yesterday and now you are slow as a turtle. You are even catching your breathe after walking for a very short distance. That's how fast life is, it is like you are just a kid yesterday and now you're already a grandparent. It is sad because a lot of people didn't even have the chance to appreciate the beauty of life. They live their lives always angry, always complaining and cursing their situation. They don't even have the time to appreciate the nature, the people around them and of course their own journey. They thought that life is very long and they have all the time to complain because they thought that life never ends. They fall in love with the negativity then one day they woke up and they can't even walk anymore, all they have is regrets. I hope this will not happen to you.

They just work and work everyday, complain and complain then when the problem was solved... they will repeat the same cycle again. They can't enjoy life because they were always reaching for something that they will just give up in the end once they can't take it anymore. Life is not like that, it is all about being relaxed, calm and enjoying the ride. You may put pressure on yourself but you have to be aware that you create that pressure and it is only a challenge to move to another level. You have to be ok with that pressure and you know that it will soon be over.

Yesterday you were dominating the game, everyone is scared of you, you have the money, cars, power but look at you now. What happen to you? you look very weak and cannot even stand on your own feet. You look helpless and it seems like you can't even eat your own food without the help of your private nurse. Where is the fierce competitor yesterday? where is the guy who proclaimed that he is a king?

That's how fast life is, today you feel like invincible but tomorrow you will feel like you can't even lift a 2 lb plates of weights. You will not notice that time has played you and you will notice it in the end. You will learn the lesson in the end, when it is over and you can't change your life anymore.

Yesterday you feel so young. You party everyday, drink all day, you abuse your body like you're some kind of a god or something that never gets hurt. You feel immortal, your so abusive of your body and you are not taking care of it. You don't give a damn because you think your stupidity will never end. But look at you now, sick and weak. Everyday you are getting weaker and weaker. You are full of regrets, you told yourself that if you can only go back to the past then you will change the way you live, you will take care of your body and won't abuse it. But it's too late now, you're already fucked up. All you can do is pray that your life will still go for an extra mile.

Regret is always in the end. If you are doing bad things now but before you do it, you knew that it will put you in a bad spot, but you still do it. Ok keep doing it, you will have regrets in the end. You maybe having a lot of fun right now because the consequences are not yet showing up but wait for a little more time and you will want to go back from the past and change the decision that you made. If you knew that what you are doing is bad then don't do it. Time is very fast, the consequences of your actions will show in a while.

You are taking people and things for granted. You are not giving attention to your loved ones. They are always asking for your time but you are always making an excuse that you are too busy and you can't make it. And now you want to go back to the past because they are not on your side anymore. You've missed a lot of things, you could have been very happy but your cold treatment to them and your selfishness have made them cold towards you too. The relationship cannot be fix anymore, even if you want to, you can't still make it because they were no longer here in this world.

If you love someone show it and tell it, don't keep it, don't hold back because life is too short and fast. You never know, life is full of randomness, If you are afraid to show your love because you are too shy then it means you are letting a good moment pass. You are stopping a happiness to happen.

A student being bullied yesterday was a governor now. Life is very fast, he was weak yesterday but look at him now... no one can touch him. How fast the world has revolved, the boy from the bottom was on top now. So if you are bullying someone, if you are belittling someone, you better stop it. Time is fast, you are not on top forever, the one you've punished might have find the strength to punish you tomorrow. That's how fast life is.

So if you are dreaming and you have an idea that you think can become successful... you better execute it now. Even if it takes years to become successful. Those who have started now will wait shorter than the one who hasn't started yet. Life is very fast, it is faster than light and quicker than thunder. If you are enjoying your journey towards your goals... a year or two or even five is very easy, you will not feel it. If you are enjoying the ride then you will not even notice that you were already there.

Do you know someone who is just a baby a few years a go and now she has totally grown up and she can even be your partner. It sounds awkward but it is true, this happens to a lot of couple. At first they don't have any intention to fall in love with each other because their age gap is so big and the other one is just a teenager so they consider each other as just friends but as the time goes by, when everything is legal already, they decided to become partners. They didn't wait for it, it just happens because time is so fast, that's how fast life is. There will always be things that you are not expecting that will happen, that is the beauty of life, if you are not ready for something to happen then you will freak out so you must always be prepared and you must be ready to embrace any unexpected events that may happen to you.

Yesterday you were so happy watching someone, you idolized him, you watch his rise and failure and now you will hear in the news that he was already dead. How fast was that? Yesterday he was just entertaining you but now he was already on the grave. Life is very tricky, you may thought that something will never end but for sure everything has an ending.

I am not scaring you, the point of this article is to enjoy every moment and stop being bothered by petty things that doesn't even serve you. You must enjoy every second of your life because just like what I said... it is very fast, you won't even noticed that you were already 40 years old or something. You will only know it once you feel regret, once you feel that you cannot do a lot of things anymore and all you can do is pray that you can live another day.

Stop being one with those people who were easily annoyed by heavy traffic, economic problems, politics, gossips, change of law, relationships etc. Their happiness is too shaky, your happiness should be coming from yourself and not from any external things. You should know how to make yourself happy, even on tough times. You should know how to amuse yourself and crate an uncanny ability to laugh anytime you want because it will ease any tension that you might be feeling. Laughter is a best medicine, it is true, you can fake a laugh then you will eventually start to feel better. Laughing is contagious, it is a very good way to raise vibrations. Even if you really don't like the situation or nothing is funny, just laugh so you will remove any bad energy around.

Just keep in mind that life is very fast. It is over before you knew it. So focus on enjoying every second of your life, be ok with stress, be ok with randomness. Every ugly moment is still a part of your life so learn how to appreciate it. Nothing is a big deal unless you make it a big deal, everything is awesome if you will learn how to value every second.

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