November 01, 2016


Depression is one of the largest problems that our world is facing today. A lot of people commits suicide because they can't stand the pain, they can't stop being lonely and dramatic. They thought that their life has no more meaning. It is funny because if everyone will only learn that depression is just an emotion and it has nothing to do with reality then they will manage to move on and focus on the brighter things of life. 

Not all people are similar, some can manage to move on very fast even if they have a big problem and some cannot move on at all even if their problem seems like nonsense. Here are the sure steps on how to move on if you are dealing with a problem that makes your life really difficult, follow these steps and you will easily erase the pain in your heart:

1. Look for the people that really loves you. You need someone to talk to so you can share the burden in your heart. You need to express how you feel and tell it to somebody so it will not remain in your chest that feels like there is a tumor inside of it. It is heavy, it is painful, if you can talk to someone you can trust and tell everything then you will feel better. You will feel that you are not alone. Look for your mom, dad, siblings and closest friends. Tell them all of your dramas and you will feel better right away. Don't be shy to share your problems, they will listen to you and they can give you advise that will make you feel better.

2. Pursue a hobby and become very good at it. You can never think about your problems if you are busy and you are enjoying some other things. Learn how to draw or paint or play some instrument. Force yourself to learn, you will be able to divert your pain into art and you can create a masterpiece. That is why a work of art is somehow full of pain, it has a lot of emotions, because the creator of it is feeling a lot of emotions while doing it. So if you are full of pain, create art, you might be the next Leonardo Da Vinci.

3. Set a timeline for being a dramatic actor. Allow yourself to cry, make dramas and seek for sympathy but not for so long. Let's say a minimum of one or two weeks but nothing more than that. Engage in dramas, blame the world, blame your lovelife, blame everything about you, hate your life. But make sure after two weeks you will act like normal again. It is like you just explore the dramatic side of you then you go back to being normal as if nothing happened. Once you set a timeline, be strict in following it, even if you still want to cry after two weeks... force yourself to smile, pretend that you are happy so you will become really happy. 

4. Travel. Travel anywhere, travel with your friends so you will not jump from the bridge or something. Don't travel alone because you might just get lonely. Travel and have a lot of fun. Go to the places that you want to go that you can't go before. Feel the nature, you will be able to move on fast if you connect with the nature because it will remind you how beautiful the world is.

5. Aim to become successful. This will make you very busy and you will be able to forget your problems easily. If you just broke up with your boy friend recently, aim to become very successful so he will have regrets in the end that he let you go. Aim to become successful so you will have the last laugh in the end. Time will pass very fast, you will not even notice that you are working hard for years and you already forgot your problem. Drown yourself in work so your life will not become a mess. 

6. Do some crazy things. Do some things that will give you an adrenaline rush, things like bungee jumping, riding a roller coaster, surfing, racing. It will give you different emotions that will alter your depression. You will become happier and you will be amazed with the new emotions that you are feeling. You will appreciate life even more because you will learn that there are still emotions that you haven't felt yet. Life is all about emotions, if you can alter your emotions then you will survive well in life, you will be able to survive any depressions. By doing some crazy things, your depression will be over written by joy and happiness. 

7. Just deal with the pain. Understand that the pain is only temporary, it hurts but it will not remain in your system forever. Never make it a big deal even if it is a big deal. Just keep in mind that the world is revolving, you are sad or down now but wait for a few months and you are happy and on top again. Pain will subside, it is not an eternal thing.

Moving on is very easy, for others it is hard because they were so focused on the sad things, they want sympathy from others. I think they should apply for a dramatic role. Just give value to your life and you already moved on, just move and you already moved on. Don't stay in one corner and crying like a bitch, be active, be aggressive.