November 03, 2016


This idea applies to everyone in this world. All of us should enjoy being hungry because it has a lot of benefits. Being hungry has two meanings, it can be being hungry of food or being hungry in success.

If you are hungry then you can do anything, you can do any desperate moves just to get what you want. That is why a lot of robbers were able to steal some money because they were so hungry and they need to it. They don't mind being killed, they don't mind going to jail. The only thing that is on their mind is to get some money to buy any food to quiet their aching stomach because of hunger.

The reason why they are doing those criminal activities is because they cannot enjoy being hungry, well who does?, but it is just a matter if conditioning your mind. If you can enjoy being hungry and you are patient to do some other things that will give you money, things that are legal and will not require the use of violence then you will be able to survive and thrive.

People are in panic if they get hungry, their heads cannot think the right way. They want immediate solution and that is to look for some food in the very fast way. They will not care if they hurt someone, all they want is to satisfy their mouth and put something in their stomach.

You should know that there is nothing wrong in being hungry, it is a signal that you need to look for a job if you don't have food in your table. Hunger will pass, you will forget it if you are working and enjoying yourself doing the right thing to change your situation. You can find a way how to stop your hunger but you have to take it as inspiration to do the best you can do to be able to buy some food.

You just need to survive each day if you are hungry, eat whatever you can eat that will not poison you. Look for some ways how to make money and just simply do the right thing. Learn to enjoy being hungry because it serves a punishment for you for not being able to do the right actions yesterday. Being hungry means you need to do some adjustments in your life in order to avoid it in the future. Just endure the hunger now, you will be ok later.

Those who are pursuing goals and doesn't need food. You should enjoy being hungry for success, enjoy it to work hard and do some impossible things to become successful. And even if you were already successful, you should not stop being hungry, you should become even hungrier to achieve a different level of success. Be hungry like a wolf, always stay hungry so you won't fall down.

A lot of successful people go back being poor again because they were not hungry anymore, they thought they were already very rich so they never work anymore. They were satisfied with the success that they have so it is very easy for them to fall down. They don't do the right thing, they become lazy and irresponsible so the go back to where they begin... at the bottom.

Being hungry mentally and physically will give you an advantage if you can use it in the right way. It is an uncomfortable feeling but if you can endure it and use it then you can easily reach the top. Use your hunger to work harder and become richer.

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