October 21, 2016


While you are on your way to the top, a lot of people will bark at you, they will say nasty things at you. I don't know why but some people just don't love to see the progress. They don't want to see other people improving. And that is also the main reason why they can't improve themselves. They were so focused on other people and they don't have time to make themselves better. Maybe they hate their life so they don't want to do something about it. Or maybe they were just jealous at you because you are moving and they can't even figure out how to start. They were so funny, they want to ride on with your success by being mean at you.

So just let them be, let them throw nasty things at you, let them bark at you forever. It is normal to see people pulling you down especially if you are making dramatic improvements in your life. They are one of those challenges that you will face as you travel your own journey. Some people will even make an advise or will act like they care for you but there is a hidden agenda behind those actions. While some people are really sincere to help you but most of them wants to pull you down, they will act like they care but their intention is to destroy you for whatever reasons.

The key is this, if an idea was presented to you or if you get an unsolicited advise, if that idea is not attractive to you or is not making your belief stronger... get rid of that advise, never believe it, even if it comes from a person very close to you.

Because if you are progressing, especially if you are making a fast improvement, people will notice you, they will link their own life with your life for unknown reason. Some people will act like they are trying to help you but the reality is they just want to get something from you or they want to feel you bad. These people are weak, they can't make their own glory so they will ride with someone's glory.

And sometimes what they are saying to you is really hurtful, it is really painful and you can't be patient anymore. But you don't have any choice but to keep going because if you enter their ugly world, which is a world with no direction, you will lose your way. Don't ever pick a fight with someone who don't have the same value as yours. Remember that a can without anything inside is noisy. Always remember that you are above them and you don't need to step down just to prove that you are the better man.

You will only hurt yourself even more if you give them attention, you will lose your focus and they will be very happy seeing you losing your way. The best way to deal with them is treat them cold and pretend that they were dead. Because they were really almost dead with their kind of actions, they were not dreaming their own life so what is the use of their life? Feel pity for them because they don't know how to make the best of their life.

The best way to silent them is to not give them any attention and keep yourself busy doing your own thing. Be the most successful man that you can be and never allow them to disturb you. Just pretend that you don't see them because the more they feel that you are affected with their words, the more they will try even harder to bother you and break your momentum. Always keep it cool and go back to your vision. Give importance to bigger things rather than stupid things.

Just think of them as stray dogs barking everyday because they don't have home, they don't have dreams that they can nourish and grow. You are lucky because you are thinking the right way. Because at the end of the day, your success is what really matters and not every words that they say. Let them speak, let them bark, those people will stop once they feel that you don't feel anything towards them.

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