October 31, 2016


It is true that success is the greatest revenge especially if you become really successful. All of the haters will get jealous, their saliva will drop, they will wonder how did you do it, they will feel low for themselves. Of course they will still not believe that you are great because they were haters but one thing is for sure... they feel bad seeing you successful.

I know some people humiliate you in the past, I know some people hurt you even though you are trying to become nice to them but you can't control people. There will be somebody who is going to hurt you no matter how nice you are. I don't know why there are some people like that but I guess that is how the world was design, there are villains and there are heroes.

So the best thing to do is become big as you can be, become rich or successful as you can be. Leave the haters no choice but to respect you. Make sure that they don't have the power to hurt you anymore once you meet them again. Make them feel disgusted about themselves by looking very small compared to you. Make yourself look untouchable and invincible. Let them feel your power. For sure they will know the news that you were already big, they will even feel it.

Don't be defensive by telling them or showing them that you were already big. Let it happen naturally, they will soon discover that you are no longer the same person that they can stomp on before. And the best thing to do is to just ignore them, make them feel that they no longer exist in your life, make them feel that they were nothing compare to you, make them look like a bitch that has no value.

There is a person before that ask me what is my name even though he knew it. I don't know why, maybe that bitch is insecure with my ideas or achievements. I am also thinking that maybe he think of me as a small person that is not capable of achieving something great, that night has made my fire burning even more. I work super hard to see how good I can be and now I am almost there, I am not super rich or very successful now but I am pretty sure that person who belittle me can never do that thing again because I am much bigger than him now. I am sure he cannot do the same thing to me again because I've evolve so much that nobody can just treat me like I am nothing. And if that thing ever happens again, I will make sure I am going to treat him like my bitch. I will ask how much money he have or what are his accomplishments and I am going to make sure mine is bigger than what he have.

In this life you can't be kind forever, it is better to be nice to other people but what if other people is not treating you right? so the best way is to make yourself look really big, make yourself very successful so no one can treat you bad.

If someone who treats you bad in the past has one million bucks in his account then make sure you have 5 million bucks in your bank account, make him look like a bitch, make him look very small compared to you. But don't ever ask how much he have, don't talk to him. Your energy will be felt naturally, they will feel that you are a stronger person now because there is some kind of an energy that surrounds a successful person. No one can see it but everybody can feel it. Everyone can feel that you are big even though you are not doing anything. It will be shown in the way you move, speak or react. It will be shown in how you carry yourself in any situation.

If you are an MMA fighter and someone whoops your ass in the past.. make sure the moment that both of you meet again inside of the cage... you will treat him like a bitch. Train as hard as you can, become the best as you can be, become a very strong and complete fighter so you can dominate any kind of fight in any given night.

It is not about having a revenge, this more about of bettering yourself and putting yourself in a very good spot. You don't want something bad to happen again so all you need to do is become big as you can be.

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