November 15, 2016


Success is all about confidence and of course you have to pair it with hardwork. With enough confidence and good work ethic, you can reach some heights that you thought you never would. Confidence can be inborn or can be learned. You are lucky if you are born with it because you don't have to work for it anymore but if you are born shy, scared and has no confidence at all, don't feel sad because there are lot of ways how to earn it.

Confidence is for everyone, not all people realize it, especially the shy and unspoken individuals, the people who can't express their feelings. They don't know that they can become confident too, I feel sorry for them because they settle for what they have not knowing that they can have more. Their belief is very low that is why their life is very low, as simple as that. Your belief will become the barometer of your life, with lesser belief you will have lesser success, there is no other way around. You can't have weak belief and strong result. Your belief will become congruent to the results that you are producing in your life.

So if you are lacking confidence, here are some ways how to earn it, these are very effective methods and one hundred and one percent that will give you results:

1. Real hardwork. Hardwork is really hard but if you get use to it... you will have extreme confidence. It is because you know you put in the time for something. You know everybody can't work hard so you already have a mental edge. If you work super hard then you will have an incredible endurance, you know that whatever happens, you will still be alright because you know you can produce results in anything. You have a very strong faith that anything you do, if you work hard for it... you will be alright. You know you can thrive at any place and anytime. Not only that, your skills were developed by working hard, your value increases, you will become one of a kind. You know you can bring something to the table and you're not just an ordinary person who will rely on others. You know you can carry yourself and

2. Have your own world. It is not about being a totally loner or weirdo. It means you've got to have your own business, own philosophy and own circle of friends. You have your own schedule, own way of making money. It means you totally own your life and no one can force you to do shit. You have a real freedom and you only do things for people that really matters to you. This kind of approach will give you supreme confidence because you just don't care about what people say, you know you can survive without someone'a assistance. You know you are in total control of your life and nobody can dictate you to do something that you don't want. You value your life so much that you don't give time for people and things that is not connected to your progress.

3. Be the best at something.  If you are the best at something, people will give you respect and that will give you a very strong confidence. You will feel special, you will get a lot of perks and special treatment. But keep in mind that you must not get that into your head, you still have to keep yourself grounded or else it will backfire at you in the end. Be the best so you will create a very big value for yourself. Be the best so you will look extraordinary and you will feel great. You will even take care of yourself very much because you knew you yourself is your investment. You will become better everyday, you are always improving and that will make your life something special.

4. Produce very huge numbers. Fall in love with the numbers, produce something that not all people can do. If you are working in the office and they can work for only 8 hours, work for at least 14 hours. If they can process 25 documents then process 30 or more. Produce something that not ordinary people can do so your boss will give you a special treatment, the company will give you an opportunity to grow and become a leader. You will feel very confident because you know you can sacrifice more than anybody else around you. But you also have to make sure that you are also getting a lot of benefits in the end. Don't work for something that will just make you very tired and you will not get anything.

In any kind of work or sport or business... produce very huge numbers. It is not that you are comparing yourself to others and you want to be labeled as the best. It is building a belief that you can do something special and you have a greater value. Producing huge numbers will make you feel proud about yourself and that is a great confidence builder. For example, you have the largest amount of money in your circle of friends... do you think you will feel inferior and weak? of course not. Once you own the largest numbers in some place or circle then you will feel very confident.

Let's say you are a basketball player, if your coach is not giving you a playing time and your confidence is getting low... all you have to do is produce huge numbers when no one is looking around. That is the best way to gain your confidence back. Practice shooting when no one watches you, shoot the ball 1,000 times a day and you will see that your confidence is soaring high. It is not about how people look at you, it is about how you feel with yourself. Even if you are benched for a long time, once you step your foot on the court, you knew you can make a lot of shots because it is already embedded in your mind that you are great. You get your confidence in practice, it is like your a time bomb ready to explode anytime once set upped.

5. Take a lot of risks. Taking a lot of risks will make you feel invincible. Not a lot of people will take risks, they were so scared because they thought that they have something to lose. If you're a risk taker then your confidence will soar high because you are doing something that not a lot of people can do. Even if you fail, your confidence will never go down because you experienced something great. You experienced a very high pressure that will mold you character. Pressure creates diamonds and once you withstand a certain amount of pressure... your confidence is already on another level. Making risks will make you strong enough to surpass any negative emotion, it will make you stronger and tougher. You will view yourself as person who doesn't back down to any challenges in life.

6. Do something that makes you very shy. May it be about talking to your crush or asking the restaurant crew for an extra sauce or gravy or even being an emcee to a particular event in your office... do it. Do something that makes you very shy. This is one of the best way to achieve extra ordinary confidence. It is like breaking the chains that stops you. Don't be ashamed of being shy, don't shy away from being shy, once you find yourself being shy in a particular situation then that is they time you have to take action. The more you take actions, the more you become confident. Yes, you will feel the negative emotion of being shy, you will feel bad, but once you keep doing it... you will notice that you are not scared to talk to anyone anymore, you are not scared to express your feelings anymore, you will even get addicted to challenging yourself with the situations that you knew will give you confidence. Sometimes you will even look for situations where you can express yourself, gaining confidence is very fun and addictive. It is just like playing a game.

7. Practice rejecting somebody. Most people were afraid to reject somebody because they felt that they will look bad and they don't want to ruin their good image but guess what? even if you are the most kind and generous person in the world... people will still have some bad things to say against you. They will still judge you and see you as not so kind person. The will even tell to the other people your flaws and imperfections. So what is the big deal if you reject somebody? rejecting somebody is normal, you don't have to say yes everyday. By doing it, you will feel guilty at the beginning but it will also give you a thought that you are courageous and you don't care about what people say. You will see yourself as capable of making right decisions for your own good and that will give you an extra boost of confidence. So reject someone especially if the offer will put you in a bad spot. Never hesitate to make someone feel bad because after all, you are not asking them to come to you in the first place.

8. Realize that you have a freedom. You have the freedom to choose, you have the freedom to express. You all have the freedom in the world to do what you want. If you can celebrate your freedom then your confidence will soar high. You will not be afraid to try things because you always knew that trying is free and there is no limit in trying. You can try as much as you want for as long as you want. You are free to do anything or say anything for as long as you are not hurting or disturbing somebody. You are free to stand up for what you want and live the life that you want.

9. Try even if you think that you have no chances of winning. Have you ever compete with someone who has thrice the skills that you have? It is difficult and overwhelming right?  But the point here is you are upgrading your confidence. You have to fight and try even if you know in the first place that you are not going to win. You have to try your hardest because by doing that your skills will upgrade to another level, you will learn a lot of things. And mostly, when you meet an opponent that has the same level as what you meet before... you already knew what to do, you will not become overwhelmed anymore.

You will also not become afraid of losing anymore because you already knew how it feels. It is just like an ordinary day, it won't affect your psychology anymore. If you a try a lot of times on a specific thing, you will be able to memorize the sequences of events, you will know the tiniest details on how to win. You will become very confident because you have experienced a lot.

10. Make a lot of mistakes. By making a lot of mistakes, you will not be afraid of making mistakes in the long run. You will try something even if you don't know it. A lot of people were good, they know enough but they don't want to try even if they knew something because they don't want to make mistakes, they want to remain perfect and clean which is a bad thing. If you will not face the consequences of making mistakes then you will never move to another level. Do as much mistakes as you can so you will become familiar of embarrassment, critics and humiliation until those negative feedbacks means thing to you anymore. Being open in making mistakes means you are open to every good opportunity that may come to your life.

11. Force yourself to act right away when needed. Having the ability to move despite of uncertainty and fear is a great skill. A lot of people will be stunned if they don't know what is going on especially in situations with high pressure. You can look very confident even if you are not feeling confident at the moment if you can take actions when everyone seems to be crumbling down. You can standout if you will just act right away during scary situations. Other than that once you take actions despite of having fears, your confidence will go up. Those scary situations will make you even more confident because you will have the ability to manipulate fear. You will have this understanding that those fears are just emotions and it can't harm you. So once you are frightened or you feel stressed, just move right away. Your mind will be developed, you will no longer think for a long time, you will have the ability to produce results fast. Remember that waiting creates doubts and fears, action creates determination.

12. Practice being calm. Confidence is badly needed during unfamiliar situations. You need it so you will be able to survive in any given moment. Having the ability to calm your mind is already confidence. Even if you don't know what you are going to do, if you have a calm mind then you won't make mistakes and stupid decisions, you will be able to think the right way. You will have a higher chance of escaping troubles, you will be able to succeed in your own unique way.

So if you find yourself caught in a situation with lot of tension, just practice being calm. Don't over react and don't panic. If you are calm you will be able to adjust easily with the situation and you can make right decisions. You will become more confident if you are calm, it is like being cool under fire. Calmness builds confidence, it will put your mind in the right frame. Panicking creates a lot of fear, you will attract more negative circumstances and you will create a havoc that is against you.

13. Do it your way. Always doing something your way will give you tremendous confidence. It is like a gambling but you got to pick the cards that you like. You choose your own cards and then put your complete trust on them. Doing it your way will make you explore your true self. You will discover your capabilities and weaknesses. In other words, you will have total control of yourself. You will gain confidence because you will know what your strengths are. You will become very independent and that is a great confidence builder. It is not that you are being arrogant or over confident but you know that you don't need help from other people anymore. You make decisions on your own, you find a way how to get things done on your own. You are fully invested with your own critical thinking and you are not entertaining other people's opinions. You fully believe in your craft and you know that you can make everything work if you stay committed.

14. Have big goals and do something to make you one step closer to it everyday. If you have big goals and you are really serious about it, you will not care about what people say about you. You will achieve extreme confidence because you are so focus on making your dreams come true. You don't care if you haven't combed your hair, you don't care if your shirts are dirty. You are fully invested in your goals and all of your actions and words are related to your goals. You will look confident and you will become confident because your focus is not towards other people, your focus is mainly about yourself. Focusing on yourself means being yourself and being yourself displays a lot of confidence. At some point you will look weird but people will see your uniqueness, they will see your passion, they will perceived you as a man on a mission. They will be impressed with your determination and perseverance.

15. Go to the extreme. It means you will try to attain the highest level of something. For example, if you are playing guitar, try to become the fastest guitar player that you can be. If you are playing volleyball, try to be the hardest hitting spiker that you can be. If you are trying to earn money, try to become the richest that you can be. Going to the extreme will give you a lot of confidence because again, you are aiming for something and you are always trying to improve everyday. With so much improvement you will become very confident.

Not all the time you will have confidence, confidence come and go. But once you reached a certain level of confidence and it goes out, don't worry because you can make it come back by simply doing the methods I stated above. If you don't have confidence since the day you were born then go and build your confidence by working for it. Confidence is free, it is unlimited, it is for everyone.

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