October 03, 2016


I know you have a lot of bad habits, vices and negative thoughts in your life. But I can't blame you, you're just a human and you are sinful. Nobody is perfect in this world, no one has committed no sin. No one is pure, no one is clean. Everyone has his own bad habits, everyone is making mistakes so there is no point trying to look clean and always striving to become perfect.

Even priests committed sins, even the presidents did something fishy, even the biggest celebrities and well know personalities have scandals and they were even proud of it. So if you have a bad habit that you can't get rid of... still try to make it better in life, still try to pursue some goals or develop a skill that will make you happy.

Sometimes it is really hard to become very close to perfect, it is hard to get disciplined and stay committed but if your mind is true for the betterment of your life then you can still succeed in life.

So just take steps everyday even if you are not fully focused. If you are trying to make your body and health better then do it. Exercise even if you are eating a bunch of shits, do some weight lifting or running even if you are eating a lot of junk foods. I know you will think that you are just wasting your time because nothing is happening but let me remind you again... you are fully committed to making your health better so just do the right thing even if you are doing some bad things. You think that you are not changing but you are, you can't just see it right away because you are still doing bad habits, you think that what you are doing is just a waste of time but the reality is it has an effect, you will see it in the end.

Because the main idea here is your goal is on your mind everyday and you are still doing some steps to get it, the only bad part is you are still engaging with your habits. But that is ok, what matters is you are still doing some steps, and those steps should be done consistently, you should not miss a single day. Because in the long run, if your good habits were already built strong and very stable... you might decide to get rid of your bad habits completely.

If you wanted to become rich then do what the rich does, save some money even if you are still buying some stupid stuffs that are not important. Just try to save money and do it as much as you can. The key here is save more and spend less. This is the starting point to become rich, you are saving and your money is multiplying, once you get addicted to making your money bigger then you will look for some other things that will give you passive income or even just a simple extra income. Remember, you are still doing your bad habit which is spending for not so important things but the good side is your money is still growing. How good was that? Just always make sure that more is coming in and less is coming out.

If you wanted to become a successful athlete but you can't stop partying then here is what you need to do... Just party after winning or after achieving something great. Never party if your team is losing or if you are sitting on the bench and not getting any playing time, it will only make your situation worse. It is what it is, you have to make a choice, it is either you cut your partying or you party forever. The choice is still yours, you just need to accept the consequence for every choice. If you choose to always party even if your career is weak then accept that you will become a mediocre athlete forever but if you choose to party after winning then you will become more motivated and successful. You can still party, the bad habit is still there, the only difference is you are partying in the right place and the right time. If you choose partying after winning then you are still being successful even if the bad habit is still there, how fun was that?

See, there is no excuse for not being successful. You can still become successful even if you have a lot of bad habits. The only key here is prioritize more the bigger things, your goal should be your number one priority. You can still engage with your bad habits but it should not dominate the good habits. Just like in thoughts, the positive thoughts should have a higher percentage than the negative thoughts. Because there is no such thing as being perfect, disciplined and pure 24 hours a day or 365 days a year, if you're like that then maybe you're already a Buddah or some kind of a monk that floats in the air.

Accept that you are not perfect but still do the right things. Set a goal, be totally committed to it, do something for it everyday even if you have other activities that are no good for your goals. Just make sure that the goal is the number one priority and if you have to choose between your goal and your bad habit... you will choose your goal.

But if you really want to become super successful then you should get rid of your bad habits completely or maybe have a discipline that you will just engage with it once a week or twice a month. It is hard but it is possible, because even if you totally get rid of your bad habits now, there will be a new ones that will replace the old ones. There is no such person that has no bad habits. Even the most successful person has a bad habit, the only difference is he can set aside that bad habit for a while and do more important things.