November 25, 2016


We will all experience pain, no one is immune from it, it is part of your life and no matter how you stay away from it, at some point in your life you will still experience it. Pain will never go away because without it, you will never feel joy. Pain and joy cannot exist if the other one is missing. That is the beauty of life, if you know that you are experiencing pain right now... always be hopeful that it will go away and the next thing to come is happiness and joy because for sure it will.

If you are experiencing joy right now, don't be scared that pain is the next thing to come. It is not always like that, pain will come but it is not as fast as you think. It will come but for sure you can handle it and you are ready for it.

The idea here is to treat pain as not of a big deal, treat it as normal. Treat it like it's nothing and it's main sole purpose is to make you appreciate life even more. It is there to teach you a lesson and not to put you in depression.

In every journey there is pain, if you are pursuing something big you will feel pain. If you are in a relationship, even if you two are soulmates you will still experience pain. Sometimes you will fight, you will have misunderstanding, you will be cold to each other and both of you will cry. It is normal, a relationship without any form of struggle is not a relationship. A relationship without pain is abnormal.

No matter how good your life is, no matter how rich you are or how powerful you are, you will still experience some pain. Even the kings are stressed, even the queens got sick, no one is invincible from pain. Even the richest and well know person are in pain, they don't know what to do with their life anymore and that is even painful. So don't ever have self-pity of you are in pain right now because everyone is feeling it. Don't act like the world is punishing you and you are the only one who's in pain.

So now that you know that you will still face pain no matter what, then it is time for you to choose what pain to deal with, to whom you are sacrificing for?

In friendship, you will still be hurt even if you have the nicest friends in town, you will not escape feeling bad. Especially if your friend hurt you unintentionally. It is normal, in all relationships, may it be healthy or unhealthy.. you will still get hurt. There are some instances where you need to hurt each other for your own good. For example, you can't attend your bestfriend's birthday party because you really need to finish something for your business. Of course your friend will get hurt a little bit but he will understand your situation. And even if he got hurt he will still decide to become friends with you because he knows that it is worth it to keep you as a friend, he knows that it is ok to feel some pain being friends with you. Because he knew you are loyal and you two have a very good chemistry.

If you are serious in some kind of a sport, let's say basketball. If you are very serious playing it and you want to reach pro, make sure the pain is worth it. You will experience  a lot of pain for playing it everyday, you will experience a lot of defeat, minor injuries etc. But again make sure the pain is worth it. A lot of young kids nowadays will just play basketball because they want to become better, they will play and practice hard because they are dreaming of making it to the pro. They think that practicing everyday with different people will take them to another level. But wait, there is something they don't understand in the game, if you wanted to become better then you should play with someone who knows a lot and is also really trying to make it to the pro. If you are playing with people who is not serious in playing basketball and all wants is to make money by making a bet with you, then you will not grow.

Basketball players who wants to earn money by making a bet with you is not worth it. They will not play according to the rules, they will hurt you intentionally, they will make wrong calls, they will instigate a fight just to win. They will play not to lose and that is very bad. You will only feel bad, you will get a lot of pain but you will not gain anything. And that is what I am talking about, the pain is not worth it. The best thing to do is to play with players who doesn't use basketball to earn money. Join high level leagues, try out for a popular varsity team. You will get hurt, you may not make it to the roster but the pain is worth it, you will gain an experience that will take you to another level. Unlike playing with some streetballers who only wants your money, you will never learn from them, the only thing you will learn is having a bad attitude just to get money.

It is hard to follow someone who is not worth it. If you've been kissing your boss' ass for years and he is not treating you right, do you think it is worth it? do you think it's ok to feel the pain that you are feeling because the return is priceless? and is the return really priceless?. If you are going to become someone's slave, if you are going to become an ass kisser then make sure you will root for someone who is worth it. Someone like a president or a multi millionaire. Someone who will give you big reward or money even if you've been mistreated. Don't just follow orders from some people who were no better than you, make sure the pain of following someone is worth it. Follow CEOs, presidents, billionaires.

If your partner is hurting you emotionally in some ways, it is painful right? but is the pain worth it? is staying with him gonna give you some benefits? is he going to take care of you when you grow old? is he going to stay beside you forever? If the answer is yes then go ahead and be a martyr. If he is giving you some pain but in return he is also willing to give you a love that is forever then stay with that pain because it is worth it. But if you have a partner who is hurting you and you know will not stay with you forever then leave him because the pain is not worth it, as simple as that. If you know your partner is cheating on you then the pain is not worth it, leave that painful situation and look for some other things that will make you happy.

We can choose whatever pain we instill in our system, we can choose whatever pain to enter our life. Always make sure that it is worth it, make sure you will be happy in the end.

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