November 04, 2016


New is mystery, new is expectations, new is something to talk about, new gives excitement and hope but new can also be deceiving. Everybody wants something new because they want to experience something different. They thought that it is the only thing that will give them happiness and success.

There is nothing wrong with being so hopeful that something new can make a difference but it also has some downside.

Not all new is helpful, not all new will change the situation, sometimes it can even be a burden. So don't expect too much that new will give you a happiness. The trick here is just lower your expectations so you won't be disappointed in the end.

A lot of people will be amazed with the new gadget in town, it is creating a lot of hype, the price is so high but people still buy it. But when they already hold it and use it for a couple of weeks... it didn't satisfy their expectations. The were still seeing flaws and incompleteness, it didn't match their taste so they were quite a bit unsatisfied.

There is a new rookie on the team, a high priced rookie from the lottery pick. His teammates were expecting too much from him, same as the coach. Everyone thought that he will carry the team and bring back their winning tradition. They were giving him a special attention, they were pampering him. But 20 games have passed and the promising rookie is not showing any flashes of greatness yet. Soon the season is over and the rookie didn't give their expectations, their team was still a loser.

And the lesson is... hype is overrated. There is nothing wrong in giving some attention for the new arrivals but you shouldn't worship it like your entire life and your happiness depends on it. Just treat it like a normal thing. Don't expect too much so you won't get disappointed in the end.

I am not saying that all new were defective, there are some effective too but the point is, you already have the tools to win, you already have the materials to become happy. If you can only appreciate what you have then you don't need some new things or people anymore.

I have a friend who loves new things. Everytime he sees a new gadget, he will buy it. All of his money goes to the new things that he see at the mall. Even if he hasn't get his salary yet, he will use his credit cards to but new gadgets. I think it becomes his addiction to purchase new things. Then one day the bank is already hunting him. His debt is so big that he can't pay it anymore. He is hiding now from the bank. He doesn't know what to do, sometimes he is joking that he might just go to the mountains where no one can find him. Even though he has a lot of new things, his life is still miserable.

The moral lesson is, not all new will make you happy, not all new will give solutions. Sometimes looking for new will give you a lot of trouble. You should appreciate what you have and never prioritize new in your life. New is not as good as old. Old is proven, old has results, all you have to do is appreciate it and use it until you can.

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