November 07, 2016


Being ok is not ok, accepting your situation is not the solution. You can change, you can always do it. You can change anything in your life, you can change the results, you can change your position. It is up to you, nobody will do it for you. You only need to decide and take whatever action is needed and then your position in life will become better.

A lot of people are pretenders. They are pretending that they are loving their life and they are ok with it but deep inside they want something else. They want to escape their current situation, they just don't have the courage to do it. They are fooling themselves that they are satisfied of what they have and that they don't need more but if you can see what is inside of them... it is full of jealousy, envy and regrets. They want to get away from the rut they are in. They want progress, they want real happiness but they can't find it because they were too passive and soft. They just live their life the way it was given to them everyday. The never look for solutions, they were focused on distractions.

So what do you really want? a big house? then why are you settling with your small house? You want a nice and brand new car? then why do you look so proud driving your rusty and old car? You want bigger money? then why do you keep on kissing your boss' ass and following his orders, he is not even looking at your possibility to become promoted. If you are working for a specific company and you haven't progressed for years then pack up and look for a different opportunity where you can grow.

More people are ok with being poor, they say they are fine and they are happier than the rich ones. Yet why are they always rallying and complaining to the government that they were not given the proper treatment? Why are they doing criminal activities to get something that they can't get legally? Why they feel so bad and they were always displaying self pity? They are fooling themselves, they are telling the public that they are happy but they feel the opposite way.

Another example is a bench player in basketball, he is always saying that he is happy seeing his team winning. Sometimes he is not even playing on the court because his coach didn't bring him in but he said that he is ok with that for as long as the team keeps on winning. Well, I don't believe that for one second. A player who puts on his shoes and didn't play will still feel like a loser even if his team did win. Who in the world will be happy if he didn't play but he keeps on practicing before the game? If this always happens to you then you should do something about it, it is either you ask to be traded or you completely quit being on the team. You are not a cheer leader who can just cheer on your teammates everytime someone shoots the basketball, if you're a real player then you should be playing and not just watching. Be real, know your intentions for wearing that basketball uniform. You are here to play and not to cheer, it is time to make a move or else you will be a bench forever that can't even step your one foot on the court.

If you are in a bad relationship and your partner is not treating your right. If he is always disrespecting you and he is not giving you the right treatment anymore. If you are mentally and physically abused... common, it is time for you to wake up and face the reality. You have a dysfunctional boyfriend that serves as a burden and not a love life. What do you think you should do? of course you should leave him and move on. If you want to get respect then you should learn how to respect yourself. You should not let someone treat you without respect, you should honor yourself and let nobody hurt you. No one has the right to hurt you, should be aware of that.

Stop fooling yourself that your relationship will be alright one day, stop believing that your boyfriend will realize one day that what he is doing is bad. You have a strained relationship with someone and there is nothing you can do about it anymore. It's already been years and your boyfriend is not stopping to hurt you. Accept that you can't do anything about it anymore. You must break up with him or else he will break your face. He hurt you a lot of times so there is a big chance that the hurting may escalate to another level.

Stop fooling yourself that everything will be alright if you treat him nicely. It is time for you to stand up for yourself and let him know that you can live without him. Martyrs never succeed, they are here for endless pain. It is either you stop being a martyr and live a pain-free life or you stay being one and cry everyday like a hopeless person. It is your choice, no on can make you stay on an ugly relationship forever. And don't ever think that you cannot find another relationship that is why it is better to just keep holding on even if the pain is already unbearable. You can find a good partner if you will not let anyone abuse you.

Stop fooling yourself that your health is alright even if you keep on gaining pounds everyday. You are starting to become an obese and yet you still believe that you don't need to be alarmed because you are still healthy because you are not feeling any bad in your body. You still believe that you look good because you are pretty and people are still attracted at you. You can dream anytime you want but the reality will start to kick in at any given time. It is better to take action before you can't wear all of your clothes anymore.

You think that it is alright that you don't have a job and your family can still survive for a few more weeks so you still have time to relax. You look at your wallet and you've seen 500 dollars. You think that there is no need to panic and you just need time to think about what move to do next. The truth is you don't have any more time to think and make plans. You have to make a move now, your time is running out, your family will become hungry in the next few days. You need to make your sense of urgency work and do what is necessary to find a solution to your problem. You have to face it, face that you are broke, face that you are poor and you have to do something about it or else... you're dead.

A lot of people were living in fantasies. They always thought that it is alright, that there is no need to panic because God is good. The truth is God is only good if you are good and if you are taking actions. If you are a lazy bum ass that is good for nothing then you will live in hell.

Stop acting like you are satisfied with your life and that it is ok to stay in the same rut you are in five years ago. You always knew you have a choice and it is either you choose to make a move or you choose to become miserable forever. What do you want? do you want feeling bad everyday and just accepting that there is nothing you can do about it? Do you want to have regrets very now and then?

I think I need to remind you again that you are normal because you are acting like you're abnormal. You're acting like you are powerless and that you don't have the capability to create your own reality.

You have to believe in what you really feel and start doing something to change it. If you feel bad because people in your circle is not treating your right, stop fooling yourself that it is ok and they will treat your right tomorrow or the next day. Don't crate a make believe statement in your head that your position will change by just being nice and hoping for something. Your situation will only change if you take actions and commit to it until the results comes out. Force yourself to take actions even if it hurts you, the hurt will only remain for a few days or weeks, you will see the changes in your life if you don't give up.

It is never too late, you still have some time to wake up. Do it now or else your situation will get worse. Stop fooling yourself that it is alright, it will only be alright if you make things right.