October 18, 2016


What prevents you form getting what you want is you are always focus on getting it and not on what you can offer.

That is why small businesses closes easily, they want to get their profit fast, they are not willing to offer a very good service. If they see that they are losing money, they will close right away, they will never assess first if they are giving good service or not.

If your focus is always on getting the profit and reward, you will not be able to give high quality service because you will not become very motivated especially if you are not getting the profits yet. And also, people will not come back to you because you have a shitty service. Your works are ugly, you don't want to do more, all you wanted to do is get something from them. In other words, you are only here to receive and not to give.

Just focus on what you can give and never mind if you will get something back. Just enjoy working and giving high quality service because for sure people will come back to your business again. People will even tell the world how good you are. It's all about giving your best and not hoping for the best.

Because people will feel it if you are only after their money, people will see that you are greedy and selfish, it will show on how you speak, how you do work and how you treat them. You can never hide your true colors and intention. Just always keep in mind that all of your hardwork will be rewarded, never mind about the results because it will show later, it will show in the right place and the right time.

A lot of people stop, a lot of people don't want to continue their business or whatever it is that they are doing because they cannot see the results right away, they were not focus on doing what they love to do, they were focused on getting something. If they can't see money or recognition then they will look for another path. It is a selfish move that will lead them to nowhere.

So if you really wanted to become successful, always provide fast and high quality service. Always produce something from the labor of love. Never give them a mediocre service because they will never come back, always give everything you have because the reward will be multiplied in the end, you will get what you deserve.

Just be patient, stay with the process. If your capital hasn't come back to you yet then just keep on working, survive your business until it can survive and never get tired of working. Because working is what life is all about and not on getting something. Be happy if you can work a lot and give a lot because it means you are healthy and wealthy. Being able to provide a good service means you are powerful and blessed.

Look at those old people who only receives their pension and insurance monthly, are they happy? definitely not because they can't work anymore, they can't provide a service anymore. They just lie on their bed, drink their medicines and wait for their death. No matter how bad they wanted to move, they cannot do it anymore. So be happy if you can give good service because it means life is on your side.

So the real meaning of life is more of giving and not on receiving, look at those people who just wanted to receive... other people were disgusted of them, they don't have true friends and good life because all they want is to get which is very unattractive. People will hate you if you just wanted to receive and not do any kind of work.

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