October 06, 2016


Have you've been in a rat race before and you can't escape from it? Did you see yourself repeating the same cycle over and over again and it feels like you can't do anything about it? For sure there is something you can do about it, you are just afraid to do it or maybe you are afraid to admit that you are trapped in a vicious cycle. Here are some vicious cycles in life that for others are very hard to escape, some people live in this vicious cycles forever until they die:

1. Earn then spend all the money. A lot of people who is having a big financial problem in life have this kind of vicious cycle. They will work hard 9-12 hours a day then they will celebrate when the paycheck is there. They will spend all their money and will not even save a little. All their life they live this way until they become old. They don't have any savings, they don't keep something for their retirement. Some of them were even still working because they need to and they don't have money to support their retirement. You should stop this cycle before it's too late, you can't always be spending your money everytime you have it. You need to save in order to achieve growth in your financial status. Don't you get disgusted everytime you see your account with zero balance?

2. Spend all money then borrow money from others. This vicious cycle is disgusting and embarrassing. Did you know someone who always borrow some money even if it is only three days after the salary? People who does this already adapted the spend all money then borrow money from others. They became addicted with this behavior even though they can do something about it. Even if they have big salaries, they still do it because they always thought that they can afford to pay. Some people who are doing this are good payers but some are don't. It's not easy to get away from this rut especially if you know someone who will always lend you money. Some people are even borrowing money from people who asks for interest which makes their lives even more difficult.

3. Diet for a few days then eat like a pig for months. A lot of people wants to cut weight or make their bodies healthier, they will engage in a healthy diet for a few days then will eat like there's no more tomorrow for months or even years. If you want to make your body sexier and healthier then you should make a commitment to take care of it forever. There is no such thing as working less and resting forever. You have to monitor your weight so even if you destroyed your diet for a few days, you are still aware that you are getting fat. There must be a weight limit so every time you reach it... you know what to do, you must trim the food intake right away and run like a marathon competitor.

4. Hired for a new work, get sick and tired of the work then resign again. Some people thinks that they were really good and that work is looking after them. They were so excited for their new work then a year later they will curse it and complain a lot about it, they will complain about the salary, the management, benefits etc. etc. then they will resign. After applying for a few months which made them broke, they will be hired a gain for a new job, become excited again and repeat the whole cycle again. The list of resign-hire-resign-hire never ends, they never had a peaceful life, they are not progressing, all they do is restart over and over again when they find their situation difficult and not according to their liking.

It is ok to move to a new company if you are offered with a better position and salary, meaning growth is already presented to you. But if you will just look for another new company because you want to escape the environment that you think is stressful then that is bad, there is a big chance that you will experience the same stress again. Move because your intention is to progress, don't move because your intention is to escape.

5. Cheat on your partner, fixed the relationship then cheat again. People who does this are morons. They better leave their partner permanently if they will just cheat over and over again because they are not only making their partners' lives miserable, they are making their own lives miserable too. Instant pleasure will not give you forever happiness, if you think you will become happy by seeing another woman then you are insane my friend, you will see it in the end that you just wast your time and your life is a complete mess. Even if the forbidden relationship was not exposed yet, you will still have a difficulty in breathing because anytime your secret will be revealed. It is like living in fire but the fire becomes hotter and hotter everyday to the point that it will burn you alive.

6. Leaving a toxic friend and then become friends again. Once you leave a person who is making your life a burden and sucking all your positive energy... don't be friends with him again. You are just wasting your precious time. If he did a lot of bad things to you before, he will do it again in the future. It is over when it is over, don't let a parasitic person enter your life again, you are already in peace, don't ever invite dysfunction in your life again. There are more kind and positive people out there that you haven't meet yet. You can find better friends that will never make you feel bad.

7. Drugs, rehab then drugs again. It is not true that once a drug addict will be forever a drug addict. You can completely change if you will not think of yourself and you will think of others instead. By using drugs repeatedly, entering the rehab and then using drugs again... you are not fooling yourself, you are also fooling your family and the people who cares for you. One day you are going to die if you will not stop it, earlier than what you expected. The only way to stop drugs is to focus your energies to more positive things. Let chasing your dreams become your drug, even if you fail you will repeat over and over again until you succeed, let taking process become your addiction and not illegal substances.

8. Failing in a particular subject for a lot of times. I can accept that you fail in a particular subject once but it is unacceptable if you failed twice. You already knew what to do, you already knew the assignments, quizzes, scope of the subject etc. If you failed again it only means you just repeat what you did on the first try. It means you bum on the first take and you bum again on the second take, as simple as that. You cannot make an excuse that it is hard, it is hard if you take the subject easy.

9. Gambling. You lost in gambling then you try again and win then you play again but this time you lose again. The money is just rotating but the bad thing is the number of times you've lost is larger than the number of times you've won. No one has ever rich by means of gambling and that is a fact. If there is a rich gambler, it is because he was already rich before he gamble, he is just using it as a past time and not a way to earn a living. If you are thinking that you can become rich by gambling then you better wake up, a lot of people has been broke because of gambling too much. You better stop it permanently before it is too late and your family has nothing more to eat.

The only way to end these vicious cycles is to endure the pain, endure the boredom. Don't look for instant gratification because it is the first step to enter a vicious cycle. Allowing yourself to be tempted to feel good and taste instant pleasures will destroy your life, you will be stuck in a mud. At first you will feel good but in the end you will suffer badly. Always look for the bigger picture and more rewarding life by simply waiting and taking small sacrifices.

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