November 20, 2016


If you wanted to change your life or at least produce some pretty decent results yet you don't know what to do then this is the kind of approach that you need to use... don't do it. Sometimes not doing is also doing, it is also giving you a better position to do well in life. If you are so confused, if your mind is crowded with a lot of process and you don't know what process to process then don't process anything.

Don't do something that will make you work harder. Don't do something that will make you feel bad, don't do something that will take away your momentum. It is very simple, don't do what will make you step backward instead of forward. Don't do something that will make you far away from your goals.

If you are so lazy going at the gym but you badly needed it because you have a competition the next two days, if you really don't want to do it then don't do anything. But be sure that you will also not do anything bad. Don't go to party, don't eat shitty foods that will make you overweight, don't sleep late. Just don't do anything that will make you weak. Not doing those things will never make your momentum break down. You will stay the same person as you were before. Even if you don't gain strength today, well at least you didn't become weak and your mind is still in the right place. If you party or drink, your body will have a bad reaction, you will feel weak, your confidence will go down, you are in a big trouble my friend.

One good thing about not doing anything is you will do something because you will get bored, you will do the right thing next. You will do what is needed because you didn't do anything negative. You will make the right decisions that will put you in a better position, as simple as that.

If you want to trim down your weight but you don't want to walk or do any kinds of exercise, the solution is very simple, don't do anything that will make your weight go up. Don't eat unhealthy foods, throw away all of your junk foods in ref. Don't eat ice cream or any foods with lots of sugar. You are doing yourself a favor by not doing anything, by not eating something that will make you work hard in the end.

If you want to pass in your subject but you don't want to study hard, the solution is very simple again. Don't do anything, don't do anything stupid, don't cut classes, don't do something that will make your professor mad, don't copy from your classmates if there is an exam because if your professor caught you cheating, you are in big trouble. Don't absent, don't be noisy, just pretend that you are kind so your professor will thought that you are serious in passing his subject. Very simple right? by not doing stupid stuffs, you will be able to position yourself in a good spot for passing. Very basic, no intelligent mind is needed.

If you want to become successful, again the solution is very simple. Don't do anything that will make you go backward. Don't waste time, don't associate yourself with people who are not doing anything good in their life. Don't be lazy, don't let any opportunity escape from your hands. Don't be unprofessional, don't spend your money for stupid stuffs that will only make you very poor. Don't think negative and don't be jealous with other people, stop being hateful and start being thankful. You will see that there will be a dramatic improvement in your life if you don't dwell with negativity.

If you want to have a peace of mind, you don't need to do anything, you don't need to change the people around you or circumstances around you. You just need to stop overthinking and worrying, very simple yet a lot of people don't do it. They want to look right, they want to change things, they want to discuss matters and make it very long and by doing it... did they achieved a peace of mind? definitely not. They were trapped in a rat race, they were always searching for something, complaining about something and wanted to change the world but the peace of mind that they are looking for is nowhere to be found. Just don't think, clear your mind, let it breathe, let the thoughts come and go and then you already achieved it. You don't need to engage in hypnosis or read a lot of self help books, all you need to do is be ok with having negative thoughts running inside of your head but don't give attention to it, it's ok to notice it but don't amplify it. Peace of mind will be achieved not by doing something but by not doing anything at all.

Another example, you want to maintain a good relationship with your wife. You don't need to buy her roses or chocolates everyday, you don't need to buy her jewelries or fancy clothes. Just don't cheat, don't treat her like another ordinary woman, don't do something that will make her very mad. Just don't do something that will make her feel bad and that's it, your relationship was saved. No need for fantasies or rainbows and butterflies, just don't do something that will hurt her emotionally. Very easy to do yet a lot of men can't do it, maybe they were just selfish or they just want to feel strong by hurting their partner and trying to look like the superior one.

So if you are lazy and you don't want to exert too much effort but you still want to do good in life then just simply don't take actions that will put you in a bad position, you will be ok if you don't do negative things. The results will not be great but at least it is good and it is not hurting your life. Not doing stupid things is like doing some positive things, it is like inviting a better opportunity in life.

There are some people who don't want to do the necessary things but want unbelievable results, the funny thing is they are even making actions that are putting them on a bad spot.

The lesson is this, if you don't want to take actions then don't do things that will make your life even difficult, don't add burden to your life. For example, if your mother is asking for your help for the payment of the bills because her budget is always short, if you can't give help then don't do things that will make her budget even difficult. Don't turn on the aircon, turn off the TV when nobody is watching, don't even borrow money from her. Don't do small things that will make life harder for her. Not giving her a problem is also doing something to help her. Yes, maybe it looks like it has no impact at all but not adding a problem to her life is like setting yourself up to help her in the future. The idea here is you are concern about her situation so your mindset is to make her life easier, maybe you can't help her now but in the future for sure you will.

Not doing something that will make your position badder is like setting yourself up for success, yeah maybe you are not progressing or getting results but the idea here is your mind and body is ready for something good, it is like receiving the best opportunity. But of course it is better if you will take actions but for sure that sequence is next because your mind is in the proper place. It will be easier for you to take positive actions because nothing is pulling you back. So if you don't know what to do then just don't do anything that will make your situation worse, as simple as that.

Sometimes inaction is the first step towards success, it will be the determining factor of what direction you will be heading to. Not engaging into any vices, not ruining your life, not pleasing people, not spending your money for useless things, not wasting your time.

If you're not doing something bad then your mind will be thinking about doing something good, you will be attracted to the best opportunities in life, you will see chances, you will see progress because your mind is not distracted.

So for the moment, if you don't have the confidence yet to take massive actions toward success, just relax and don't do something foolish that will steer you to a bad direction. Slowly build your confidence up by taking small positive actions, it may not look like it is making an impact or progress but you will have it in time. Always be patient but never relax for too long because you might be stuck in your position forever.

Instances where you should not do anything stupid:

1. If you don't have a job. Stop acting like a king if you don't have a job, if someone is responsible for your daily needs then just follow that person. If you can't provide for your own then don't be a burden to anyone, instead try to make the life of the person who is supporting your easier. There are small things that you can do to help so do it.

2. If you don't know what is going on. If your family or a group that you are in is facing something difficult and they need to make a decision right away, if you don't know what is going on or you don't know what to do then just shut up. Never pretend that you know something or you can help because you will only worsen the situation if you give them false hope. They might trust you and think that their problem is relieved but you know in yourself that you are just pretending and trying to look good that is why you suggest something or offer something. Don't do anything, don't say anything, let them do their thing, if you can help a little bit then do it but if you are completely unaware of what is going on then just shut your mouth.

3. If you don't have the power. If you you don't have the power to command or you don't have the position to control people around you then just stay quiet. If you are not the authority then you shouldn't do stupid things just to impress people because you will just look stupid in the end. If the person who has the real power  don't like what you are doing then you will just get bullied, you will get humiliated infront of a lot of people. So don't ever do anything stupid, just stay humble and just do what you know, do what is right.

4. Risking what you have for things that you are not sure. This instance applies to people who are always involve in gambling or easy money techniques. If you have little money in your pocket, just keep it and use it for other things that are useful and beneficiary. Don't gamble your money for gambling because you are not sure that it will go back. Yeah, it is tempting because easy money is being offered but 99% of gamblers go broke, gamblers know this but they are still doing it. It is better not to do anything with your money and wait for other opportunity where you can use it to improve your life. Not using it means using it for a better opportunity. 

5. When someone's head is hot. If a member of your group or your family is angry because of having a bad day or something, you need to just shut up and stop making the situation hotter. Again, not doing anything means you are doing something to regain the peace, just being quiet means you are giving a contribution to make the situation cooler. If you try to make things right by explaining things to him then you might end up fighting each other. Just keep it cool, hot heads and cold heart won't solve anything.

There are lot of situations where you just need to remain the same person as you were before, you just need to stay still, calm and wait for the best opportunity where you need to take actions, the lesson is very simple, don't take actions that will slow you down or will put you in a dangerous spot, it is better to not do anything at all if you will just take stupid actions.

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