October 09, 2016


Everyone wants success, everybody cares for success but the reality is success doesn't even care for you. It is true, success will never care if you're super tired or not, if you're super gassed out or not. It only cares about if you are still moving and taking actions to become successful.

You're hungry? you're sick? so what! success will never wait for you, it will never give you any consideration. It will look for another people to bless, someone who is tougher and more committed than you. Someone who is not making excuses, someone who will do whatever it takes to win. Sorry to you if you can't stick with the grind, just go back to your home and cry on the shoulders of your mama, it will be alright, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You can try again next time, if there is still a next time.

You can smell success if you are really working hard and if you come to the point where you really wanted to give up because you can't take the stress anymore. Success is very elusive, it is always playing hard to get, you have to chase it, you have to go for it and move fast because if you are moving slow... chances are you might not catch it. It is moving in a very fast pace and if you can't match its speed... you will be left behind, the gap will be very big. It will laugh at you and bring you to your knees saying "come and get me!"

It is slippery, sometimes you think that it is already in your hands but it will slip through your fingers and run again, and of course you will go after it again. It is very frustrating because you thought you already have it but it is gone again. It's very frustrating but what can you do? success doesn't care for you. If success is kind then everyone else is successful even if they are not doing anything. Success is mean, it is vicious, it will make you bleed until you deserve it. It will make you feel the strongest pain but the good thing is... you will feel so alive. You will feel that your life has a meaning and direction. It is a weird feeling that you will only get by chasing success.

Maybe it will give you a little bit of attention if you are doing something that others can't do. But don't be so arrogant, it might be deceiving you, it may show itself to you for a short period of time then tadahhhh! it's gone again. Success is playful, it doesn't care if you got mad or not, all it knows is you have to deserve it, you have to make an effort that you almost die before you achieve it. It is the saddest thing about success.... it is really hard. It will make you cry to the point where you don't have any tears anymore, your eyes will become dry because of crying everytime you fail.