October 31, 2016


A lot of people were preaching how to do things easily without sweating or exerting huge efforts. They will tell you how to do this or do that without facing any difficult challenge along the way. I don't know if it is true but just like what Eric Thomas said "if is is easy then everybody will do it". If being rich and successful is like snapping your fingers then probably there is no poverty in this world. Everyone will be drinking wine an eating fine steaks everyday, but that thing never happened and will never happen so the conclusion is... there is no easy way to become successful.

So if you don't know how to find an easy way like what others are talking about then do it the hard way. If you want to earn one million dollars and it seems like you don't know how to to do it then simply do something that will give you progress, do something that will make you closer. If you can earn 15 dollars per hour then do it over and over again until you reach the one million dollar mark. I know it will be very hard and it will take longer than expected but the idea here is if you are really hungry for something and you want it bad enough then you will be able to find ways on how to do it fast. It is not that you will find a shortcut but you will naturally find a way how to do it fast because of working hard so much. The way will be revealed to you, there will be more opportunities that will come in your way but it will only happen if you do it the hard way, it will not happen if your aim at the beginning is to simply put a little effort then expect to become victorious.

Never mind if there are people who are getting rich by just doing less, never mind what they do, just focus on doing your thing and get success in your own way. Because if you can't do it the easy way then the only way is do it the hard way. It may take time for you to become successful, you may work a little longer but the point here is you are also becoming successful. And the good thing is if you make it a habit to work hard everyday and stay longer during working hours then every hard work will be an easy work for you. You will no longer see the difference between hard work and easy work. It feels like working for 8 hours is like working for only 4 hours, that is what being used to working hard does.

If you need to work for 16 hours a day for three months just to get your first million then do it, it doesn't matter how you do it, the only thing that matters is you push your way to success. The more you push hard the more life will be easier for you. You will get unbelievable rewards, you will reach a certain height that not everyone can reach. you will gain some knowledge that not everyone can understand. And even if they laughed at you because you are working so hard but getting less results, just keep on doing what you are doing. You will get there, you will also be able to produce a formula that will make you reach something fast for as long as you keep on grinding and keep on looking for results. It doesn't matter if it takes you very long to get there, what matters is you will get there no matter what.

Don't be ashamed if you are doing it the hard way, be ashamed if you are working less but you are expecting more. You should never be ashamed if you are working super hard because not everyone can do it.

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