November 30, 2016


If no one is stepping up because they are afraid to make decisions, if everyone is scared and afraid to take the blame, if you are stuck in a situation and an action is badly needed to initiate a progress then it is time for you to make a guess.

Just make a guess, guess the solution, guess the answer, just take actions. Making a guess and providing a temporary solution is better than stopping for a very long time and waiting for the right answers to come. Guessing is also progressing. Guessing means you want to make results and you don't want to be stuck in a rut forever. Making a guess means you are using your will power and you don't care if you make mistakes or not.

It is better to make a guess than to just wait for a miracle. Miracles will never happen if you will not take action. Your eyes will just turn into white if you are waiting for something to happen. Nobody will do it for you, everyone is scared and tired, everyone doesn't want to take risks.

Make a guess now and hope that it will work because even if it doesn't, well at least you did your part, at least you use your brain and body to forge a result. And one good thing about making a guess is you will have a clue, you will know what not to do next time if your guess is incorrect. You will have a feedback, you can make a very good adjustment. In other words, making a guess is also guiding yourself for the next step.

Making a guess is free, the key here is once you make a guess... pretend that you really know it so people around you will not doubt you and they will have confidence in your decision. After all, if you didn't make a guess then your situation will remain the same. Well, at least you are altering the situation and you are giving people around you something to hope for.

Even if you make mistakes, even if they put the blame on you... at least you are not like them who only do is to follow and play it safe. People who can't make decisions on their own are only wasting their life. They are just riding somebody's back and hope to get something without doing anything.

If your intention is right... even if your guess is wrong, if you keep on pushing and repeating and trying until you make it right then you will make it right for sure. No one is perfect. It is not the perfect who always thrive, it is the one who is willing to look imperfect but still taking bold and aggressive actions.

Make a guess even if your guess is funny, take actions even if your suggestions are ridiculous. The fate will will be on the side of those who are brave and willing to risk everything. Every action will create a result, it is either you get a feedback or you move one step closer to your goal.

Benefits of making a guess:

1. You will have something to hope for
2. You will be able create a momentum
3. You will become more motivated, people around you will become excited because at least there is something happening, there is a movement that is going on.
4. If you make mistakes, you will know what not to do next
5. You will look intelligent, people will be impressed at you
6. You can become a leader, especially if your guess is always right
7. Your confidence will go up. You will see that people around you are afraid, you are the only one who is willing to get your own hands dirty.

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