November 16, 2016


How many of you are very good in starting something and will not finish it when the going gets tough? are you one of these guys who's only very good in planning and cannot execute a plan at all? are you one of these people who were so motivated in the beginning but becomes a pussy in the middle of the process?

Let me remind you again, life is about the process and not just the result. It is normal to experience a lot of difficulty when you are doing a project or if you are pursuing some kind of a big goal. What you need to do is to never take your eyes off to your goal because the moment you do it... it is all over. You will never do what you are suppose to do anymore. You will do other things and accept that you don't want to finish what you've started or it is ok not to finish it. You don't give it an importance and this is becoming your habit, everytime you started something, if you don't feel like taking actions anymore, you won't.

It is not about doing masterpiece or making every moment perfect, it is not about having the greatest work or most detailed plan. It is all about execution from the beginning until the end. Most people nowadays especially the young ones are quitters, once they feel that there is no progress going on, they quit immediately without conscience. If they don't feel happiness anymore, they will leave what they are doing. They feel like they were entitled to leave anytime they want and nobody will get affected. They don't know that in the long run, it will affect their life. They will become a quitter forever, they will not be able to accomplish big things and they will always start something attractive or new but they will not finish it if they experience a little adversity. The habit of quitting is already installed in their system and they think that is ok, this will lead to frustration and regrets.

It is better to finish something even if the result is ugly than to start something beautiful and not finish at all. Quitting will just give you a temporary peace, it will give you a little peace of mind but that pleasure will never last forever. There will be days when you will think about what if you didn't quit, what if you persevere and see what will happen in the end. Your unfinished business will always hunt you down and you won't get away with it. And that will be the main reason why you will not become successful on the other things that you are pursuing. It feels like there is a thorn in your throat and the only way to get rid of it is to finish your unfinished business.

So finish your shit, finish what you've started, you were so motivated in the beginning, you were so arrogant and you keep on telling the world that you are going to become successful, you are even disgusted with people who don't have goals or ambitions but where are you now? what have you accomplished? You're not even on the last stage but you quit already.

It is normal to feel pain, it is normal to feel lazy, it is normal to feel those negative emotions because those are just part of the process. It is there to make you grow and not to make you slow. You have to move regardless of how you feel because those negative emotions will just last for some minutes. Once you gain your momentum, you will love what you are doing gain and you will aim to finish until the end. You will feel happy once you are moving again and taking the most important actions, there is no better feeling than progressing and making gradual improvement.

No matter how small or big your project is, just finish it. You have to create a habit of consistently finishing something because you will benefit from it in the end. You will be able to finish big things regardless of its difficulty. You will be hardened and you will become disciplined. You will no longer be afraid of challenges, you will no longer be afraid of working hard for a long period of time. That is the beauty if finishing something, your achievements will be immeasurable. You will discover how good you are and you will be stunned with the great things that you can do that you thought you can't do before.

Finish it even if you have a slow pace. It doesn't matter how slow you are or how fast is your progress, for as long as your intention to finish your project is there... you will still become successful in the end. Even if you are behind, even if others are doing well and you are still figuring out how to get things done... never lose determination because you can catch up in the end. All you've got to do is find your rhythm, once you found it everything will be easier for you. Life is not a race, it is a marathon. Whoever has the strongest endurance will prevail, it is true that victory belongs to the most persevering.

It is very simple. It is very simple, just take small actions and small actions until those actions sum up in the end, you will see that you are already on the last stage and that is the time when you have to keep pushing harder than before. It is just  matter of finding what you can do and doing it right away, as simple as that. Don't look for results because that will only make you feel demotivated especially if you are not seeing any progress. Just focus on taking actions and enjoy every movement that you can execute, have faith that everything will connect in the end, everything will click, the universe is watching you, you will be rewarded if you put an effort.

Because starting something and not finishing it is really disgusting. Don't you feel that your time has only been wasted?, don't you feel sorry about the time that flew away? you cannot bring it back anymore. Your efforts will only be wasted if you don't finish it, all of your energies, money, heartaches... it will die in vain. So keep on surviving the hope, just survive this day and survive again tomorrow. Never let your vision die, just keep it alive for just one day.

Whatever business, project, goal, dreams or just even a small and simple task... once you started it you have to finish it. Finish it with all your strength. You can rest, you can take hiatus but never ever quit.

Have that killer instinct. Most people who have great potential has never made it in life because they don't have that killer instinct which is very important. They were satisfied with the little success that they have which is not really a success, they call it success so they can feel better about themselves. They are fooling themselves, how can you call yourself successful if you didn't push until the end? if you didn't give everything you've got? You only have the right to call yourself successful if you did something that could almost killed you, if you do the impossible things, if you keep pushing even if there is no hope that could be felt.

And even if the result is not what you expected, at least you still have the finish product, at least you see what you can do, at least you will not feel any regrets. There is no greater feeling in this world other than giving your best and not taking things for granted. Because at the end of the day, it is the struggle and the pain to finish something is what will you cherish and not the result itself. You will be proud that you overcome adversities and mind destroying challenges. 

Choose to become a finisher and not just a talker. Everyone can talk, that is very easy to do. You can talk about your dreams or your projects but if you can't finish it then you are nothing, you're just a joke and nothing more than that. It's not what you can speak, it's what you can prove. It is better to just shut up and talk about the results when it is already there, never talk until you have it because you are just making yourself look like an idiot. People will see your true colors, don't be good in intro instead be good in outro.

The closer you are the more it will become difficult so brace yourself and prepare for a big battle once you are very close to nailing it. Just relax until it is done, don't crumble, don't get too excited. Just keep on doing what you are doing, be yourself and let everything take care of itself while you are moving.

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