October 25, 2016


If people are not treating you right in a certain place, if you are being bullied, if a lot of hate is going on and you don't feel good then just go home. Nobody is telling you to stay, nobody is telling you to endure all the suffering because you can end it anytime you want. Just go home and everything will be alright, just go home and you will feel safe. You may not be so happy at home but it is better to be alone than to be with people who is not appreciating your value.

It is normal to be treated not right, this world is not as good as it was advertised. Some people are mean but it doesn't mean that you are no good and you don't deserve something better.

You don't have to fit in. Always be yourself, always feel good and never please anyone just to be accepted. You can always walk away if you are not feeling good, you can always leave, it is a very good option that most people don't realize. There is nothing wrong in going home, there is nothing wrong in leaving a party, a class, a group, an event, a family or a group of so called friends if you don't feel good anymore. You deserve to feel good and never deprive yourself from it. Because at the end of the day, it is how you feel that matters, people don't matter, circumstances doesn't matter, it is your happiness that you should be dealing about. Your happiness should be your number one focus and priority.

Just go home meaning you will go to the innermost you, you will go to your values, goals and passion. If you are doing something that you really love then you will feel very good, safe and satisfied. You will never feel inferior again, you will feel strong and powerful. It is like you are the pilot of your own plane, you direct your plane where it needs to go, you don't care about the ugly winds that is misdirecting you, you know your destination and you will fly to go there. Even if it is storming, even if thunder is frightening you, you will still fly and do your best to arrive at your destination.

Home is the safest place on earth. If you are so stressed, if problems are destroying your peace and you feel like your head is going to explode then just go home, nobody can stop you from going home, you can go home anytime. Your home is welcoming you, your home is ready to comfort you. Your dreams are in your home, your warmest blanket is in your home, you can rest there or reevaluate your life without someone to disturb you. Your home is where love that you are looking for is deployed. You are looking for love so much and you go to different places and try different things but you didn't know that love is just residing at your home. You don't need to look far, you don't need to travel far, just go back to your home and you will see everything. Everything you need is there, you can start a new life in your home.

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