November 04, 2016


Have you ever seen a guy who try so hard just to do something and yet he still fail? have you seen a guy who doesn't know anything about something and yet he is still trying? You will wonder if he really believes that he will nail it or is he just trying to get an attention from people or is he just impressing people. Who knows?

Have you ever seen a guy who has only basic knowledge about something but still trying to do greater things? Have you seen a guy who is so underdog but is trying to make a miracle to win a game? have you seen a guy who has no talent, skills or knowledge but is forcing himself to make results?

You can't blame the guy who is trying, you shouldn't laugh at him nor stop him. He have some ideas on his mind, he have a goal and he is trying his best. You cannot put a determined man down. Well at least he is trying. Everybody in this world hates a tryer because they cannot even try themselves. All they do is watch and criticize a person who is doing something in his life.

A person who always criticize hasn't done anything in his life, he hasn't accomplish anything nor produce something great. All he can do is talk, talk and talk. And even if you succeed, he will still see something bad in you. Funny isn't it? he will tell that you just got lucky, that you are not deserving blah blah blah.

Everyone should applaud a guy for trying his best even though the situation shows that he is not capable of winning. Trying is very hard, a lot of people doesn't wanna try because they knew they can't do it. And because they can't do it, they also want other people not to do it. They were so insecure and full of negativity. They can't be happy for someone who is pursuing his dream.

Everyone can try but not everyone will try. They were so scared because they already think about failing before even trying. They were so focused on what they don't want.

Success is all about focusing on what you want. If you want something then you should focus on the steps on how to get it and not on the reasons why you will not get it. It is all about the mindset. The more positive mindset you have, the more you will attract good things and opportunities that are connected to your dreams.

Be inspired if you see someone trying so hard even if it looks impossible. You should copy his guts and forget about making it or not. What matters is you are trying and everyone is just watching.

People can say whatever they want but at the end of the day, you are making actions and they just remain as destructions. Even if you fail, even if they laugh at you, the feeling of at least trying and pushing until the end is priceless.

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