November 01, 2016


Having a financial freedom is one of the best things in life. You will never have to worry again if you have something to eat for tomorrow. You are flexible and you can become very creative. You can do a lot of things and your actions are limitless. It is very easy to be financially free, all you have to do is make smart decisions and of course sacrifice a little bit. Once you gain a financial freedom then it is easy to become rich, it is easy to make your money multiply. You just need to be a little patient and wait for your momentum to come, once it come, everything will flow easily and everything will be lighter and easier. There are some things that serve as a proof that you have a financial freedom.

1. You don't have a credit card. The truth is credit card is not helping you instead you are just helping the bank to become richer. If you have a credit card, it means you need some money because you don't have some in your pocket. It means you are running out of cash. People who have financial freedom never use credit cards. Banks cannot outsmart them because they knew it will serve as a bridge to financial trouble. There are millions of people who became broke because of excessive use of credit cards. Do you think you are rich because you have a lot of credit cards and banks were offering you high credit limit? No, banks were laughing at you, yes they were offering you some advantages by using their credit cards and they were giving you special treatment, it is because they are using you. They are benefiting more from you. You are just making your life harder by using credit cards. You will buy a lot of things using it, the worse is the things you bought becomes older but you haven't completed the payment yet. You will feel unmotivated because you are suffering to pay for the things that are depreciating. This is a mortal sin of you are trying to obtain a financial freedom, you should only buy things if you have money. You should not purchase things and pay later because it will give you bad emotions, it will make you feel that you have a responsibility. It feels like you have a burden that never ends especially if what you purchase is 12 months to pay.

2. You never wait for your salary. This is a very good sign that you already have a financial freedom. You never wait for your monthly salary or every 15th day of the month salary. You have a lot of reserves in your tank. Unlike people who were struggling, they were only happy during paycheck because they can pay their bills, credit cards, loans etc. Receiving paycheck is the only day that they get a breathing room, after a few more days and they were back to their miserable life again. They were in a vicious cycle that never ends.

3. You don't have any debts. People with financial freedom don't have any debts, not even a single cent. They hate debts and they were allergic to it. Even if they have to borrow money from someone because they have a shortage in cash for the moment, they will never borrow. They will just go home and comeback if they can. It is not because they have a very high ego or they were full of pride. They just don't want to make borrowing as a habit because they knew it can destroy their financial freedom.

4. You can go to any places that you want. You have a very good financial freedom if you can go to any places that you want, it means you are on a different level, a level which is high. But not all people with financial freedom can go to any places that they want, some can go for only selected places but there is nothing wrong with that, it only means that they were very smart even if they were on a much lower level. There is nothing wrong with being on a lower level for as long as you still have financial freedom, it still means you are living a good life.

5. You can stop your work anytime you want. And because you have a lot of money, there is no pressure for you to work very hard. You can rest anytime you want if you are tired. You don't need to do a lot of overtime unlike people who don't have a financial freedom... they work like slaves because they have a lot of bills to pay. They can't stop because if they do... they will be in big trouble. The car that they loan might be taken away from them. The house that they loan might be facing foreclosure and the banks that they have a lot of debts might take away some of their properties, properties that have value such as golds and brand new appliances. Their everyday life is always in pressure because of their bad spending habits. In other words they are like living in hell.

6. You have an abundance mindset. You always feel like you have more and you can earn more. You always have a lot of food on the table especially your favorite ones. You don't have any liabilities so you can build business without having to worry that it may fail. You always feel successful and free. You are more creative and you are not afraid to take risks. You always feel the blessings that are coming in to your life. Unlike someone who has a lot of debts... they feel like they were completely broke, they are not enjoying life even though they have a lot of appliances and gadgets that was purchased by credit card.

7. You will never suffer even if you got sick. A person with financial freedom can withstand any storm that comes into his life. He will not suffer even if he got sick because he have money to pay the hospital bills. He knew that all he need to do is take care of himself, regain his strength and he will be back enjoying life again. Unlike a broke bum who has no money... once he got sick, he will get sick even more because he don't know where he will get the money to pay the hospital bills.

8. You can rest for 5 months without working. You can take a hiatus if you are so tired of working and if you need some space. You will not become poor if you rest because you have a vault of money in your home. You are so stable with or without a work. Working is just your hobby, you have a lot of passive income that can support your everyday needs.

9. You can attend any party if you want. You can attend any big time party such as wedding, anniversary, reunion or victory party. You have budget for gifts and clothes, you are not to afraid to spend because you are expecting some events in your life and you have an allocated budget for it. Unlike someone who doesn't have a financial freedom... he is hesitant to go to a party because he is thinking that he might swipe his credit card again to buy sum clothes and gifts.

The moral lesson is always strive for financial freedom to avoid a life that is in danger. Make sure that you have a lot of money so you can do everything you want without worrying where will you get your food for tomorrow.

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