November 30, 2016


If no one is stepping up because they are afraid to make decisions, if everyone is scared and afraid to take the blame, if you are stuck in a situation and an action is badly needed to initiate a progress then it is time for you to make a guess.

Just make a guess, guess the solution, guess the answer, just take actions. Making a guess and providing a temporary solution is better than stopping for a very long time and waiting for the right answers to come. Guessing is also progressing. Guessing means you want to make results and you don't want to be stuck in a rut forever. Making a guess means you are using your will power and you don't care if you make mistakes or not.

It is better to make a guess than to just wait for a miracle. Miracles will never happen if you will not take action. Your eyes will just turn into white if you are waiting for something to happen. Nobody will do it for you, everyone is scared and tired, everyone doesn't want to take risks.

Make a guess now and hope that it will work because even if it doesn't, well at least you did your part, at least you use your brain and body to forge a result. And one good thing about making a guess is you will have a clue, you will know what not to do next time if your guess is incorrect. You will have a feedback, you can make a very good adjustment. In other words, making a guess is also guiding yourself for the next step.

Making a guess is free, the key here is once you make a guess... pretend that you really know it so people around you will not doubt you and they will have confidence in your decision. After all, if you didn't make a guess then your situation will remain the same. Well, at least you are altering the situation and you are giving people around you something to hope for.

Even if you make mistakes, even if they put the blame on you... at least you are not like them who only do is to follow and play it safe. People who can't make decisions on their own are only wasting their life. They are just riding somebody's back and hope to get something without doing anything.

If your intention is right... even if your guess is wrong, if you keep on pushing and repeating and trying until you make it right then you will make it right for sure. No one is perfect. It is not the perfect who always thrive, it is the one who is willing to look imperfect but still taking bold and aggressive actions.

Make a guess even if your guess is funny, take actions even if your suggestions are ridiculous. The fate will will be on the side of those who are brave and willing to risk everything. Every action will create a result, it is either you get a feedback or you move one step closer to your goal.

Benefits of making a guess:

1. You will have something to hope for
2. You will be able create a momentum
3. You will become more motivated, people around you will become excited because at least there is something happening, there is a movement that is going on.
4. If you make mistakes, you will know what not to do next
5. You will look intelligent, people will be impressed at you
6. You can become a leader, especially if your guess is always right
7. Your confidence will go up. You will see that people around you are afraid, you are the only one who is willing to get your own hands dirty.

November 30, 2016


Excuses are still useful. A lot of people don't know it. They say that don't make excuses if you want to become successful but there are still some times when you need to invent an excuse so you will become successful. You need to fabricate an excuse so you can excuse yourself from activities that are not related to your goals.

The right time to make an excuse is when you are doing something and there is something that is interrupting you. For example, you are busy doing your project and your friend texted or called you and ask you to go to a wild pizza party. Of course you need to do the right thing, you need to do your project first. This is the best time to make an excuse. Tell your friend that you are not feeling well or you have an LBM.  If you tell him that you are just doing your project then he will keep on insisting that you should join him. He will even offer you a help for your project and will promise to help you with his very best after both of you attend the pizza party. You have to make an excuse that will make him stop bugging you, you have to make a believable act so you can work on your project again.

Another scenario is when someone is borrowing some money from you and you know that borrower is not a good payer... this is the perfect time to make an excuse again. Tell him that you haven't eat for days too and you also need some money. Tell him an excuse that will make him pity you so that he will feel guilty about borrowing some money from you. Make emotional dramas that will make him leave your home fast so he can find someone else who will lend him some money. Dramas like: your house is going to get foreclose if you didn't pay the bank next week, you lend some money from the mafia and your life is in danger so you need some money too, you don't have money because you lend someone and you haven't been paid yet. Be creative in making excuses, you need to save yourself so you better be a good actor.

If your friend or relative is borrowing something from you and you don't want your things being borrowed... this is the best time to make excuses again. Tell them that you will use your thing and you will use it for a very long time. Tell them that you there is something wrong with the thing that is being borrowed and you haven't fixed it yet. Invent an excuse that will make them feel that they cannot borrow it from you. You have to be stronger than them and you must not allow them manipulate you so your decision will change.

Sometimes you really have to make an excuse to save yourself, making excuses is good too... especially if it will make your life better.

November 30, 2016


If you're living a bum life for years and you wanted to change badly but you can't, I have here the most effective ways to change your bum life. Changing is very simple if you are truly committed about it and you take it seriously, change will only happen if you feel uncomfortable and lost. Change takes time so you better be patient and never force it to happen.

1. Focus on something positive. It can be a hobby, business or even charity. If you are so focused on something then you already changed your life. If you're a broke bum, just focus on making money and you already changed your life. At first you will not make money so fast but if you are so focus then you will be able to find ways how to make some money, then you will become very good at it. Focus your thoughts on money, imagine holding a lot of money in your hands. Even if you don't know how to make big money just do something that will give you some money then opportunities for making big money will come later if you are so focused on thinking about it and finding it.

It's all about the thoughts that you put inside of your head, it's all about the actions that you do everyday. If you really want to change then focus on something that will get all of your attention. So find something that you will enjoy doing for long hours and then place your energy on it, give most of your time for it. A lot of drug addicts before, their lives change because they find something to do, they put their energy on sports or arts or doing charities. Their lives changed completely because they don't give attention to drugs anymore. The find something that will suck their energy completely so they don't have energy for doing drugs anymore. It's a mater of finding something that will take away your focus from bad habits and doing it as much as you can.

So find a hobby or any kind of activity that you think will change your life, the focus here is not getting rid of those bad habits from the past or present but to engage in a new activity that will make your forget those bad habits.

So if you want to have a healthy and hot body, stop overthinking about changing and how are you going do it. Just do focus on doing something healthy and that's it. Never think about stopping some unhealthy eating habits or doing a very strict routine. Just focus on what to do to make your body healthy and fit. Just focus on doing some exercises or drills and eating some healthy foods. The results will take care of itself.

2. Create a self image. In order for you to change, you must project a self image, a self image that you have to live everyday. If you want to become super rich then study what most rich people do, how they look, how they speak, how they operate and copy it. Live with that kind of self image, never change it until you become it. If you want to become an athlete then you should project a self image on an athlete. Dress like them, train like them, speak like them, work hard like them and one day you will become an elite athlete too. Build that self image of yours in your head and always imagine that you were already that person. Transformation will change little by little, just keep on surviving that self image and you will see that you already changed.

3. Shoot for the stars. If you keep on shooting the same target everyday and you keep on hitting it then you will never change. You should shoot for the stars even if you feel that you can't hit it. Just use all of your strength to get it. Even if you missed the target, you've already changed because you stretch yourself and you push the envelope. Not all people will aim what they think they can't aim. They will settle for what is less and easy that is why they can't see what is possible.

4. Alter your belief and never change it. Develop a belief and never change it no matter what happens. If you believe before that you can't make it then you must believe now that you can become successful. Believe it even if things go wrong, believe it no matter what happens, just believe and keep on believing everyday. Make sure that your belief goes stronger everyday. A person's life is determined by his belief so if your belief is very low then you will have a very low life too. Upgrading your belief means upgrading your life. Believing is free, nobody can teach you what to believe in, you can choose the things or dreams that you wanted to believe so if you really wanted to change... you must hold a firm belief for yourself. A belief that cannot be broken by anything or anyone, a belief that is bullet proof.

5. Move to another place. Sometimes if your situation is really bad and you don't know what to do anymore, you want to change but it is really hard because the people around you is stopping you then you need to move to another place. You need a fresh start, a place where nobody knows you and nobody will judge you. This is the best way to start over again and change your life. Move to another place but also make sure that you will never bring the bad memories with you, never bring it to your new place because you will never change if you still have some bad vibes remaining in your system.

6. Change some friends. Some of your friends are not good influence for you. That is why your life is in a rut. Getting rid of some of your friends will make your life easier, especially if you remove the most parasite ones. You already knew that some of your friends were pulling you down yet you still associate yourself with them. You already knew that some of your friends were stabbing you at your back yet you still treat them nice. Dump all of your friends that are making your life difficult, period.

7. Walk alone for several weeks. Isolation is a gift. If your mind is really crowded, if you are terribly lost and you feel like you cannot find yourself anymore.... walk alone. I mean isolate yourself for several weeks. Being alone will let you see yourself, you will see who you really are and what you wanted to be. You will be able to think for a very long time what you really want in life and where do you want to go. You will be able to assess yourself completely and you will know what is missing in your life and what are the necessary adjustments needed. Have more time for yourself and get to know yourself even more.

8. Read a lot of motivational books  and watch a lot of motivational videos. It is true that without action then motivation is useless. But you can't also move and change yourself if you are not motivated. So the key here is motivate yourself for a very short period of time then make actions right away. Then tomorrow motivate yourself again so that the fire will not die then take actions again. Exposing yourself to a lot of motivational stuffs will make your mental game stronger, you will be able to absorb some beliefs that will help you to change faster. You can change your life by motivating yourself a lot and then taking actions on the same day that you motivate yourself.

9. Put yourself in an uncomfortable position. You will never change if you are always feeling comfortable. There must be pain, there must be sacrifice and resistance. If you are having an easy life that has no stress than you never upgraded to another level, you're the same bum a few years ago. So always check your emotions, if you are not having a little difficulty now then it means you are not changing. Change is stressful so you better embrace the negative emotions. Feeling bad is only temporary, it is only in the beginning. Once you get used to the change then your life will become very easy in the later stage of the process.

November 25, 2016


We will all experience pain, no one is immune from it, it is part of your life and no matter how you stay away from it, at some point in your life you will still experience it. Pain will never go away because without it, you will never feel joy. Pain and joy cannot exist if the other one is missing. That is the beauty of life, if you know that you are experiencing pain right now... always be hopeful that it will go away and the next thing to come is happiness and joy because for sure it will.

If you are experiencing joy right now, don't be scared that pain is the next thing to come. It is not always like that, pain will come but it is not as fast as you think. It will come but for sure you can handle it and you are ready for it.

The idea here is to treat pain as not of a big deal, treat it as normal. Treat it like it's nothing and it's main sole purpose is to make you appreciate life even more. It is there to teach you a lesson and not to put you in depression.

In every journey there is pain, if you are pursuing something big you will feel pain. If you are in a relationship, even if you two are soulmates you will still experience pain. Sometimes you will fight, you will have misunderstanding, you will be cold to each other and both of you will cry. It is normal, a relationship without any form of struggle is not a relationship. A relationship without pain is abnormal.

No matter how good your life is, no matter how rich you are or how powerful you are, you will still experience some pain. Even the kings are stressed, even the queens got sick, no one is invincible from pain. Even the richest and well know person are in pain, they don't know what to do with their life anymore and that is even painful. So don't ever have self-pity of you are in pain right now because everyone is feeling it. Don't act like the world is punishing you and you are the only one who's in pain.

So now that you know that you will still face pain no matter what, then it is time for you to choose what pain to deal with, to whom you are sacrificing for?

In friendship, you will still be hurt even if you have the nicest friends in town, you will not escape feeling bad. Especially if your friend hurt you unintentionally. It is normal, in all relationships, may it be healthy or unhealthy.. you will still get hurt. There are some instances where you need to hurt each other for your own good. For example, you can't attend your bestfriend's birthday party because you really need to finish something for your business. Of course your friend will get hurt a little bit but he will understand your situation. And even if he got hurt he will still decide to become friends with you because he knows that it is worth it to keep you as a friend, he knows that it is ok to feel some pain being friends with you. Because he knew you are loyal and you two have a very good chemistry.

If you are serious in some kind of a sport, let's say basketball. If you are very serious playing it and you want to reach pro, make sure the pain is worth it. You will experience  a lot of pain for playing it everyday, you will experience a lot of defeat, minor injuries etc. But again make sure the pain is worth it. A lot of young kids nowadays will just play basketball because they want to become better, they will play and practice hard because they are dreaming of making it to the pro. They think that practicing everyday with different people will take them to another level. But wait, there is something they don't understand in the game, if you wanted to become better then you should play with someone who knows a lot and is also really trying to make it to the pro. If you are playing with people who is not serious in playing basketball and all wants is to make money by making a bet with you, then you will not grow.

Basketball players who wants to earn money by making a bet with you is not worth it. They will not play according to the rules, they will hurt you intentionally, they will make wrong calls, they will instigate a fight just to win. They will play not to lose and that is very bad. You will only feel bad, you will get a lot of pain but you will not gain anything. And that is what I am talking about, the pain is not worth it. The best thing to do is to play with players who doesn't use basketball to earn money. Join high level leagues, try out for a popular varsity team. You will get hurt, you may not make it to the roster but the pain is worth it, you will gain an experience that will take you to another level. Unlike playing with some streetballers who only wants your money, you will never learn from them, the only thing you will learn is having a bad attitude just to get money.

It is hard to follow someone who is not worth it. If you've been kissing your boss' ass for years and he is not treating you right, do you think it is worth it? do you think it's ok to feel the pain that you are feeling because the return is priceless? and is the return really priceless?. If you are going to become someone's slave, if you are going to become an ass kisser then make sure you will root for someone who is worth it. Someone like a president or a multi millionaire. Someone who will give you big reward or money even if you've been mistreated. Don't just follow orders from some people who were no better than you, make sure the pain of following someone is worth it. Follow CEOs, presidents, billionaires.

If your partner is hurting you emotionally in some ways, it is painful right? but is the pain worth it? is staying with him gonna give you some benefits? is he going to take care of you when you grow old? is he going to stay beside you forever? If the answer is yes then go ahead and be a martyr. If he is giving you some pain but in return he is also willing to give you a love that is forever then stay with that pain because it is worth it. But if you have a partner who is hurting you and you know will not stay with you forever then leave him because the pain is not worth it, as simple as that. If you know your partner is cheating on you then the pain is not worth it, leave that painful situation and look for some other things that will make you happy.

We can choose whatever pain we instill in our system, we can choose whatever pain to enter our life. Always make sure that it is worth it, make sure you will be happy in the end.

November 23, 2016


Being intelligent, being smart, gifted or genius is what people wishes nowadays, They wish they were so blessed with such talents so they will have an easier life. But the word "gifted" is so overrated. It is just used to market products or fool people. A lot of fraud will use it to convince you to believe their products. They will say that they are genius, smart and they have every knowledge to make you successful once believe them. The will say that they are the chosen ones, they will say that they are very bright and everything they say is right. They will say everything just to get your trust and when they have it... your money is their next target.

A lot of universities are also very good in marketing, they will tell a lot of good stuffs about their school, they will tell that a lot of geniuses and intelligent students graduated in their school just to convince you to enroll for them. They will tell a lot of lies, one of best lies that works for them is all of the students that graduated in their school became successful, if you can be fooled easily you will bite their trap and in the end you will discover that they are full of shit.

A lot of people claimed that they were smart, that they were this and that and they can become very successful. They were already proclaiming themselves as future hall of famers even though they haven't execute a single action yet. And when you watch their life and see their growth... it seems like they are not growing, they were the same person ten years ago, nothing has changed in their life.

Don't ever wish to become bright, wish to do right. If you can do the right things in life, if you can make good decisions then you will be alright, you don't need to feel less for yourself. You don't need to compare and make a declaration to the universe how you feel sorry for being less talented.

And the truth is... successful people didn't tell other people that they were smart or gifted or intelligent. They simply preached about shooting for the stars, working super hard and conquering adversity that may come on your way. They never preached anything about intelligence or inborn gifts. They even don't consider themselves as intelligent people, they just focus on working and working everyday until their dreams come true.

So never feel sorry for yourself if someone is calling you as not bright individual for as long as you know how to do what is right then you will be alright.

I know a lot of people who called themselves as bright and genius but if you will examine their life closely, you will see that they are not even doing good in life, they cannot even pursue their own dreams. They believe that they can do big things but they can't even start small things. They were delusional, they cannot accept the fact that they still need to work hard in order to become successful.

If you can do right things then you will have the right things, you will get what you deserve, you don't need to look far and keep on searching what is the secret ingredient to success. You just need to do what is right like disciplining yourself, focusing on the things that will give you benefits, associating yourself with the right people, working extra hard, having the attitude of a real professional and that's it. Success will be attracted to you naturally, you don't need to wish for it or beg for it. It will come to you if you are doing right.

Look at those people who were claiming that they are bright... they can't even show a proof that they've done some big things. They keep on planning, they keep on analyzing things, they keep on talking how good their plans were, they keep on being proud about their soon to be success but that success never comes. They grew old and their life is full of regrets. And when you ask them why they are not successful, they will make a lot of excuses, they will throw a lot of blame to the government and other people why they didn't make it in their life.

So the best thing to do is just do the right thing and stop aiming to become bright. Talents were useless if you will not use it, there are lot of promising individuals who didn't even make it to the next level. The expectations for them were very high but they cannot live up with the hype. They ended up failing because their head grows bigger because of the praises that other people are giving to them. They don't work hard anymore, the ended up being broke and miserable. An of course, you will hear a lot of excuses again why they are not yet successful.

If you are not bright, if you are not gifted or intelligent... all you can do is work hard, become more focus and never give up until the end. Because those people who claimed that they are bright will give up in the middle of the process, they will make a lot of changes if they didn't become successful, they will make a lot of twist and turns and they will end up in a place that they don't wish to be. Those "bright people" are quitters. They don't know that it is now about what you know, it is about what you can do.

So if you can take massive actions for your dreams to become real then you don't need that hard wired brain, you don't need that overrated talent. All you need to do is do what you can do and don't stop until you become successful. All you need to have is that unparalleled determination and discipline so you can keep taking steps even if you don't feel comfortable taking them.

And also, don't be fooled by people who are claiming that they are smart even if they graduated in a well know university. Always remember that if you are really smart then you don't need to talk about it, people will see it naturally, people will believe you if you have results to show.

So what will you choose? an intelligent brain that can't do anything or can't prove anything or a stupid brain that has a lot of achievements and accomplishments?

So if people are calling you not good or not smart then just let them be, after all if they see your proof of achievements then they will kiss your ass in the end, they will shut their mouth and treat you like a saint. People with no achievements can easily be fooled by people with achievements so if you want to control the people around you, become successful as you can be. And if they question your credibility, show them what you've got and they will never say anything bad about you anymore.

One good thing about just choosing to become right rather than become bright is it is very simple. Sometimes it is hard but it is not complicated. You just need to do the right things for you, even the most basic but right thing will work, you will just need to upgrade it later if you want to move to the next level. Being right requires no longer time for thinking, you will just do what you think will give you results and that's it. Do it for a very long time, do it fast, do it harder, do it better and then you will be surprised that you were already on top of the mountain.

Being right has a lot of advantages than being bright. Your mind is not confused, you can do things easily because you are not over thinking. You are not putting pressure on yourself because you just do it, you are not expecting perfect, you are not expecting amazing but still you produce an amazing result. You are just living your life doing the right thing, you keep on doing and doing it until you become big, until all of your efforts sum up and then you get what you deserve.

Being bright is just promising, being right is already fulfilling. Just making the right decisions and doing right actions on time will take you to the place where you wanted to be.

So don't be easily fooled by people that are pretending to be genius or special. They were no better than you. What they can do, you can do it too, you can talk too, you can become arrogant too. But they can't do what you can do which is taking actions relentlessly and being patient working for something that will become big one day. They can't work for something for a very long time which is very easy for you to do. You can stay on the course and make something happen.

November 20, 2016


If you wanted to change your life or at least produce some pretty decent results yet you don't know what to do then this is the kind of approach that you need to use... don't do it. Sometimes not doing is also doing, it is also giving you a better position to do well in life. If you are so confused, if your mind is crowded with a lot of process and you don't know what process to process then don't process anything.

Don't do something that will make you work harder. Don't do something that will make you feel bad, don't do something that will take away your momentum. It is very simple, don't do what will make you step backward instead of forward. Don't do something that will make you far away from your goals.

If you are so lazy going at the gym but you badly needed it because you have a competition the next two days, if you really don't want to do it then don't do anything. But be sure that you will also not do anything bad. Don't go to party, don't eat shitty foods that will make you overweight, don't sleep late. Just don't do anything that will make you weak. Not doing those things will never make your momentum break down. You will stay the same person as you were before. Even if you don't gain strength today, well at least you didn't become weak and your mind is still in the right place. If you party or drink, your body will have a bad reaction, you will feel weak, your confidence will go down, you are in a big trouble my friend.

One good thing about not doing anything is you will do something because you will get bored, you will do the right thing next. You will do what is needed because you didn't do anything negative. You will make the right decisions that will put you in a better position, as simple as that.

If you want to trim down your weight but you don't want to walk or do any kinds of exercise, the solution is very simple, don't do anything that will make your weight go up. Don't eat unhealthy foods, throw away all of your junk foods in ref. Don't eat ice cream or any foods with lots of sugar. You are doing yourself a favor by not doing anything, by not eating something that will make you work hard in the end.

If you want to pass in your subject but you don't want to study hard, the solution is very simple again. Don't do anything, don't do anything stupid, don't cut classes, don't do something that will make your professor mad, don't copy from your classmates if there is an exam because if your professor caught you cheating, you are in big trouble. Don't absent, don't be noisy, just pretend that you are kind so your professor will thought that you are serious in passing his subject. Very simple right? by not doing stupid stuffs, you will be able to position yourself in a good spot for passing. Very basic, no intelligent mind is needed.

If you want to become successful, again the solution is very simple. Don't do anything that will make you go backward. Don't waste time, don't associate yourself with people who are not doing anything good in their life. Don't be lazy, don't let any opportunity escape from your hands. Don't be unprofessional, don't spend your money for stupid stuffs that will only make you very poor. Don't think negative and don't be jealous with other people, stop being hateful and start being thankful. You will see that there will be a dramatic improvement in your life if you don't dwell with negativity.

If you want to have a peace of mind, you don't need to do anything, you don't need to change the people around you or circumstances around you. You just need to stop overthinking and worrying, very simple yet a lot of people don't do it. They want to look right, they want to change things, they want to discuss matters and make it very long and by doing it... did they achieved a peace of mind? definitely not. They were trapped in a rat race, they were always searching for something, complaining about something and wanted to change the world but the peace of mind that they are looking for is nowhere to be found. Just don't think, clear your mind, let it breathe, let the thoughts come and go and then you already achieved it. You don't need to engage in hypnosis or read a lot of self help books, all you need to do is be ok with having negative thoughts running inside of your head but don't give attention to it, it's ok to notice it but don't amplify it. Peace of mind will be achieved not by doing something but by not doing anything at all.

Another example, you want to maintain a good relationship with your wife. You don't need to buy her roses or chocolates everyday, you don't need to buy her jewelries or fancy clothes. Just don't cheat, don't treat her like another ordinary woman, don't do something that will make her very mad. Just don't do something that will make her feel bad and that's it, your relationship was saved. No need for fantasies or rainbows and butterflies, just don't do something that will hurt her emotionally. Very easy to do yet a lot of men can't do it, maybe they were just selfish or they just want to feel strong by hurting their partner and trying to look like the superior one.

So if you are lazy and you don't want to exert too much effort but you still want to do good in life then just simply don't take actions that will put you in a bad position, you will be ok if you don't do negative things. The results will not be great but at least it is good and it is not hurting your life. Not doing stupid things is like doing some positive things, it is like inviting a better opportunity in life.

There are some people who don't want to do the necessary things but want unbelievable results, the funny thing is they are even making actions that are putting them on a bad spot.

The lesson is this, if you don't want to take actions then don't do things that will make your life even difficult, don't add burden to your life. For example, if your mother is asking for your help for the payment of the bills because her budget is always short, if you can't give help then don't do things that will make her budget even difficult. Don't turn on the aircon, turn off the TV when nobody is watching, don't even borrow money from her. Don't do small things that will make life harder for her. Not giving her a problem is also doing something to help her. Yes, maybe it looks like it has no impact at all but not adding a problem to her life is like setting yourself up to help her in the future. The idea here is you are concern about her situation so your mindset is to make her life easier, maybe you can't help her now but in the future for sure you will.

Not doing something that will make your position badder is like setting yourself up for success, yeah maybe you are not progressing or getting results but the idea here is your mind and body is ready for something good, it is like receiving the best opportunity. But of course it is better if you will take actions but for sure that sequence is next because your mind is in the proper place. It will be easier for you to take positive actions because nothing is pulling you back. So if you don't know what to do then just don't do anything that will make your situation worse, as simple as that.

Sometimes inaction is the first step towards success, it will be the determining factor of what direction you will be heading to. Not engaging into any vices, not ruining your life, not pleasing people, not spending your money for useless things, not wasting your time.

If you're not doing something bad then your mind will be thinking about doing something good, you will be attracted to the best opportunities in life, you will see chances, you will see progress because your mind is not distracted.

So for the moment, if you don't have the confidence yet to take massive actions toward success, just relax and don't do something foolish that will steer you to a bad direction. Slowly build your confidence up by taking small positive actions, it may not look like it is making an impact or progress but you will have it in time. Always be patient but never relax for too long because you might be stuck in your position forever.

Instances where you should not do anything stupid:

1. If you don't have a job. Stop acting like a king if you don't have a job, if someone is responsible for your daily needs then just follow that person. If you can't provide for your own then don't be a burden to anyone, instead try to make the life of the person who is supporting your easier. There are small things that you can do to help so do it.

2. If you don't know what is going on. If your family or a group that you are in is facing something difficult and they need to make a decision right away, if you don't know what is going on or you don't know what to do then just shut up. Never pretend that you know something or you can help because you will only worsen the situation if you give them false hope. They might trust you and think that their problem is relieved but you know in yourself that you are just pretending and trying to look good that is why you suggest something or offer something. Don't do anything, don't say anything, let them do their thing, if you can help a little bit then do it but if you are completely unaware of what is going on then just shut your mouth.

3. If you don't have the power. If you you don't have the power to command or you don't have the position to control people around you then just stay quiet. If you are not the authority then you shouldn't do stupid things just to impress people because you will just look stupid in the end. If the person who has the real power  don't like what you are doing then you will just get bullied, you will get humiliated infront of a lot of people. So don't ever do anything stupid, just stay humble and just do what you know, do what is right.

4. Risking what you have for things that you are not sure. This instance applies to people who are always involve in gambling or easy money techniques. If you have little money in your pocket, just keep it and use it for other things that are useful and beneficiary. Don't gamble your money for gambling because you are not sure that it will go back. Yeah, it is tempting because easy money is being offered but 99% of gamblers go broke, gamblers know this but they are still doing it. It is better not to do anything with your money and wait for other opportunity where you can use it to improve your life. Not using it means using it for a better opportunity. 

5. When someone's head is hot. If a member of your group or your family is angry because of having a bad day or something, you need to just shut up and stop making the situation hotter. Again, not doing anything means you are doing something to regain the peace, just being quiet means you are giving a contribution to make the situation cooler. If you try to make things right by explaining things to him then you might end up fighting each other. Just keep it cool, hot heads and cold heart won't solve anything.

There are lot of situations where you just need to remain the same person as you were before, you just need to stay still, calm and wait for the best opportunity where you need to take actions, the lesson is very simple, don't take actions that will slow you down or will put you in a dangerous spot, it is better to not do anything at all if you will just take stupid actions.

November 19, 2016


Right now you can make history now, even if you are not that skilled, gifted or whatever you wanted to call it... you can become part of the history. It is just a matter of wanting it and pushing through pain.

Making history is not about gaining popularity, it is about doing something that was never done before. A lot of people wanted to make history but they don't know how to do it, they don't know where to start. They were so in love with the idea of making it great but they are not willing to do big sacrifices. You can make history in your own way, you don't need other people's approval, you don't need their cheers, applauds or praises. After all the real meaning of history does not have anything to do with how many people liked you, it has something to do with the numbers that you produced in a specific activity.

So if you are struggling in life, the best way how to deal with it is to make history in your own way. It will make you feel good, it will make you feel great, it is like a game. You are the main character and you will just level up and level up and level up. You don't need to tell people that you are making history, you can keep it up to yourself, people are so good in interrogating someone's life, they will just make your journey difficult by commenting a lot to what you are doing. If you don't like what they say, you will feel bad. You will even fight with someone if the comment is so offensive. So just focus on making your own history and let the results come in naturally.

If you are unemployed son of a bitch right now and you don't know what to do anymore. It is time for you to make your own history. Be the one who will apply for at least one hundred jobs in one day. I am sure that shit was never done before. Apply online, apply on different websites that you seen. You can even walk, walk as far as you can and look around you if there is a job opening. Remember that you are making history, you will pass your application to any company that you think you are qualified. Produce huge numbers, produce something that was never done before. Remember that this is just a game. You are leveling up every minute or every hour. You've got to have the most number of tries, that is the way how to make history.

If you're a writer and you're books are not selling, you can still make a history. Remember, people around you doesn't matter, you can still become part of the history even if you are not winning, you just need to produce a very large number that not anyone can match. So the best thing to do here is write as much as you can. If an average writer can write 10 books per year then write 20 books per year. And don't ever make an excuse that you don't have money to have your books published. Remember that we are in a golden generation now, you can publish your content online for free, how good was that? Forget about making money, forget about making results. You are not making money before so what is the big deal if you are still not making money now? It is time to level up now and take as much actions as you can, you are making history for yourself and that should be your focus. So write anything that you can write, it doesn't matter if no one is reading your content, what matters is you are writing, you are moving and you keep on producing huge numbers... that is how to put your name on the history.

If you are a competitor, let's say you're a boxer but your record is awful. You have a losing streak of ten and you feel like quitting anymore. Wait, wait, wait... that is not how to make history right? you need to keep going and keep losing. If there is still a promotion that is willing to give you a fight then you should take it. Keep losing, lose more, keep the numbers rising. After all, you will reach that mindset of not being afraid to lose anymore and once you reached it... you will become free. You will become loose if you are not afraid to lose. Winning will start to take over, your confidence will soar high, you will feel invincible because you already knew how it feels to lost a lot of times and it won't affect you anymore, you knew you can handle losing so you will not be afraid to try and try and dominate the game. You would love to make history, a losing record doesn't matter to you anymore because all you think about is producing huge numbers may it be about losing or winning, you are the real fighter, you will keep fighting until you can. Do you know Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Robinson and Julio Cesar Chavez? those are one of the greatest boxers of all time, they have a lot of lost but they keep on fighting and fighting, they were not scared to fight, they were not concerned about their blemished records and that is why they are on the history. They just don't care, they just wanted to fight until they can and that is how they carved their names on the history book.

Even if you are just a garbage collector, you can still make history. Make the most number of garbage being collected in one day. I knew it sounds funny but it is still in the history. People are not aware of it, people are not interested with it. But they can't take away the fact that you still produce a very large number that on one can match. Not only you made their streets clean, you also made an impact. You made a change even if they don't recognize it. Don't worry because it is a universal law that the hardest worker will become successful. Just wait for your time and your boss will see all of your efforts, some people will even recommend you to higher positions because your work ethic is unbelievable.

If you're a musician and your beat sucks, if no one wants to listen to you, you can still make history. Compose hundreds of music, be the one who composed the most number of songs. I am pretty sure you will be heard, you got the records, you got the numbers. Who are they to say no to you? by doing that your skills will also develop, you will become a genius. Your timing, rhythm and beat will become phenomenal. You will be able to produce music that was never heard before because you've already mastered your craft by repeating over and over again. You will become a master of your own domain, you will get a lot of attention because your music is spread all over the world. Post it in you tube, post the links of your music.

Having the most number of tries will put you in history, it is not about who has the most number of wins or success. It is about who do it the most and who will do it until the end. So you can make history at any given day in what you are doing, just do something that will produce the largest numbers. If you're a street sweeper then sweep the most number of leaves. If you're a factory worker then produce the largest number of products that you packed. If you're an encoder then encode the most number of words. This is not abut competing, it is about making history.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. What matters is you keep on pushing until something happens. And just like I said, you've been a loser before, you've been beaten before and nothing is happening to you. So why not give it a try to do more than the others and expect for a different outcome? yes you will get tired but fatigued won't kill you, you will only get better and better everyday. The more you get tired, the more you will improve, the more you will be closer to making a history. 

It is better to produce huge numbers than to just settle for some pretty decent numbers that won't even make a difference. Don't look for the results, don't look for praises or appreciation, just focus on producing huge numbers and let the rewards come at you naturally. Don't force it, don't beg for it. It will come in the end. You will get what you deserve. You will get more if you do more. The equation is very simple, you just need to stick with the grind for a very long time and you too will become successful in the end.

The key to success is to feel good everyday, feel good about producing huge numbers. It doesn't matter if people don't see your effort, it doesn't matter if you are winning in life. What matters is you feel good about yourself doing more and producing huge numbers that no one can match. You don't need to talk about it, you don't need to brag about it. People will see it naturally, you will be rewarded. Just trust the process and enjoy the ride.

So what is the most enjoyable thing that you can do now? something that you know will give you benefits in the long run. It can be about anything, it can be running, pushup, drawing, making arts making music, shooting, dribbling, painting etc. Do it for a very long time, break records from it and make your own history.

November 18, 2016


Having a great sense of humor will give you a great advantage. You can control some situations, you can gain some followers or you can even enter a group that you wanted to join. People will like you easily especially if your jokes are very funny and can make them pee on their own pants.  Some people were already born with great sense of humor, it is natural and they can crack jokes anytime they want and people will buy it. While there are some people who studied sense of humor and become great at it by practicing everyday. There are even some people who are lucky enough to be surrounded by people with great sense of humor and they were able to adopt the attitude of the people that they usually hang out with.

Having a sense of humor has a lot of benefits, you can change a tense situation if you can make other people around you laugh, you can cover your mistakes if you can make them laugh, you can make them forget about your shortcomings. Other guys uses their sense of humor to get some chicks, women love men who has a strong sense of humor. That is why you will wonder how an ugly guy got a nice woman, the answer is simple, that guy can make a woman laugh until she cries. So if you love girls and you wanted to look heartthrob even if you don't have good looks, just practice developing your sense of humor.

It is ok if you don't have a sense of humor for as long as you are being yourself, it is ok to be naturally you and look like a boring guy rather than faking your attitude and looking unauthentic to the eyes of other people. Sometimes looking like stupid is already a humor. They will laugh at you if you look dumb and uneducated, you don't even need to exert an effort.

I will not make the intro long, here are some ways how to have a sense of humor, try all of these and I am very sure you will be able to control some people and make the current situation always in your favor:

1. Green Jokes. Who doesn't want to hear green jokes? even nuns wants green jokes. Crack some green jokes but always make sure that no one will be disgusted at you, make sure that no youngsters were around because you might look uncivilized instead of funny. And also crack some green jokes that are not obvious that there is a sexual content behind it. Just use mild green jokes and not to the point where you will really say the forbidden words. There should be a boundary and you must be concern about your image, you must still look decent and not a person without manners. And also, only crack green jokes to the people that are close to you. Because if you do green jokes to other people, they might perceived you as a bad or immoral person.

2. Be natural. Crack your jokes like you have no plans for cracking it, always be yourself. Say jokes like you didn't rehearse it. Have a free flowing rhythm when executing. If you look like you plan your joke then it will not sell for sure, don't think about it, just say what comes out from your mind, don't hesitate to tell it, don't get conservative. Always be natural and be yourself when saying your punch lines. Say it fast but clear, have no conscience.

3. Try corny jokes. If you have limited jokes on your notes then try some corny jokes that you know. Some corny jokes are still effective and it can still make the crowd goes wild, it depends on the delivery so you must have a strong delivery or else... you will look like someone who just needs some attention. Corny jokes are also funny, the simplicity it brings can still make someone laugh. Any joke can give reactions, it can trigger emotions, so whatever joke that you know, bring it out and try to make people laugh. Even if you think that they already knew it, still try because making people laugh is priceless.

4. Don't copy someone's style. Try to be the most original that you can be so people will be amazed at you. Copying another style will make you look like an imitator, try to bring something new on the table. Even if you have a weird or creepy style, use it. Copying someone's style will just make you look trying hard and copycat. You will be able to nail a very good punch line if you are truly showing your true colors. You will be able to exhibit a joke that was never heard before. It is like a birth of a new comedian soon to rise.

5. Exaggerate. It is better to become over acting than under acting. Never stop yourself from shining in the moment, exaggerate your delivery so that they will listen to you very well. Remember that exaggeration catches attention.  Have you seen a very good comedian who is so quiet and not aggressive? Exaggerate small things and let the story escalate to another level. Exaggerate to they will participate.

6. Curse yourself. Pretend that you are hating yourself. Say bad words to yourself but do it hilariously. Making yourself as a subject of joke is a good technique, people will get interested easily and they will be amazed at how you can humiliate yourself and still having fun.

7. Display strong confidence. Sometimes being cocky and arrogant is funny, especially if people knows that you are joking. You must be super confident when cracking jokes so you will not mess up. It is like you know that it is corny but you can still make them laugh. Some lines like "I already bought the madison square garden yesterday", "I run new york", "I have a pet elephant in my house" will work if delivered in the right away. You also have to have a confident posture and voice when delivering a joke because if you look small and scared then people will not get your joke. You must display invincibility and leadership, you must be able to control their emotions.

8. Have feelings when saying a joke. You must mean it, you must feel it and you must be really happy when saying it. What you say with emotions will also create emotions. Don't just crack a joke without feeling anything from it, it must come from your heart and you must expect them to laugh.

9. Take risky jokes. Sometimes you have to reinvent and say anything that comes out from your mind. Sometimes cracking a joke has also something to do with luck. If you always use a play safe joke then the tendency is people might get bored at you. Taking risky jokes that was never tested before can make you or break you but the good thing is...if you become successful by using it, their laughs will even get louder because they never heard that before, they will be amazed by your creativity and you can make a very strong remark.

10. Timing. Your timing should be great so you will have a desirable outcome. You can't just tell jokes anytime you want. Study the mood of your environment and see if they are open for receiving a joke. You can't tell a joke to a person who is in a bad mood, you can do it but you should be careful because you might get punched in a face if you offended him. You can't also tell a joke if people around you were in a hurry or if they are doing something important, they will just ignore you and you will only feel bad about yourself. Timing is important, you will feel it if people around you were in a good mood, you can make them smile easily if they were not thinking about their problems.

11. Be aware that not all jokes will sell. Being a funny guy also needs some work, it's not an easy thing to do. Not all day you can make someone laugh, it is also like a challenge. Some of your jokes will sell and some will get rejected. It is normal, some people will not like you no matter how funny your joke is. Accept that not all of your jokes will be accepted, accept it and don't feel bad when people around you doesn't laugh. Don't take it personally so you will still have some confidence to crack jokes next time.

12. Criticize your friend. This is one of the best way to become hilarious... criticize your friend. Tell how ugly his shirt is, notice some of his flaws, make him look bad but make sure that your friend is a good sport and he know what is going on. The best thing about this is he is your friend and he will understand that you are just trying to become funny.

13. Have a funny mannerism. A lot of good comedians have funny mannerisms, it becomes their trademark. People will remember you for that and they will even copy some of your funny movements because it is so hilarious and they can use it for their own act. If you have a funny mannerism then it will be easier for you to make people laugh. The weirder your mannerism is, the more it is effective to make people laugh. It is even better if you will make yourself look like a special child or something so people will laugh hard and they will never ever forget you.

14. Laugh at your own jokes. If you find yourself not being able to make people laugh at the moment then laugh at your own jokes so that it will look hilarious. Even if people were not happy with your joke, they will somehow agree in a different way that your joke is a little bit funny. Laugh at your own jokes so that it will not look obvious that you are embarrassing yourself. It will make you feel better and at the same time it will give you a little confidence to keep going.

15. Notice some unfamiliar things and pretend that you know its use. If you see something that is not familiar to everyone, let's say a weird looking memorabilia or something that comes from 300 B.C. invent a story on how it is being used and make the story funny. People will laugh at you and they will be amazed at how playful your mind is.

16. Try to look stupid in a funny way. Having a caveman hairstyle, having a nerd outfit, wearing McDonalds shoes etc. Try to look stupid so it will never be difficult for people to laugh at you. Their minds will be programmed that maybe you're a comedian that is why you look so weird. Their minds will be conditioned that they should laugh every time you say some stupid things.

17. Make your laugh funny. The laugh itself can already become a humor. Make your laugh very funny, make it unique so everytime people hears it... they will also laugh because it is contagious. Even if your punch line is corny, you can get away with it and make the situation epic.

 18. Talk about money. It is either you tell them that you are rich or you are broke as fuck. Tell them that you haven't eat for 7 days or tell them that you can buy the titanic, people are very interested with money, if you can make a story out of it, people will listen very carefully and there is a big chance that they may laugh.

19. Laugh at someone's jokes and add a twist on it. This will make your life easier. If there is someone joking... even if the joke is not funny, laugh at it add some twist on it, add a little additional sequence to the story and make the ending very funny. At least you don't need to think hard where to start. It is like picking a garbage and then turning it to gold.

20. Make jokes with double meaning. Jokes with double meaning are hard to get but if they found out the real meaning then they will laugh for sure. The good thing about this is if they don't get the joke, pretend that it is really not a joke.

21. Say a lot of jokes, not just one joke. In other words, become a joker. If you really want to become funny and be labeled as a guy with good sense of humor then you should make it a habit. Make jokes everyday, make jokes about everything. Just make sure that you are not turning out to be disrespectful with everybody. 

22. Pretend that you are serious then reveal that you are just joking. This one is very effective. If there is a situation where someone is seeking for an advise or asking for some solutions or answers... give a weird answer and when they say "Really?" reveal that you are just joking. They will laugh for sure. I've tried this for a lot of times and it never fail me.

23. Always have some fun. How can you crack good jokes if you're so serious and mad at the world? Have fun because it will give you momentum, it will make you creative, loose and have a lot of good time making people laugh. Remember that you are using your humor because its purpose is to make you and the people around you happy.

The key here is don't be afraid to fail, don't be afraid to look corny and weird. It is easy to make people laugh, just be confident, take risk and never get discouraged if people is not laughing at your punchlines.

November 17, 2016


There are some things that you thought are not affecting your financial status but the truth is your ship is almost sinking. Small things when added together will become big things so if you are not aware of the things that are making you poor... you're dead, you will become broke in a matter of time. There are some liabilities that you though is helping you but the reality is it is taking a lot from your wealth.

You better be aware because if you will not stop the madness now, you will become broke in the future. This is not a joke, those small liabilities can drill a big hole into your ship and make it sink. The sad thing is you will just know it when you're already trapped in a quick sand.

That one dollar, two dollars or ten dollars that you spent irresponsibly will make a huge effect in your financial status in the future, you will know it when you're already in trouble. So the best thing to do is find those liabilities that are making you poor and get rid of them right away, it doesn't matter if it will affect some people around you, you are not here to pamper them so do the right thing and make change in your life.

What are those silent liabilities that are affecting your financial status? I have here the list, you better get rid of them before it's too late. It is easy to do it, just cut it out without explaining yourself to anybody, even if some people will get mad at you because they were affected, don't care about them, After all, you are the one who is working for your money and not them, you are the one who is busting your ass and doing the work so don't every worry about them.

1. Percentage of your income that goes to religious groups. If you are part of a religious group that requires some percentage of your income so you can sustain your membership... wake up! Those religious groups are just members, if they are really true to their words then they must welcome any member without getting something back. The religious leaders are the ones who were getting rich, they were collecting money without sweating. You must open your eyes that they were no different from you, they were also sinners and not perfect. Don't believe them,make your own judgement. And don't even be scared that you will go to hell if you don't believe them. They are only scaring you so you will believe them. And come to think of it, is there any religious leader who is not rich? where do you think is their money coming from? it's from your pocket. So don't accept your role as their cash cow. Leave them because they were only going for your money. Some religious groups were asking for 10 percent or even 20 percent of their members' monthly income, that was crazy and greedy. You better change your belief now and be the one who spend your own money.

2. Friends who always ask for a free lunch or dinner. Not all friends are good, we all know it. There are some friends who only knows how to get something from you. They are using you and you are tolerating it. You have friends that just wants some freebies from you. Even if you don't admit it, you know in yourself that you are being used. You are just afraid to admit it because you don't want to be called as stupid. You must get rid of friends that are just users, they are only making you poor, they will even leave you in the end if they can't get anything from you anymore. So you better take action now, if you have a friend in your circle that is making your financial status difficult, get rid of him, don't associate yourself with him. Even if he gets mad, just do what you need to do. Because at the end of the day, if you don't have money anymore, that friend will show his true colors, you will not even see his shadow if you're the one who is in need.

So put your user friends into the garbage right away, after all, you will see the real friends along the way if you are true to yourself, you will see them if you will not try to impress anyone just to get their loyalty. 

3. Monthly dues for your subdivision. There are some presidents in a subdivision that is corrupt. They will tell you that there is a project in the subdivision and you need to pay more than the regular monthly payment. You better watch out because even if you think that it's not a big deal... yes it is. They will always repeat it and they will get more money from you. The worst thing is, you don't even see an improvement in your subdivision. You better guard them and see where is the money going. You don't know if they are only using the money of the subdivision for their own good. If you think that your payment for the monthly dues is not going to the right place then stop paying. Don't talk to the president if he wants to talk to you about the monthly dues, hide if you can.

4. Credit card. You think that your credit card is helping you? no it's not. It is only making your life difficult. It is a temptation to purchase a lot of things that you don't really need especially when you see an item that is sale. 50 percent or 70 percent, it doesn't matter. Once you use your credit card then you already have a liability. A lot of people uses their credit card until their only one swipe away from being broke. You shouldn't use this shit because you don't even have the money yet then you already have something to pay. Credit cards is for poor people, they use it because they don't have money in their pocket. It only gives you a habit of spending in advance. You should only use the money that was already in your hands and not what is just about to come. Credit card's main purpose is to make you reach the credit limit. The more you swipe it, the more you become broke. Your liability will become bigger, you will become poorer.

5. Drinking coffee in an expensive coffee shop. Well, this is not really a liability but it is becoming one especially if you are getting addicted to it. Some people drinks coffee everyday at an expensive coffee shop, I don't know if they really like it or they are just trying hard to look rich. Well, whatever the case is, this is not a good habit. How much can you save if you are just preparing your coffee at your home? the taste maybe different but the effect is still the same, its purpose it just to wake you up. Prepare your own coffee and you can see a big improvement in your financial status.

6. Installment gadgets or appliances. Some people still just can't get it. They love expensive things that they can't afford in one payment so they will  enter an installment plan. The rule of the thumb is don't buy a thing with a price that is more than your monthly salary because it will make your life miserable. The thing that you bought is already old and outdated yet you haven't finished paying it. You will become unmotivated in paying it because it is too old already and doesn't spark your eyes anymore. This will give you a bad feeling, it feels like you have a big problem that you can't get rid of because there is  a timeline for paying it, no matter how bad you want to end the that liability... you can't because you don't have enough money to pay in advance.

7. Unimportant bills. One year subscription of Netflix, insurance that is not necessary, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships etc. The truth is you can still live without those subscriptions. You are only making your life difficult by subscribing a lot. You can't even use sum of those at its fullest, you can't maximize the usage because you don't know what to use first, you don't have a lot of time to use all those things so it is better to cut some of them.

No matter how small your salary is, you can still survive and have a good life if you know how to use your money well. A lot of people have big salary but they have a lot of debts because they were so addicted to stupid spending. They love buying stuffs that they don't need, they want to impress people, they only feel good by spending. You should inspect your lifestyle and find that things that you don't really need and get rid of them right away. You can become rich by saving, you can't become poor by under spending.

November 16, 2016


How many of you are very good in starting something and will not finish it when the going gets tough? are you one of these guys who's only very good in planning and cannot execute a plan at all? are you one of these people who were so motivated in the beginning but becomes a pussy in the middle of the process?

Let me remind you again, life is about the process and not just the result. It is normal to experience a lot of difficulty when you are doing a project or if you are pursuing some kind of a big goal. What you need to do is to never take your eyes off to your goal because the moment you do it... it is all over. You will never do what you are suppose to do anymore. You will do other things and accept that you don't want to finish what you've started or it is ok not to finish it. You don't give it an importance and this is becoming your habit, everytime you started something, if you don't feel like taking actions anymore, you won't.

It is not about doing masterpiece or making every moment perfect, it is not about having the greatest work or most detailed plan. It is all about execution from the beginning until the end. Most people nowadays especially the young ones are quitters, once they feel that there is no progress going on, they quit immediately without conscience. If they don't feel happiness anymore, they will leave what they are doing. They feel like they were entitled to leave anytime they want and nobody will get affected. They don't know that in the long run, it will affect their life. They will become a quitter forever, they will not be able to accomplish big things and they will always start something attractive or new but they will not finish it if they experience a little adversity. The habit of quitting is already installed in their system and they think that is ok, this will lead to frustration and regrets.

It is better to finish something even if the result is ugly than to start something beautiful and not finish at all. Quitting will just give you a temporary peace, it will give you a little peace of mind but that pleasure will never last forever. There will be days when you will think about what if you didn't quit, what if you persevere and see what will happen in the end. Your unfinished business will always hunt you down and you won't get away with it. And that will be the main reason why you will not become successful on the other things that you are pursuing. It feels like there is a thorn in your throat and the only way to get rid of it is to finish your unfinished business.

So finish your shit, finish what you've started, you were so motivated in the beginning, you were so arrogant and you keep on telling the world that you are going to become successful, you are even disgusted with people who don't have goals or ambitions but where are you now? what have you accomplished? You're not even on the last stage but you quit already.

It is normal to feel pain, it is normal to feel lazy, it is normal to feel those negative emotions because those are just part of the process. It is there to make you grow and not to make you slow. You have to move regardless of how you feel because those negative emotions will just last for some minutes. Once you gain your momentum, you will love what you are doing gain and you will aim to finish until the end. You will feel happy once you are moving again and taking the most important actions, there is no better feeling than progressing and making gradual improvement.

No matter how small or big your project is, just finish it. You have to create a habit of consistently finishing something because you will benefit from it in the end. You will be able to finish big things regardless of its difficulty. You will be hardened and you will become disciplined. You will no longer be afraid of challenges, you will no longer be afraid of working hard for a long period of time. That is the beauty if finishing something, your achievements will be immeasurable. You will discover how good you are and you will be stunned with the great things that you can do that you thought you can't do before.

Finish it even if you have a slow pace. It doesn't matter how slow you are or how fast is your progress, for as long as your intention to finish your project is there... you will still become successful in the end. Even if you are behind, even if others are doing well and you are still figuring out how to get things done... never lose determination because you can catch up in the end. All you've got to do is find your rhythm, once you found it everything will be easier for you. Life is not a race, it is a marathon. Whoever has the strongest endurance will prevail, it is true that victory belongs to the most persevering.

It is very simple. It is very simple, just take small actions and small actions until those actions sum up in the end, you will see that you are already on the last stage and that is the time when you have to keep pushing harder than before. It is just  matter of finding what you can do and doing it right away, as simple as that. Don't look for results because that will only make you feel demotivated especially if you are not seeing any progress. Just focus on taking actions and enjoy every movement that you can execute, have faith that everything will connect in the end, everything will click, the universe is watching you, you will be rewarded if you put an effort.

Because starting something and not finishing it is really disgusting. Don't you feel that your time has only been wasted?, don't you feel sorry about the time that flew away? you cannot bring it back anymore. Your efforts will only be wasted if you don't finish it, all of your energies, money, heartaches... it will die in vain. So keep on surviving the hope, just survive this day and survive again tomorrow. Never let your vision die, just keep it alive for just one day.

Whatever business, project, goal, dreams or just even a small and simple task... once you started it you have to finish it. Finish it with all your strength. You can rest, you can take hiatus but never ever quit.

Have that killer instinct. Most people who have great potential has never made it in life because they don't have that killer instinct which is very important. They were satisfied with the little success that they have which is not really a success, they call it success so they can feel better about themselves. They are fooling themselves, how can you call yourself successful if you didn't push until the end? if you didn't give everything you've got? You only have the right to call yourself successful if you did something that could almost killed you, if you do the impossible things, if you keep pushing even if there is no hope that could be felt.

And even if the result is not what you expected, at least you still have the finish product, at least you see what you can do, at least you will not feel any regrets. There is no greater feeling in this world other than giving your best and not taking things for granted. Because at the end of the day, it is the struggle and the pain to finish something is what will you cherish and not the result itself. You will be proud that you overcome adversities and mind destroying challenges. 

Choose to become a finisher and not just a talker. Everyone can talk, that is very easy to do. You can talk about your dreams or your projects but if you can't finish it then you are nothing, you're just a joke and nothing more than that. It's not what you can speak, it's what you can prove. It is better to just shut up and talk about the results when it is already there, never talk until you have it because you are just making yourself look like an idiot. People will see your true colors, don't be good in intro instead be good in outro.

The closer you are the more it will become difficult so brace yourself and prepare for a big battle once you are very close to nailing it. Just relax until it is done, don't crumble, don't get too excited. Just keep on doing what you are doing, be yourself and let everything take care of itself while you are moving.

November 15, 2016


Success is all about confidence and of course you have to pair it with hardwork. With enough confidence and good work ethic, you can reach some heights that you thought you never would. Confidence can be inborn or can be learned. You are lucky if you are born with it because you don't have to work for it anymore but if you are born shy, scared and has no confidence at all, don't feel sad because there are lot of ways how to earn it.

Confidence is for everyone, not all people realize it, especially the shy and unspoken individuals, the people who can't express their feelings. They don't know that they can become confident too, I feel sorry for them because they settle for what they have not knowing that they can have more. Their belief is very low that is why their life is very low, as simple as that. Your belief will become the barometer of your life, with lesser belief you will have lesser success, there is no other way around. You can't have weak belief and strong result. Your belief will become congruent to the results that you are producing in your life.

So if you are lacking confidence, here are some ways how to earn it, these are very effective methods and one hundred and one percent that will give you results:

1. Real hardwork. Hardwork is really hard but if you get use to it... you will have extreme confidence. It is because you know you put in the time for something. You know everybody can't work hard so you already have a mental edge. If you work super hard then you will have an incredible endurance, you know that whatever happens, you will still be alright because you know you can produce results in anything. You have a very strong faith that anything you do, if you work hard for it... you will be alright. You know you can thrive at any place and anytime. Not only that, your skills were developed by working hard, your value increases, you will become one of a kind. You know you can bring something to the table and you're not just an ordinary person who will rely on others. You know you can carry yourself and

2. Have your own world. It is not about being a totally loner or weirdo. It means you've got to have your own business, own philosophy and own circle of friends. You have your own schedule, own way of making money. It means you totally own your life and no one can force you to do shit. You have a real freedom and you only do things for people that really matters to you. This kind of approach will give you supreme confidence because you just don't care about what people say, you know you can survive without someone'a assistance. You know you are in total control of your life and nobody can dictate you to do something that you don't want. You value your life so much that you don't give time for people and things that is not connected to your progress.

3. Be the best at something.  If you are the best at something, people will give you respect and that will give you a very strong confidence. You will feel special, you will get a lot of perks and special treatment. But keep in mind that you must not get that into your head, you still have to keep yourself grounded or else it will backfire at you in the end. Be the best so you will create a very big value for yourself. Be the best so you will look extraordinary and you will feel great. You will even take care of yourself very much because you knew you yourself is your investment. You will become better everyday, you are always improving and that will make your life something special.

4. Produce very huge numbers. Fall in love with the numbers, produce something that not all people can do. If you are working in the office and they can work for only 8 hours, work for at least 14 hours. If they can process 25 documents then process 30 or more. Produce something that not ordinary people can do so your boss will give you a special treatment, the company will give you an opportunity to grow and become a leader. You will feel very confident because you know you can sacrifice more than anybody else around you. But you also have to make sure that you are also getting a lot of benefits in the end. Don't work for something that will just make you very tired and you will not get anything.

In any kind of work or sport or business... produce very huge numbers. It is not that you are comparing yourself to others and you want to be labeled as the best. It is building a belief that you can do something special and you have a greater value. Producing huge numbers will make you feel proud about yourself and that is a great confidence builder. For example, you have the largest amount of money in your circle of friends... do you think you will feel inferior and weak? of course not. Once you own the largest numbers in some place or circle then you will feel very confident.

Let's say you are a basketball player, if your coach is not giving you a playing time and your confidence is getting low... all you have to do is produce huge numbers when no one is looking around. That is the best way to gain your confidence back. Practice shooting when no one watches you, shoot the ball 1,000 times a day and you will see that your confidence is soaring high. It is not about how people look at you, it is about how you feel with yourself. Even if you are benched for a long time, once you step your foot on the court, you knew you can make a lot of shots because it is already embedded in your mind that you are great. You get your confidence in practice, it is like your a time bomb ready to explode anytime once set upped.

5. Take a lot of risks. Taking a lot of risks will make you feel invincible. Not a lot of people will take risks, they were so scared because they thought that they have something to lose. If you're a risk taker then your confidence will soar high because you are doing something that not a lot of people can do. Even if you fail, your confidence will never go down because you experienced something great. You experienced a very high pressure that will mold you character. Pressure creates diamonds and once you withstand a certain amount of pressure... your confidence is already on another level. Making risks will make you strong enough to surpass any negative emotion, it will make you stronger and tougher. You will view yourself as person who doesn't back down to any challenges in life.

6. Do something that makes you very shy. May it be about talking to your crush or asking the restaurant crew for an extra sauce or gravy or even being an emcee to a particular event in your office... do it. Do something that makes you very shy. This is one of the best way to achieve extra ordinary confidence. It is like breaking the chains that stops you. Don't be ashamed of being shy, don't shy away from being shy, once you find yourself being shy in a particular situation then that is they time you have to take action. The more you take actions, the more you become confident. Yes, you will feel the negative emotion of being shy, you will feel bad, but once you keep doing it... you will notice that you are not scared to talk to anyone anymore, you are not scared to express your feelings anymore, you will even get addicted to challenging yourself with the situations that you knew will give you confidence. Sometimes you will even look for situations where you can express yourself, gaining confidence is very fun and addictive. It is just like playing a game.

7. Practice rejecting somebody. Most people were afraid to reject somebody because they felt that they will look bad and they don't want to ruin their good image but guess what? even if you are the most kind and generous person in the world... people will still have some bad things to say against you. They will still judge you and see you as not so kind person. The will even tell to the other people your flaws and imperfections. So what is the big deal if you reject somebody? rejecting somebody is normal, you don't have to say yes everyday. By doing it, you will feel guilty at the beginning but it will also give you a thought that you are courageous and you don't care about what people say. You will see yourself as capable of making right decisions for your own good and that will give you an extra boost of confidence. So reject someone especially if the offer will put you in a bad spot. Never hesitate to make someone feel bad because after all, you are not asking them to come to you in the first place.

8. Realize that you have a freedom. You have the freedom to choose, you have the freedom to express. You all have the freedom in the world to do what you want. If you can celebrate your freedom then your confidence will soar high. You will not be afraid to try things because you always knew that trying is free and there is no limit in trying. You can try as much as you want for as long as you want. You are free to do anything or say anything for as long as you are not hurting or disturbing somebody. You are free to stand up for what you want and live the life that you want.

9. Try even if you think that you have no chances of winning. Have you ever compete with someone who has thrice the skills that you have? It is difficult and overwhelming right?  But the point here is you are upgrading your confidence. You have to fight and try even if you know in the first place that you are not going to win. You have to try your hardest because by doing that your skills will upgrade to another level, you will learn a lot of things. And mostly, when you meet an opponent that has the same level as what you meet before... you already knew what to do, you will not become overwhelmed anymore.

You will also not become afraid of losing anymore because you already knew how it feels. It is just like an ordinary day, it won't affect your psychology anymore. If you a try a lot of times on a specific thing, you will be able to memorize the sequences of events, you will know the tiniest details on how to win. You will become very confident because you have experienced a lot.

10. Make a lot of mistakes. By making a lot of mistakes, you will not be afraid of making mistakes in the long run. You will try something even if you don't know it. A lot of people were good, they know enough but they don't want to try even if they knew something because they don't want to make mistakes, they want to remain perfect and clean which is a bad thing. If you will not face the consequences of making mistakes then you will never move to another level. Do as much mistakes as you can so you will become familiar of embarrassment, critics and humiliation until those negative feedbacks means thing to you anymore. Being open in making mistakes means you are open to every good opportunity that may come to your life.

11. Force yourself to act right away when needed. Having the ability to move despite of uncertainty and fear is a great skill. A lot of people will be stunned if they don't know what is going on especially in situations with high pressure. You can look very confident even if you are not feeling confident at the moment if you can take actions when everyone seems to be crumbling down. You can standout if you will just act right away during scary situations. Other than that once you take actions despite of having fears, your confidence will go up. Those scary situations will make you even more confident because you will have the ability to manipulate fear. You will have this understanding that those fears are just emotions and it can't harm you. So once you are frightened or you feel stressed, just move right away. Your mind will be developed, you will no longer think for a long time, you will have the ability to produce results fast. Remember that waiting creates doubts and fears, action creates determination.

12. Practice being calm. Confidence is badly needed during unfamiliar situations. You need it so you will be able to survive in any given moment. Having the ability to calm your mind is already confidence. Even if you don't know what you are going to do, if you have a calm mind then you won't make mistakes and stupid decisions, you will be able to think the right way. You will have a higher chance of escaping troubles, you will be able to succeed in your own unique way.

So if you find yourself caught in a situation with lot of tension, just practice being calm. Don't over react and don't panic. If you are calm you will be able to adjust easily with the situation and you can make right decisions. You will become more confident if you are calm, it is like being cool under fire. Calmness builds confidence, it will put your mind in the right frame. Panicking creates a lot of fear, you will attract more negative circumstances and you will create a havoc that is against you.

13. Do it your way. Always doing something your way will give you tremendous confidence. It is like a gambling but you got to pick the cards that you like. You choose your own cards and then put your complete trust on them. Doing it your way will make you explore your true self. You will discover your capabilities and weaknesses. In other words, you will have total control of yourself. You will gain confidence because you will know what your strengths are. You will become very independent and that is a great confidence builder. It is not that you are being arrogant or over confident but you know that you don't need help from other people anymore. You make decisions on your own, you find a way how to get things done on your own. You are fully invested with your own critical thinking and you are not entertaining other people's opinions. You fully believe in your craft and you know that you can make everything work if you stay committed.

14. Have big goals and do something to make you one step closer to it everyday. If you have big goals and you are really serious about it, you will not care about what people say about you. You will achieve extreme confidence because you are so focus on making your dreams come true. You don't care if you haven't combed your hair, you don't care if your shirts are dirty. You are fully invested in your goals and all of your actions and words are related to your goals. You will look confident and you will become confident because your focus is not towards other people, your focus is mainly about yourself. Focusing on yourself means being yourself and being yourself displays a lot of confidence. At some point you will look weird but people will see your uniqueness, they will see your passion, they will perceived you as a man on a mission. They will be impressed with your determination and perseverance.

15. Go to the extreme. It means you will try to attain the highest level of something. For example, if you are playing guitar, try to become the fastest guitar player that you can be. If you are playing volleyball, try to be the hardest hitting spiker that you can be. If you are trying to earn money, try to become the richest that you can be. Going to the extreme will give you a lot of confidence because again, you are aiming for something and you are always trying to improve everyday. With so much improvement you will become very confident.

Not all the time you will have confidence, confidence come and go. But once you reached a certain level of confidence and it goes out, don't worry because you can make it come back by simply doing the methods I stated above. If you don't have confidence since the day you were born then go and build your confidence by working for it. Confidence is free, it is unlimited, it is for everyone.