November 02, 2016


If you want to succeed in life then you should learn how to count your failures. Count it and enjoy counting it because if you are just counting your success then you will feel unmotivated in the end if you will not be able to produce any results. You will just feel sad and disappointed if you only want to count success, especially if the count is not going up.

Counting your failures means you are simply waiting, you are trying and you keep on pushing until your forge something on your way, until you create an opportunity that will give you momentum towards success.

Life is a process, it is a journey. At first I don't believe in this idea because I always wanted to see results every now and then. I always wanted to become successful fast. I am always setting up a goal and I will pursue it for just a short time, let's say two or four weeks. I won't work hard as much as I can then I will look for results, which is insane. Everytime I don't see the results that I am getting, I feel frustrated, I feel mad and I always wanted to quit.

But one day I realized that it doesn't matter if you become successful or not, what matters is you pursue it, what matters is you take actions because by having this kind of approach, you will never feel any regrets in your life. You will feel that you really live your life and you did't leave any stone unturned. You can look at yourself in the mirror and proudly say "I give everything I have, I do everything I can do".

So make it a game, count your failures instead of your success. Be happy in failing but don't get satisfied in just failing over and over again. The mindset is you just feel blessed by taking actions and having the opportunity to grab your dreams, you are just happy being able to perform they way you wanted to and there is no regret in taking actions.

If you don't know what to do in life and you really wanted to succeed... make a limit for your failures, make a count. Let's say you are willing to take 100 tries until you succeed. Count it everyday, keep counting until you no longer needed to count because you already became successful. And if you still didn't succeed after counting 100 then make another count of 100. Don't stop until you don't need to count anymore, enjoy counting, keep counting.

You will get a lot of confidence by counting your failures, you will never feel inferior even if you are failing everyday because you knew you can do something that they can't do. People were so allergic to failures, they cannot even stomached failing once or twice that is why they can't reach another level.

But you are different, you can endure any failure and you love failing and that is why winning doesn't matter at all. And if you are not giving value to something that much... it will come to you easily because you have no pressure in getting it. It is like the winning is just a bonus, taking actions is what makes you feel that you are a real winner.

And the conclusion is... if you are taking actions and you are counting your failures then you will become successful, you will become successful fast because you don't feel bad in failing. For you it is normal and there is nothing wrong about it. You will be able to move fast once you fail and you will not take it personally, you will not be stuck, you will keep on moving until you win.

The good thing about counting your failure is you are still producing numbers. Every failure is counted. The universe is still watching who has the most number of failures and it will reward someone who owns it.

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