October 16, 2016


It is true that you have to become unique in order to become successful, it means you need to be more of yourself and not following the crowd but what if you cannot find you're uniqueness? It is very simple, find what majority does and do the opposite thing. Look at the world today, almost everyone has identical results. People are working at the companies, they go back home, they eat and then they sleep and then tomorrow they will engage in the same rat race again, the vicious circle never ends.

People have the same cars, same TVs, same jobs, same houses, same bills, almost all of them are similar. It is simply because their habits and mindsets are the same. If it has difference, it is very little. Their lifestyle are very similar to each other, you can't even distinguish who's the real rich and who's not.

So what is the majority doing that makes them get the same results?

1. They work for companies. They spend most of their lives working for companies. Yeah it is giving them enough money to satisfy their needs but most of the time, people who work in the companies feel unsatisfied with their career. They were always looking for something that they cannot even explain. It is because they don't love what they are doing. They work for the money and not for their passion. They get frustrated for so many years but they cannot leave their job.

2. They complain. 70% percent of the world's population always complain. They were focus on the negatives that is why they can't become successful. They love complaining more than taking actions and producing results that is why almost all of them live a miserable life. They complain about the traffic, they complain about the government, they complain about the economy. It seems like they can't find positive in their life. They complain and complain, that is why they get the same results over and over again. Successful people never complain, they were very good in making adjustments to their environment. They can adapt so fast and take actions faster than lightning. They never stick on a negative thought for so long, they just do it right away regardless of the condition of their environment.

3. They spend most of their time on social media. Social media is the number one addiction of most people nowadays, I am not saying that don't use social media ever, there is nothing wrong in using it but what makes it wrong is people spend 5 hours or 8 hours and they never notice it. It takes away a lot of their time, it becomes their habit to waste a lot of hours everyday which could have been use for other productive activities. They make excuses that they don't have time to develop a skill or small business but they spend a lot of hours in social media.

4. They play it safe. Where the crowd goes, that is where majority goes. They don't want to experiment, they go for the safe job, they go for the path that is easier and will never put their social status in jeopardy. What they don't know is the more they play it safe, the more they kill their dreams. Even if some kind of an idea pops out from their brain, they will not even try to at least give it a try. For them, playing safe is the best way how to handle life.

5. They never want to establish their own business or way of earning money. They love fixed income so much, they never look for possibilities. They want sure money that is why the can't leave their job. The funny thing this they always complain but they never do something about it. Successful people can create money anytime they want, it is an automatic thing for them. They give birth to their ideas and turn them into reality. They never hesitate to jump in and go all out. For them, taking risk and trying to make it happen is already considered as success. If you want to become successful you should look for ways to make money on your own, this is not about making money but building trust in yourself that you can survive and thrive in your own way.

6. They were afraid of risks. Majority doesn't want to take risks because it is too scary, sometimes they think that taking risks is stupidity. They don't see the reward rather they see the danger and ugly effects of taking risks. If you want to change your quality of life, sometimes taking risks is the only way. If you will not face your fear now then you will become scared forever. You will be scared of winning, you will be scared of taking chances. Be scared now so you won't be scared anymore later, face the discomfort now so you will become comfortable later.

7. They don't believe in themselves. Majority of people doesn't believe in themselves rather they believe in their leader. I don't know why but they can't even speak up for themselves, they just follow what is ordered for them to do. They never ask, they just follow the script written by the wolves or people higher than them. They never give themselves a chance to be in a higher position. Believing is the number one key to become successful, if you will not believe then you will not move, as simple as that.

8. They quit so fast. Most people quit so fast after taking a few hits. They will quit when the going gets hard, they will quit and go back to their safe and secured job. Yeah they will take risks but they will never stick to it until the end. I don't know if they really give their best or they are just making excuses when they say "I've do everything I can, it's just not for me". If you say you give everything then you should give your whole life for it.

9. They don't want to get criticized. This is the main reason why people never try... they don't want to get criticized. They want praises, they want validation, they want appreciation, all they want is good feelings. They want likes, thumbs up, smiles, they never wanted the feeling of being hated. In this world, if you are pursuing big things you cannot live a life without some people hating you, especially if your idea is one of a kind. They will pull you down, say ugly things to you. That is part of the design, you should accept that critics will never go away. Most people get weak once they learned that some people are criticizing them, if you can learn how to laugh at your critics then you're already different from them, treat critics as nonsense bullshits.

10. They never save money. Once they earned something, they will spend it right away. They have a lot of credit cards, loans, pending payments and installments. They love instant gratification, they were addicted to instant pleasures. They never save money that is why they can't upgrade their life. If there is an emergency that hits them, they don't know what to do, they will beg for someone's help. This life is full of randomness and if you're not ready for any adversity... goodluck to you, you will become poor and your life will become full of depression. Because it is very hard to comeback if you owe someone because there is a tendency that you will be controlled by him, you need to give back even if you don't want to. You also need to help him even if you are so busy, you need to give time even if you want to use your time for yourself.

11. They set goals but never stick with the process. Don't be a dreamer instead be a doer. A lot of people were setting goals, posting it on social media, talking about it then the year is over and they haven't achieved their goals yet. What they do is they just plan, they may take some actions but they never stick with the process for so long. I think their just taking actions to impress people and make people believe that they were goal getters but in the end, they will leave their goal like an old toy without use anymore. This is what majority does, they keep on setting goals and let it die when they face a little adversity.

12. They don't set their own standards. Whatever comes to their life, they will accept it. Whatever money is presented, they will get it, they will never ask for more. They don't have the belief to choose the life that they want. They accept their bum life and accept that they cannot change it anymore. They will never try to at least look for something better. They were very comfortable living less and they were making themselves believe that they were very happy even though they wanted something else.

If you wanted to succeed, you should set your own standards, a standard that is better than your present lifestyle. You should at least feel that it is harder to get your new standard because feeling that way means it is better than what you have for the moment.

13. They were very concerned about other people. Every action they take, they were thinking if people were judging them. They were so insecure, they were so cautious and that is why they cannot be themselves. They think that everything they do, they need to have an approval from other people. And that is why they can't make their own judgement. They don't have an authority for themselves because they think that all eyes were on them.

There are still many things that majority does, so if you wanted to become successful and stand out... stop doing things that they do, most people were alike that is why they are getting the same results. If you want to become different, you should think different, talk different and behave different. That is how to get things done.

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