November 01, 2016


Focus is one of the key elements to success. If you have a strong focus then you can finish tasks easily and fast. You can do a lot of things and you can accomplish a lot of achievements that everyone thought is difficult. Focus is a very powerful weapon to thrive in life. There are lot of people with good potential but they don't have the ability to focus that is why they end up failing and accomplishing nothing. Focus can be developed, even if your thoughts were cluttered and your brain is always wondering, you can still focus for as long as you are always thinking about finishing something. It is normal to have thoughts that just enters your brain that comes from nowhere but is simply like going back to what you are doing and thinking. Focusing is not that difficult if you are aware of what you are doing and what is happening around you.

There are some situations that will train your ability to focus, here are they:

1. A noise outside. If there is a noise outside no matter what it is, ignore it and just do what you are doing. Your brain will be easily distracted if it heard some unusual noise. Your brain can be easily tricked to lose its focus especially if the noise is intriguing. Keep in mind that if the noise is not about danger then don't worry about it, you don't need to care about anything that is outside of your house. Just keep doing what you are doing and then finish fast as you can. A noise outside, if you entertain it will just make you think negatively and you will never notice that you are not doing what you are doing anymore.

2. Favorite show on television. This will also train your focus, if you hear that your favorite show on television is on air, don't watch it, just stay inside of your room and force yourself to finish your task. It doesn't matter if you miss the episode that won't help you. If you really wanted to become great you should develop your focus by sacrificing things that are fun but won't help you. You can even watch the replay on some websites but you should finish your task first before doing anything that is fun.

3. A text from your friend asking you to drink some beers. Of course, doing this kind of stuff is really fun, it will give you chills once you see that your friend wants to drink some beers with you, you will easily see that you are going to have fun tonight. But no no no... you can't do it. You have to finish your task first before doing anything else. The more you sacrifice, the more your focus will become stronger. It will give you tremendous results if you stay committed. It really feels bad turning down something that is fun but that emotion will never stay for so long, once you see progress in what you are doing, you will not think about anything else. You will tell yourself that you made the right decision for not going out with your friends.

4. A notification from facebook. This shit is very destructive and I hate to admit that sometimes I was also being bothered by this feature of social media bullshits. Turn off the sound of your notifications from different apps or social media accounts. It will destroy your focus because I know that you love news from your friends. But you have to decrease the number of hours you spent on social media if you want to have better results in your life. You can become more productive if you will not worry about who has the latest gadgets in town, who is the latest pregnant celebrity blah blah blah. You have to spend more hours on your project and never stop until its completion, this kind of approach will make you very successful.

5. A sudden appearance of hunger. Always have a water or biscuit beside you so if all of a sudden you become hungry, you will never go outside of your room and look for a food. Because if you do it, there is a chance that you might turn on the television or even talk with other family members and that will destroy your focus completely. Focus means enduring uncomfortable emotions, don't mind if you are hungry, that hunger will go away once you are amused by the progress that you are producing. It is uncomfortable in the beginning but once you go back to the steps that you are executing then for sure hunger will go away. Just eat some crackers and drink some water to avoid ulcer. Sometimes being hungry is just an excuse to take a break so don't fool yourself that you need to get some food because it will cause too much delay.

6. A barking dog. May it be your dog or your neighbor's dog, any bark is really annoying but you don't have to check if there is a robber that sneak into your house. Just keep doing what you are doing, dogs are just playful and alert, sometimes they just saw a cat that is why they are barking. This sequence is also a great test to your focus, if you don't get bothered by a barking dog then congratulations, your focus is already on a different level.

7. A bad memory that pops out from your brain. I believe that no brain is pure, no brain is very peaceful. Even the most successful people has a very cluttered brain. The only difference is they can go back to their original thoughts once there is a negative thought that is interfering. They can shut the down the thoughts that are not helping, they can do it fast that is why their focus is very strong. If there is a bad memory that is playing inside of your head, get rid of it immediately, don't entertain it, don't get emotional with it, just forget it and go back to your work.

If you can train your ability to focus and become very good at it then sky is the limit for you. You can accomplish difficult things, you can withstand any pressure and nothing will be so difficult for you. Everything will become easier and you will enjoy staying with the process for a very long time that results to greater rewards.

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