October 07, 2016


A lot of people were making excuses nowadays that they have no extra time to pursue their dreams. They were caught in a rut like stupid jobs that they don't even like, responsibilities with their families and friends, business that is going down, extra curricular activities that are not giving them good feelings etc. etc.

And when you ask them why are they not pursuing their dreams they will simply answer that they don't have time because almost all of their time were eaten by their jobs. Having no time is the number one excuse of people who are failing nowadays. But if you will look at their lives closely and watch them the whole day, you will see that they have a lot of extra time, the only problem is they don't think that they can use it to pursue their dreams. To make the long story short, they've wasted a lot of time. Maybe they knew it, they were just not serious.

Time is gold and at the same time it is money. You can produce a lot of material things from time, not just a simple material thing but something that can blow your mind away. Time is the most valuable thing in this world. If you can use it wisely then your success will be infinite.

So what if you are one of these excuse makers who keep telling themselves that they don't have time? what are you going to do? it is very simple... you have to make your own time. You can do it if you really want it. It is just a matter of being serious and looking at the bigger picture.

How to make your own time for something?

1. Make a schedule. Making a schedule will make you disciplined. It will forced you to take actions even if you have other things on your mind. Your schedule should be strictly implemented and you have to punish yourself if you didn't follow it. Your schedule should be consistent and it should be placed where you can see it fast. It can be on the wallpaper of your cellphone or PC or any part of your house that can be easily seen. Some people were complaining that it is hard to make a schedule, it is not hard, they just don't want to become uncomfortable and they want to stay unorganized because it is really fun to live in a free flowing lifestyle. They don't want to get tied in a rope and be committed to something that they are really not serious. Making schedule is easy, just get a pen, write the activity that you will do within a specific time, do it and that's it. What is hard about that?

2. DO it anyway. You can make time by doing it anyway, even if it is ahead of your schedule, do it once you think about it. Do it when you are not doing anything, do it even if you don't feel good about it, do it when you are procrastinating at the moment. Just do it and finish it, enough of those eroded thoughts. Once you start taking action then you can make time for something, so much time.

3. Know your priorities. The number one reason why you think you don't have time for something big is because you don't know your priorities. You should prioritize the things that are more important in your life so you can have a lot of time for those things. How can you give time to something that you don't know? How can you give time to something that is not in your priority list? it is all about knowing what matters to you the most and giving a lot of energy to those things. Give more time to your priorities and you will be amazed at how far you've come in life.

4. Don't sleep until you do it. Very basic but very hard but very possible. Simply don't sleep until you do it, it is a do or die situation. If you want to have a dramatic change in your life then all of the routines or habits that you are developing should be done everyday without skipping. Take a nap but never end your day without doing the things that you are supposed to do. This is what separates the winners from losers, winners will do it no matter what, they will never exchange progress for sleep. They knew that they can sleep anytime they want but they have to do the routine first or else their momentum will be gone. I don't care if you drink 10 energy drinks or take 10 cups of coffee, the only thing that matters is you give time for your dreams. Making excuses is over, it is time to make your own time.

5. Cut your favorite past time. I know this is the most difficult part of making your own time. I know you have a habit that you spend hours a day, it can be playing a video game for three hours, watching porn for 2 hours or something like that. Listen to me, if you want to make time for more productive things... you have to cut your favorite past time. Because whether you like it or not, whether you admit it or not... your favorite past time is not giving you results, it is not giving you money. You have to endure the pain of cutting it and use your time wisely for doing more productive things that will bring your closer to your goals. It is only difficult in the beginning but when you get use to it then you are in the right direction, you are on your way to success.

A lot of people were making excuses that they have no time, the reality is they have plenty of time, they were just not using it properly. They were focused on useless things that are not giving them results that they wanted. If you are saying that you have no time then it is time for you to make your own time.

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