November 01, 2016


If something bad is happening for you at the moment, don't get disappointed because there is a big reason for that bad situation. The truth is if something bad happens to you it means you have to do other things or you need to move in a different direction, you need to think for a moment and make the necessary adjustments. A lot of people will feel that if something bad happens to them then it means game over or their life is over. They will get depressed and they will quit what they are doing. They will never try again, they will give up easily and lock themselves in a room and make dramas.

There is a reason for every failure, there is a reason for every bad moments. You just need to move on, make progress and then you will find out later what is the meaning for the tragic even that happened to you.

If you were cut in a tryout for a varsity team it doesn't mean you are bad or you are a worse player, it doesn't mean you can't play. It simply means you need to improve your skills and become stronger next time, it simply means you are not prepared that is why you are not listed on the line up. And that is the guide... being cut in the roster means you need to train harder and put your game on the next level so you can help the team to win. That happening means you have to keep going, it doesn't mean you have to quit.

If there is a brownout that occurs while you are studying your lesson for tomorrow's exam, don't get mad, don't be sad it simply means you have to do some other things. Maybe you have a pending task like washing the dishes or maybe you also have a project that also needs some attention. There are some tasks that you also need to do that you can do even if there is no light. There are some tasks that you can do even if you only use candle as your light. And that is the guide for that tragedy... do some other things. Or maybe it is also telling you that you need some sleep because you are studying for so long. Whatever positive thing that you can do, do it.

If your business is not dong well now and no money is entering you wallet... don't close your business yet, don't quit. It only means there is something that is blocking the flow of money, maybe you are not handling your business very well or maybe there are some improvements that needs to be done in your business, maybe you have an employee that is weak and needs a whooping. All you have to do is look around and see what you can do to make an improvement to your business. It is just a matter of making adjustments and you will see that your business is doing well again or even stronger than before.

If you are experiencing some bad things, it doesn't mean it is really bad, it only means there are some other things that you need to do. All you have to do is think positively and better things will happen again. You don't need to feel that life is hitting you and you are being punished. You need to place your mind in the right place. You need to keep going and find what is it that lies behind the tragedy. Discover better things by doing better actions.

They key is to keep moving forward and never stop until better things show itself.

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