October 19, 2016


People want more, they consume more, try to earn more, people were so addicted to huge numbers. Maybe it is because they wanted to become better than anybody else or maybe because they just want to experience having a lot. The attitude of having more and wanting to be greater than anybody else is a disease that you should be careful of not having.

People want to eat a lot of food, they want to try every delicious food that they saw on the internet. Even if they don't need to it or they don't have money to buy it, they will still buy it. They will eat a lot even if they were already full, they love gluttony that is why they end up getting a lot of disease.

Some people collects a lot of shoes, cars, houses, jewelries, shirts but in the end they don't know what to do with those stuffs, they were not happy, they were confused, they don't know what makes them happy anymore. Is it those stuffs or people praising them because they have a lot? And in the end when they were about to die, they will not be able to use those stuffs anymore. They feel bad because they cannot even bring something in their other life. Some collectors even got broke because they don't manage their money very well, they want to impress a lot of people by having a lot but in the end they look like a loser because they can't even buy a hamburger.

A lot of friends, especially if you have a lot of money, a lot of people kissing your ass. A lot of people were receiving benefits from your extravagant lifestyle. Party everyday, drink everyday, bar hopping everyday and then suddenly you don't know what is fun all about anymore. You developed an ugly addiction, your money turn to zero. Where are all those people now that is kissing your ass before? where are all those happy moments that was bought by money? You see, having a lot of friends is not the answer, if you can have at least 2 or three loyal friends then you are very lucky. Having 2 true friends is better than having 20 fake friends. Because in the end, when everything in your life turns bad, you will know who your true friends are.

Having a lot is not the answer, yeah it is true that having a lot is good if you know how to handle it and if you know that it is not the only basis of someone's happiness. A lot of rich people have a lot in this world yet they are still not happy. You should know how to balance your life and be aware that it is ok if you have less for as long as you appreciate that "less" and you feel that you have more. Sometimes having less is more desirable because you will be able to appreciate what you really have and you are really happy because you can handle things, people, wealth and situations very well.

Look at those people who have a lot, they don't know what to do with their wealth so they consume and consume until they become broke, they feel that there is a hole in their life that they need to feel by having a lot of things and buying a lot of stupid stuffs. They will find out in the end that it is not the answer.

So what is the real answer? The real answer is looking inside of yourself, it is being satisfied with what you have. It is ok to aspire for more but don't let your happiness be dependent on those things. The best thing to do is to know your purpose, look for challenges that will give balance into your life. Life is not all about praises, precious things and admiration from people. It is all about knowing what you really love and doing it forever. It is about feeling a little pain, facing some challenges and being able to appreciate your situation without looking for things that will cover up your emptiness.

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