November 02, 2016


Thoughts play a major role in our daily life. It is the number one source of what is happening and what is going to happen in your life. It is true that thoughts are things. If you keep on thinking about something and you really believe that it will happen then it will happen. That is why you should be careful about your thoughts. You should not entertain negative thoughts or subjects if you really want to live a positive life. It is hard to filter all your thoughts especially the negative ones but once you find yourself being played by negative thoughts, immediately get rid of it and replace it with a more positive thought.

Your default thought is your life. You may not believe it but it is true. Look at those people who work for 12 hours a day but never make it in life. It is simply because they never thought that it is possible that they can become rich. Their default thought for money is just around 200-300 dollars a month that is why they are living in poverty. They never believe that they can earn more than that.

Look at those players who are repeatedly injured in the same parts of their body. It is because they are afraid to get injured on that part again. They were so cautious about getting hurt that is why they keep on getting hurt. It seems like it is bad luck but it is not. It is their thought that controls the outcome of their career. They feel depressed and miserable that is why their career is stuck on a mud.

So what are your default thoughts? Did you woke up today thinking about heavy traffic because that is what you experienced yesterday and the last few weeks? You better change it now so you won't experience the traffic anymore. Because even if it is really traffic, if you don't care about the traffic then you won't experience it, you will be attracted to situations that are more relaxing and less stressful. It is true, try it.

If your default thought for making money is just one hundred dollars a day then that is what you will get. It is because you will never work harder, you will be satisfied if you get that kind of amount. Even if you have an extra time to do work, you will never move because you believe that one hundred dollars is your limit. That is why millionaires pushes really hard until the end, they don't have a limit for making money. They don't know what is enough, they don't know when to stop that is why money keeps entering their bank account.

If all of your default thoughts are negative, you better change it now while you still can. Thoughts are very powerful, if it becomes very big, it will be very hard for you to get rid of it. It will control your life. That is what happens to people who have phobia. At first they were only scared a little bit but when they think about it over and over again, it becomes a monster in their head. They were really scared even if it is just a small thing.

You can change your default thoughts, it is easy but it take some time. Maybe a week or two, it depends on how disciplined you are. Just be mindful of what you are thinking and if you think that those thoughts are not giving you a better life, build another thought that will replace it. Everytime a negative thought plays in your mind, summoned the thought that you invented and make it as your priority.

My experience is everytime my enemies or the people I hate enters my mind, I am simply reciting these phrase silently on my mind "I don't care" and the negative thought goes away immediately. It is very effective because I am living a better life now peacefully and quietly.

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