October 26, 2016


Are you listening to someone who hasn't work harder than you? and if that is the case why would you even bother to listen? Those guys who gives advise but doesn't have a proof that they work harder than you are just clowns, they don't have credentials, you don't even need to talk to them. They will just give useless advise and their intention is to destroy you.

A normal person shouldn't give advise to someone who works harder than him. What does he know about the guy's business? If you don't know anything about another person's business then you should just shut your mouth because you will not help. You can pretend that you are good but your fraud acts will be discover in the end. The person whom you give an advise will never listen to you again.

Respect a person who works harder than you because he has more experience, stronger will and more passion. He has been through a lot and he can help you if you seek an advise from him. He can guide you and give you some references. He will not put you down, unless he is mad at you or he doesn't like you at all.

Some people thinks that they are good but if you will look at their work history... they can't even match the number of hours that you work. They were just bumming around and now they are trying to give some heroic advise that cannot even help you in your situation.

Don't ever listen to them because you are better than them, if you work so hard to the point where you almost killed yourself then only an expert has the right to give you an advise, only a person who is more successful than you can give you pointers on how to deal with things that is making life difficult for you. They have a lot of past experiences that they can compare to your present situation and give you a very good advise that can solve your problem in a more technical and logical way.

If you listen to pretenders then you will surely fail. It is like setting yourself up for a trap. You are just wasting your time and energy so be careful and be picky when it comes to listening to people. And one more thing, your mind might be poisoned with useless thoughts, even if you know that their advise is meaningless, you will still think about it because it has entered your mind. It will still pop out from your brain in numerous occasions because you already entertained it. Whatever your mind entertained and experienced from the past... it will still bother you in the future so never talk to someone about your problems if you know that that person will never give you any useful information.

It is not that you feel that you are really good and no one is better than you but work history must play a big role when it comes to seeking for an advise. If you are a writer and you've already written hundreds of articles then why will you listen to someone who just wrote several articles last month and pretending that he is better than you? if you are a fighter and you already won twenty plus fights then why will you ever listen to someone who just won a fight last night?

Some people are really good when it comes to making an advise but they can't even fix their own life. So if you will ever listen to someone, make sure that he works harder than you or he accomplished more than you because if not... just do it your own way and success or fail in your own terms and judgement.

And also, just listen to someone who will make your belief stronger, someone who will make you feel good and will make you believe that you can do it.

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