November 04, 2016


Are you dreaming big? do you want to become somebody? do you wanted to become a Lebron James, Duterte, Tony Robins or Zuckerberg?

Of course everybody wants to become rich and popular, who doesn't? You are lying if you will tell me that you are happy with your bum life. I know there is part of you that sometimes dreaming about being one of the elites. I do it, everybody did it so I am sure that you also did it.

It is ok to dream big, there is nothing wrong about that. You have every right in the world to dream about big things. No one can stop you from dreaming, it is your privilege as a human being, it is your right, no law is preventing you from dreaming greater things in life. And that is what makes life beautiful, you can cream about big things and you can also have it. But... there is a big but. You have to prioritize small things first. You can't be dreaming about making it and jumping to the final results right away.

You can't jump into the conclusion that you must have your dream right away. There is no such thing as overnight success. You can't be working hard for just a week or two or a month and then expect greater results in life. There is a misconception between hard work and long work. People will work hard for a few days or weeks and will immediately ask for the rewards and not just rewards, I mean bigger rewards. When they don't get it, they will whine and blame the people around them.

So if you wanted to become big then prioritize small things first, don't look for the prize right away. Do small things repeatedly, establish a very strong discipline for accomplishing small things t accomplish bigger things in the end.

People wanted to become big time right away, they wanted to become the head coach, the CEO, the president, the team leader, the captain or even the chief nurse but they don't want to experience the small things first. If you can't do the small things then you can't do bigger things, as simple as that.

So be humble for the moment, focus on the smaller tasks, do the simple steps that will bring you to your dreams. Stop acting like you were already a big time and you don't have to experience wiping somebody's ass or working for 12 hours a day without over time pay. You have to take it one step at a time, do the things that you don't usually do, you have to pay the price in order to get a bigger prize.

So start doing what is needed, look for the smallest thing that you can do and do it perfectly. If you wanted to become a popular singer then you should practice singing everyday, you should be discipline enough not to drink cold water after singing, you have to endure singing at the smallest bar with small pay so you can gain an experience singing in front of the audience. You have to do the smallest things because small things will make a difference, it will give you the good habits to become successful.

If there is a small offer from a small singing company, accept it, if they ask you to do this and do that, do it. Never shy away from taking actions because those actions will give you directions. It will bring you one step closer from glory. Any small thing that you can do for your dreams, do it.

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