November 02, 2016


Go hard everyday, make sure your tank is empty. Before you sleep, check if you still have a gas in your tank and if there is... go and work again, go and run again, go and grind again. Don't sleep until your tank is empty. That is how to win in life, that is how to become great. You will use all of your energy until you are worn out, you must be the most tired person in your field. Everyone else is afraid being tired, they were so allergic to sweat, they don't want to go the extra mile that is why they end up on the same place where they are five years ago.

It is not even hard hard, it is easy, you will just move, you don't need to think about it, you don't need to worry about it. Just execute any movement that you can execute and keep the momentum going. Keep the ball rolling, keep the fire burning, keep the feet running. Don't sop until you have nothing else to give.

Because when your tank is already empty, you will have enough time to recover. You can gather your energy again and do the same effort like yesterday, you can even beat it. A lot of bums and wannabes wanted to succeed but they are afraid to go all out, they are afraid of pain and being tired. But how can you reach another level if all you wanted to do is exert a little effort and hope to get lucky?

Luck is running out on you my friend, you have to make a decision now if you will give everything you've got or just exert a mediocre effort. Because if you choose to put an effort that is lesser than your capabilities then never expect great results. You may get a result but only small like a pea, do you want it? or the worst is you may not even get a result at all.

So breathe deeply, think calmly and go all out. Make sure your tank is empty, never rest until you're dead. That is what winning is all about. Champions will keep going until they have nothing left on their tank, they will not stop half empty. They don't care if it feels uncomfortable, all they care about is winning and being on top. They will never settle for lesser than what they are aiming. Once they made up their mind that they are going to get it, they will get it no matter what.

And the truth is... your tank never goes empty. It is just a state of mind because you are so tired. Your tank will refill itself before it goes empty so you have no reason to quit and make an excuse that you can't move anymore. You can still move even if you are so tired, you may slow down a little bit but you can find that energy again, you can find that second or third wind. You will be able to get back that speed again.

A lot of people almost made it but they never made it because they quit in the last stage. The feel like they are going to die and they can't see any hope that is why they quit. If you can't see any hope, if you feel that you are going to die, it means you are very near. When it seems like it is very impossible then that is the time that you should feel invincible. You should make yourself believe that you are one of a kind and you have the power to keep pushing until the end.

Because the moment you quit and raise the white flag, that is the beginning of regret. Even if you feel peace at the moment, you will wake up tomorrow and will think what could have happen if you keep going.