October 30, 2016


Some people were thinking of ways how to make money easy, they want an easier job or they don't even want to do the job but they want to make huge money, very funny isn't it? they want to get more but they are willing to do less. But some people who wants a very easy life doesn't notice that they were also doing a very hard job, they were so focused on finding an easy way and that makes their job very difficult. They don't know that they were also spending a lot of hours to get the job done, they didn't notice that they were also having a difficult road to success.

1. Gold diggers. Those bitches who wants easy money are just making their life even difficult. They stay in the club everyday finding a millionaire who will give them the luxurious life that they are dreaming of. They are staying late at nightclubs everyday just to find the Knight in shining armor that they are waiting for. But did that happen? Those bitches ended up settling with a broke bum same as them. It is because you will attract what you are. They think that a millionaire will marry someone like them, very funny. Of course a millionaire will also marry a millionaire, they will never settle for a gold digger that will only make them poor. Millionaires might play with them for a little time but they will still leave them in the end. They will cry like a bitch, make dramas but no one will agree with them because everyone knows what they are all about.

They just made their life difficult because every night they were hunting men like vampires, people will never respect them because they have no respect for themselves. They will buy a lot of expensive clothes, make ups, bags just to look good. They will fix themselves, they will engage in a lot of plastic surgeries that will make them even broke because those surgeries were really expensive. They are just making their life very difficult. They don't know they were also working hard by trying to look for money the easy way. They were working hard because they can't see a real man that will give them what they want, a lot of men were just playing them but they are still hopeful that they will find the right guy. The cycle goes on and one until they become old and not attractive anymore. If they only use the time they wasted every night for doing a decent job then for sure their life is much better now.

2. Robbers. These are bunch of idiots too. They want easy money, they don't want to work hard but the reality is they are working hard too. It is very hard to make a plan on how to rob a bank. They will gather a lot of information, they will make their robbery very clean and detailed. They will even risk their life just to get rich fast but that is a lot of hard work too. It is hard especially if your life is on the line, it is very risky and not worth it. Any life cannot be bought by a certain amount of money. You cannot bring your life back by paying millions. It is a lot of hardwork to rob a bank, you will make a very detailed plan, you will buy some guns, you will think about it every night, it is a lot of stress. And when you succeed in robbing a bank, what will you do next? you will hide for a very long time until the situation cools down, that is not an easy life. Running away form authority is not an ideal life, it is a lot of hardwork too.

3. Hackers. A lot of hackers wants to get rich fast too so they can avoid a lot of work but they don't know they are working hard as well. Staying late every night just to find a website to hack and implement your hacking program is not easy. You will think hard, you will try a lot of times, your code may not work too. You will have to make a lot of trial and error to succeed, that is a lot of work. And when the authority caught you, you will serve in jail, that is a very difficult life. If they only use their time for creating a much more legal and useful program then they can become rich too. The problem with those hackers is they don't believe in themselves that they can do something better than hacking .

A lot of people wants to escape hard work but they were already working hard, it is funny isn't it?

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