October 28, 2016


People don't want it bad enough that is why they can't win. They were very impatient, they don't want to push until the end. When the going gets tough and rough they will stop. I've seen a lot of talent, I've seen a lot of potential from different people but they never reached their full potential and prime because they always quit when they don't see any results from what they are doing. They are quitters, they are not winners. They were just starters and not finishers.

Life is not all about starting, it is not about staying in the middle of the journey, it is about taking actions until the end, it is about making progress until you can't move anymore. It is all about taking the next step after the other. It is an endless process, if you got sick and tired of what you are doing then it is over. Even if you are smart, strong, brave or "talented", once you don't want to do it anymore then you already failed, as simple as that. And never make excuses that you will do some other things that is why you are leaving your present journey, just admit that you are just a pussy and you can't stick on doing things for a very long time.

You must understand that if you really wanted to succeed then you must accept that if you have to do it forever then you must do it. I've seen a lot of people with so much potential but they did not stick with the process for so long, they got bored easily so they try some other things only to find out that they still can't become successful with the new path that they chose. They don't know what is wrong with them, sometimes they will just accept that their fate is just like that.

There are lot of pussies in the game, once they feel that it is hard... they will go home and will never try their best. They will accept that they are weak, they will accept that they cannot do it. This world is not about survival of the fittest, it is about survival of the most enduring ones. If you can outlast any challenge, if you can be the last man standing and trying then you will prevail. You just need to outlast everyone and outwork everyone then you will succeed. A lot of wannabes will stop and change his mind once he got overwhelmed by a problem. They were just good in the beginning, they were very weak in the end.

So if you really want it then stop being soft, stop being a pussy, stop being a cry baby and just do your thing. Just do what will make you closer, if someone is telling you to stop... don't follow him, just remember that only death can stop you. Even if you look so funny and shitty, never mind them because all you can do is become brave for yourself and for your family. Always look at the bigger picture and remember that pain is not permanent, your position is not your real position if you will have a very strong determination.

Just act like your tough and do it anyway, never be scared of failing, never be scared of getting hurt. Never mind failing because it is part of the process. If you fail then stand up and try again. There is no limitation in trying.

And even if you are scared, you still need to move, you still need to take the opportunity presented. There is nothing wrong in being scared, what makes it wrong is you let fear control your mind and behavior. Be the best you can be in every single second, stop entertaining negativity, stop being a pussy.

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