October 14, 2016


OUTWORK EVERYONE. This is your only way to succeed if you think you're not talented nor skilled. You can do it, you just need to move fast, grind harder, stay longer in the process and find that little progress everyday, as simple as that. No need for complicated calculations and speculations, all you need to do is outwork everyone.

And when I say outwork them, you don't need to watch what they are doing because you will only waste a lot of your time by doing that, you don't need to compare, you just need to work super super hard and do what you think will make your position better. Just trust your work, trust that everything will work in the end.

Because talent and skills will build in your system once you work really hard. You will be able to discover things that you don't know before. The things, knowledge and movements that you need to learn before will be naturally installed in your life. You don't need to force anything here, just work hard and all you need will fall into your hands as the time goes by. You will be on your way, even if you feel like you're somehow lost, you will still find your way.

It will be a roller coaster ride but if your faith is very strong and you knew you can do it then you will be able to do it. Pair hardwork with faith and nothing will be impossible for you. For as long as you keep on taking actions then you will be alright, there is no need to worry because everything will go on your way. There will be challenges but it is normal.

Champions and millionaires doesn't mind getting very tired, they always knew that they have to outwork everyone to become successful. They knew that the competition is very tight and they need to have an extra edge. Their mindset is to keep gong until they reach the top, their mind is always on, it never goes off. They don't need motivation at all because they will find their motivation through actions, they more they move the more their motivation gets stronger.

It is simply finishing your day and giving everything you've got, you know it in yourself if you didn't give your best. You can't cheat yourself because you are only wasting your time by doing it. All of your efforts will sum up and it will create an outstanding result in the end, again all you need to do is trust the process and never give up even if it is really difficult.

So forget about being less talented, just focus on making yourself better and doing things that you know will somehow contribute to your goals. Find that smallest thing and do it right away, may it be some pushups, some calls for clients, some drills to make you stronger, some articles to read to make you informed, anything that is related to your goal and will make you one step closer... do it.

Because while others are watching TV, eating, busy in talking about gossips, celebrities etc.... you are working, you are making yourself better. The more you work really hard, the more you become different from them. You will start to make a difference, you will start to become a new person while everyone remains the same.

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