November 18, 2016


Having a great sense of humor will give you a great advantage. You can control some situations, you can gain some followers or you can even enter a group that you wanted to join. People will like you easily especially if your jokes are very funny and can make them pee on their own pants.  Some people were already born with great sense of humor, it is natural and they can crack jokes anytime they want and people will buy it. While there are some people who studied sense of humor and become great at it by practicing everyday. There are even some people who are lucky enough to be surrounded by people with great sense of humor and they were able to adopt the attitude of the people that they usually hang out with.

Having a sense of humor has a lot of benefits, you can change a tense situation if you can make other people around you laugh, you can cover your mistakes if you can make them laugh, you can make them forget about your shortcomings. Other guys uses their sense of humor to get some chicks, women love men who has a strong sense of humor. That is why you will wonder how an ugly guy got a nice woman, the answer is simple, that guy can make a woman laugh until she cries. So if you love girls and you wanted to look heartthrob even if you don't have good looks, just practice developing your sense of humor.

It is ok if you don't have a sense of humor for as long as you are being yourself, it is ok to be naturally you and look like a boring guy rather than faking your attitude and looking unauthentic to the eyes of other people. Sometimes looking like stupid is already a humor. They will laugh at you if you look dumb and uneducated, you don't even need to exert an effort.

I will not make the intro long, here are some ways how to have a sense of humor, try all of these and I am very sure you will be able to control some people and make the current situation always in your favor:

1. Green Jokes. Who doesn't want to hear green jokes? even nuns wants green jokes. Crack some green jokes but always make sure that no one will be disgusted at you, make sure that no youngsters were around because you might look uncivilized instead of funny. And also crack some green jokes that are not obvious that there is a sexual content behind it. Just use mild green jokes and not to the point where you will really say the forbidden words. There should be a boundary and you must be concern about your image, you must still look decent and not a person without manners. And also, only crack green jokes to the people that are close to you. Because if you do green jokes to other people, they might perceived you as a bad or immoral person.

2. Be natural. Crack your jokes like you have no plans for cracking it, always be yourself. Say jokes like you didn't rehearse it. Have a free flowing rhythm when executing. If you look like you plan your joke then it will not sell for sure, don't think about it, just say what comes out from your mind, don't hesitate to tell it, don't get conservative. Always be natural and be yourself when saying your punch lines. Say it fast but clear, have no conscience.

3. Try corny jokes. If you have limited jokes on your notes then try some corny jokes that you know. Some corny jokes are still effective and it can still make the crowd goes wild, it depends on the delivery so you must have a strong delivery or else... you will look like someone who just needs some attention. Corny jokes are also funny, the simplicity it brings can still make someone laugh. Any joke can give reactions, it can trigger emotions, so whatever joke that you know, bring it out and try to make people laugh. Even if you think that they already knew it, still try because making people laugh is priceless.

4. Don't copy someone's style. Try to be the most original that you can be so people will be amazed at you. Copying another style will make you look like an imitator, try to bring something new on the table. Even if you have a weird or creepy style, use it. Copying someone's style will just make you look trying hard and copycat. You will be able to nail a very good punch line if you are truly showing your true colors. You will be able to exhibit a joke that was never heard before. It is like a birth of a new comedian soon to rise.

5. Exaggerate. It is better to become over acting than under acting. Never stop yourself from shining in the moment, exaggerate your delivery so that they will listen to you very well. Remember that exaggeration catches attention.  Have you seen a very good comedian who is so quiet and not aggressive? Exaggerate small things and let the story escalate to another level. Exaggerate to they will participate.

6. Curse yourself. Pretend that you are hating yourself. Say bad words to yourself but do it hilariously. Making yourself as a subject of joke is a good technique, people will get interested easily and they will be amazed at how you can humiliate yourself and still having fun.

7. Display strong confidence. Sometimes being cocky and arrogant is funny, especially if people knows that you are joking. You must be super confident when cracking jokes so you will not mess up. It is like you know that it is corny but you can still make them laugh. Some lines like "I already bought the madison square garden yesterday", "I run new york", "I have a pet elephant in my house" will work if delivered in the right away. You also have to have a confident posture and voice when delivering a joke because if you look small and scared then people will not get your joke. You must display invincibility and leadership, you must be able to control their emotions.

8. Have feelings when saying a joke. You must mean it, you must feel it and you must be really happy when saying it. What you say with emotions will also create emotions. Don't just crack a joke without feeling anything from it, it must come from your heart and you must expect them to laugh.

9. Take risky jokes. Sometimes you have to reinvent and say anything that comes out from your mind. Sometimes cracking a joke has also something to do with luck. If you always use a play safe joke then the tendency is people might get bored at you. Taking risky jokes that was never tested before can make you or break you but the good thing is...if you become successful by using it, their laughs will even get louder because they never heard that before, they will be amazed by your creativity and you can make a very strong remark.

10. Timing. Your timing should be great so you will have a desirable outcome. You can't just tell jokes anytime you want. Study the mood of your environment and see if they are open for receiving a joke. You can't tell a joke to a person who is in a bad mood, you can do it but you should be careful because you might get punched in a face if you offended him. You can't also tell a joke if people around you were in a hurry or if they are doing something important, they will just ignore you and you will only feel bad about yourself. Timing is important, you will feel it if people around you were in a good mood, you can make them smile easily if they were not thinking about their problems.

11. Be aware that not all jokes will sell. Being a funny guy also needs some work, it's not an easy thing to do. Not all day you can make someone laugh, it is also like a challenge. Some of your jokes will sell and some will get rejected. It is normal, some people will not like you no matter how funny your joke is. Accept that not all of your jokes will be accepted, accept it and don't feel bad when people around you doesn't laugh. Don't take it personally so you will still have some confidence to crack jokes next time.

12. Criticize your friend. This is one of the best way to become hilarious... criticize your friend. Tell how ugly his shirt is, notice some of his flaws, make him look bad but make sure that your friend is a good sport and he know what is going on. The best thing about this is he is your friend and he will understand that you are just trying to become funny.

13. Have a funny mannerism. A lot of good comedians have funny mannerisms, it becomes their trademark. People will remember you for that and they will even copy some of your funny movements because it is so hilarious and they can use it for their own act. If you have a funny mannerism then it will be easier for you to make people laugh. The weirder your mannerism is, the more it is effective to make people laugh. It is even better if you will make yourself look like a special child or something so people will laugh hard and they will never ever forget you.

14. Laugh at your own jokes. If you find yourself not being able to make people laugh at the moment then laugh at your own jokes so that it will look hilarious. Even if people were not happy with your joke, they will somehow agree in a different way that your joke is a little bit funny. Laugh at your own jokes so that it will not look obvious that you are embarrassing yourself. It will make you feel better and at the same time it will give you a little confidence to keep going.

15. Notice some unfamiliar things and pretend that you know its use. If you see something that is not familiar to everyone, let's say a weird looking memorabilia or something that comes from 300 B.C. invent a story on how it is being used and make the story funny. People will laugh at you and they will be amazed at how playful your mind is.

16. Try to look stupid in a funny way. Having a caveman hairstyle, having a nerd outfit, wearing McDonalds shoes etc. Try to look stupid so it will never be difficult for people to laugh at you. Their minds will be programmed that maybe you're a comedian that is why you look so weird. Their minds will be conditioned that they should laugh every time you say some stupid things.

17. Make your laugh funny. The laugh itself can already become a humor. Make your laugh very funny, make it unique so everytime people hears it... they will also laugh because it is contagious. Even if your punch line is corny, you can get away with it and make the situation epic.

 18. Talk about money. It is either you tell them that you are rich or you are broke as fuck. Tell them that you haven't eat for 7 days or tell them that you can buy the titanic, people are very interested with money, if you can make a story out of it, people will listen very carefully and there is a big chance that they may laugh.

19. Laugh at someone's jokes and add a twist on it. This will make your life easier. If there is someone joking... even if the joke is not funny, laugh at it add some twist on it, add a little additional sequence to the story and make the ending very funny. At least you don't need to think hard where to start. It is like picking a garbage and then turning it to gold.

20. Make jokes with double meaning. Jokes with double meaning are hard to get but if they found out the real meaning then they will laugh for sure. The good thing about this is if they don't get the joke, pretend that it is really not a joke.

21. Say a lot of jokes, not just one joke. In other words, become a joker. If you really want to become funny and be labeled as a guy with good sense of humor then you should make it a habit. Make jokes everyday, make jokes about everything. Just make sure that you are not turning out to be disrespectful with everybody. 

22. Pretend that you are serious then reveal that you are just joking. This one is very effective. If there is a situation where someone is seeking for an advise or asking for some solutions or answers... give a weird answer and when they say "Really?" reveal that you are just joking. They will laugh for sure. I've tried this for a lot of times and it never fail me.

23. Always have some fun. How can you crack good jokes if you're so serious and mad at the world? Have fun because it will give you momentum, it will make you creative, loose and have a lot of good time making people laugh. Remember that you are using your humor because its purpose is to make you and the people around you happy.

The key here is don't be afraid to fail, don't be afraid to look corny and weird. It is easy to make people laugh, just be confident, take risk and never get discouraged if people is not laughing at your punchlines.

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