November 02, 2016


A lot of people are making a very small mistake a big deal, I don't know what they feel about it. If you made a mistake of not turning off your cellphone while charging it and you accidentally didn't unplug it for 24 hours, don't make it a big deal, don't feel bad about it, it is just a cellphone, it is not destroyed nor cause some fire. You are still alive, don't make a small thing a big deal. Your life hasn't changed, you are still the same person, maybe your cellphone is damaged a little bit, who knows? what matters is you are still breathing so don't get mad and just live life.

Some people get mad in very small things and small mistakes. I don't know if they really know the meaning of life or they were just brutal and doesn't care at all.

A boss will get mad at his secretary because the coffee was too sweet. He will shout at his secretary and will even threaten to fire her. He will say a lot of hurtful words that will make the poor secretary cry. It was just a mistake, what is the big deal about it? he has the option to tell her secretary to make adjustments to the taste of the coffee or even make another new one but the chooses to get mad instead. What a pussy behavior. His day was ruined, her secretary's day was ruined, he ruined everything on that day because of making a small mistake a big deal. If he only tried to become a little bit patient and act like a right thinking person then for sure his day was more productive.

A strict teacher will pinch her student near the armpit because of accidentally breaking the flower vase on her table. Wow! when did you have the right to hurt someone because something got broken? The accident was unintentional but the hurting was pure intentional. The teacher should be pinched too so she will also feel the pain. The student cried, he was humiliated and at the same time his confidence level goes down. That is what will happen if you make a small mistake a big deal.

Making a small mistake a big deal will just create bigger problems. It will create tension, a lot of feelings will get hurt. It is better to just talk about it or even laugh about it. If the mistake was unintentional then everyone must forgive easily. Everyone must take it easy because life is too short to get mad at something that is not valuable.

Hot heads and cold heart will not solve anything. People should realize that our time on earth is limited and we should not be bothered by petty things. Our focus should always be on happiness and not on pointing out mistakes and making it a big deal because it never was.

We all make mistakes, nobody is perfect in this world. If it is just a little thing then just forget about it and move on.

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