October 08, 2016


When you are doing something what is your true intention behind it? A lot of people were doing something but their intentions were not true. What do I mean by this? they were doing the jobs or tasks that they don't really like, or maybe they really like it but there is another agenda behind it. Sometimes they just wanted to impress or look cool.

Some guys were forming a band not because they love to play music or they were really passionate in making awesome songs, they just did it for the sake of having a lot of chicks around them. They tried to look like a real rockstar but the reality is they just do it to flirt with girls. They will only play music that women wants even though they don't like those kinds of music. So the conclusion is they were not really musicians, they were lover boys because they love girls. Their intention is to get chicks so we can even call them chicks hunters. The were fake musicians, they don't really like it, they just use it for their dark agendas.

If you are working in a government but your objective is to just make money and not to provide public service then it means you are not a public servant instead you're a businessman. You've been corrupting money from the public, you don't care if your service is good, you will not work unless there is no money involve. So you really are a businessman and not a public servant, you should take business management as your course when you were just in college. You've just wasted your time taking civil service exam because you have a disgusting attitude. Your intention is to make money so there is no reason to call you a public servant.

If you're a manager but you are not managing your people very well, instead you are just investing in your people so you can earn money from them in the future then it means you're not a true manager, you're an investor. You don't care about the people you handle, you don't treat them as your own family, you are just good when you are earning something from them. You're a fake manager, you should invest in some networking scams instead. You don't deserve to handle people because you don't really care.

If you are making friends with people but your intention is to just get something from them then you're not a true friend, you're a USER. That is how they should call you... a USER. You're only good if you have a problem, you only show up if you need to borrow some money, you are only kind and being friendly if you need some help then it means you're not really a friend. We can also call you  SUCKER, you're like a parasite who sucks energy. You never get satisfied, you're always needy.

If you're working at church and pretending that you are religious and sacred but in the end you will collect money from the people and use it for yourself then you are not holy, you are greedy. Stop using spirituality for your own good. Reveal your true colors, reveal your true intentions. Because at the end of the day, people will feel it if you are only using them, you better watch out because they will make fun of you in the end. They will call you names that you will not like such as "holy shit" or "holy cow".

Pretending something you are not just to get something is an act of foolishness. You are just fooling yourself and other people. They will see your true colors in the end and no one will ever trust you anymore. They will stay away from you because you're such a fraud. People hates fake, people love genuine and authentic.

If your intention is to get something then go for it directly, stop pretending and using other people for your own good. Trust yourself that you can do it even if you don't have to manipulate people. 

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