November 04, 2016


They are afraid to make mistakes because they thought that it has no benefits. What they do not know is that making mistakes can also create some money. And even if you don't get money right away, you will still get some benefits like experience and knowledge which can create a lot of money in the future.

Celebrities, politicians, big time athletes, successful businessmen... they were not afraid to make mistakes because it means nothing for them. It is like another day and they don't make it a big deal. A lot of people can't sleep if they made a mistake, I don't know why but they feel like all eyes were on them. That is not true, once you made a mistake, people will not remember it anymore. Some mistakes may take days for people to forget but if you don't think about it then you will not feel anything about it, you will even laugh at it and just move on.

People who are not afraid to make mistakes will make it big in life. Some people doesn't even know that their mistakes is the bridge to success, some mistakes can even make some money.

A good example is Nick Jonas' guitar playing in solo. The guy made a terrible mistake while performing in front of a large audience but it still gather a lot of views in you tube, it still gather a million views and people are talking about it. We all knew that making a million views in you tube will give you pretty decent money. So that mistake turns into money, funny but it is true.

How about the book of Eric Thomas? the hip hop preacher, we all knew that guy is a one bad ass motivator. The guy is really great. He admits that his book has a lot of typographical errors but the book still sells and it makes a lot of money.

There are millions of videos in you tube that is showing a lot of mistakes but those videos' agenda is to make some money, those million views are convertible to cash if the uploader knew how to do it.

You have a shitty work in the office and you created a lot of mistakes but the company is still paying you right? It only means that even you make mistakes, people will still pay you.

The story about the "post it notes", the sticky small piece of paper that you usually post on your computer, refrigerator, desk etc. It's original intention is not as it was now. The inventor has some other ideas of it but because he was making a lot of mistakes, he came up with an idea to just use it as post it notes then it suddenly turn into huge profits.

There is really nothing wrong in making mistakes, it is just a reminder that you are just a human and you are not perfect. Don't make it a big deal like others who wants to kill themselves after making one.

Strong people are not afraid to make mistakes, they are ready to commit it and they are not afraid to admit it. Once they made a mistake, they move on right away and keep banging the guns.

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