October 17, 2016


What is your dream? what is your goal? are you having a hard time trying to get it? are you having a difficulty in trying to know the steps to get it? the answer to your problem is very simple, reach for it. Get near from it as close as you can. You can't get it because you are never putting yourself close to it, you want it but you are millions times apart from it.

Achieving goals is very simple, all you have to do is do everything you can to have it. It means all of your actions, thoughts and decisions must be related to your goal. That means you have to have a laser focus, you should not blink and not think about other things other than your goal.

Everyone can talk about his goal but the question is execution. It is very hard to execute especially if you are doubting yourself. Doubting yourself is normal, you will have times when you wanted to quit and go back home living a normal life but there is something in your heart that tells you to keep going. There is a silent voice inside of you that tells you not to quit. If you can listen to that tiny voice and believe it and also pair it with actions then you are on the right direction.

All you have to do is be closer to your goal, be closer as much as you can. The distance between you and your goal should only have a maximum of an inch. You should never be far away form your goal because you will get lost. You might be driven to a different direction and you might get something that you don't really want.

It means your mind should be focused on your goals. It should be thinking about the things how to get it. You shouldn't be thinking about negative things because it will only make things harder. You should have a clear mind as clear as crystal. Delete all the negativity and replace it with positivity.

Have the right mindset, do anything that will make you one step closer to your goal, you should reach for it and force something to make it happen. Because if you will just relax and wait for opportunities.., you will never get it. Opportunities will only come if the universe sense that you are hungry and you really want it. Opportunities will never come if you are half hearted and it is ok for you to fail because you are thinking that there are more chances in the future.

Reach for it even if it seems like nothing is happening, do something, go hard and never stop. That is the way how to get your goals, that is they way how to do it.

If you want a million dollars and you don't know how to get it, just do something that will make you earn money, even if the earning is just little. Well at least you are reaching for it. The right ideas will come in the end if you keep on reaching for your dreams. There will be adjustments that will be done automatically as you find ways how to get that one million.

It is hard but it is possible, all you've got to do is think about it everyday, do something to make you one step closer and then take as many actions as you can, People can't get what they want because they don't want it bad, they focus on why they can't get it instead of what to do to get it.

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