November 02, 2016


Being smart is not hard, a lot of people give its meaning some complication. They were making it hard to distinguish who is smart and who is not. Being smart is very simple, you just need to do things that will put you in a better position. You don't need to prove anything or get a very high degree to get smart. You just need to think and make decisions that will make your life better.

So to make the discussion short, I will give you the real traits of really smart people, if you don't have any of these, don't be sad because you can develop it and adapt it into your life:

1. A smart person is not proving the world that he is smart. He doesn't care if people call him smart or not, his focus is to make smart decisions and make a little bit of progress everyday. He doesn't care about entitlement because he knew it will only make his life hard especially if he doesn't get the recognition that he is expecting. He just do what he does and let the appreciation form different people comes to him naturally.

2. Just doing the right thing. A smart person just do what is right because he knew that always being on the side of right is the right thing and it will give him an advantage. If he needs to find a job he will do it, if he is hungry he will eat, if he is tired he will rest, if he needs to do a required task he will do it. He never complicates his life. He just simply do the basics and let the rest take care of itself. In other words he just do what he can do with all his best.

3. Confident. A smart person is always confident. Sometimes he is even faking his confidence if he is doubtful of the situation. He knows that confidence plays a major part in life and if he doesn't have it he will fail. He is confident in a sense that he can carry himself in any place or any situation. Sometimes he even use his confidence for his advantage, even if he doesn't know how to do it, he will still manage to do it because he has confident in his abilities.

4. Never engages in a useless altercation. A real smart person will never put himself in a useless altercation, he knew that he will never benefit anything from a useless fight. He will simply walk away if he find himself in trouble. He gives value to his life so much and he doesn't want to waste it especially for useless people. He is focus on the better things ahead of them. He doesn't mind if people calls him coward because he knew he is brave in his own way.

5. He is disciplined. He is not a procrastinator, he values his time very well because he understands that time is the most important ingredient to success. He knew that even if he is not rich or he don't have a lot of resources, if he can manage to use his time very well then he has a very good chance of succeeding.

6. He is always willing to learn. Even if he fails at something, he never forget to learn the lessons. He always look for feedback. He uses every opportunity as an opportunity to learn, he doesn't mind if he fails at something for as long as he feels that he learn something, he still feel like a winner.

7. Always trust his decisions. He never worries, once he made a decision, he will never change it until he see if it is right. He uses a lot of time in making decisions that is why he is very confident that his decision is right.

8. Not rushing. A smart person is always cool, calm and collective. He is not rushing even if there is a pressure around. He knew that being calm is already an advantage and it can make him think properly. He never rush in making decisions and taking actions, he is always cool under fire. he is like an iceman at the top of volcano.