October 10, 2016


Some people thought that if they get a tattoo then they will become more motivated and more successful in life, they thought that it will give them extra push so that they can achieve what they want but it is wrong. I came from the same place. I also put some piercings into the different parts of my body but it didn't help at all. I believed before that if I get a piercing then I will look bad ass and people will like me even more. But I was wrong, It didn't help at all, I'm they same type of guy before getting pierced.

Some people put tattoos on their bodies such as favorite quotes, skulls, beliefs etc etc. They thought that it will change their lives and they will turn into something "invincible". There is nothing wrong with getting tattooed, don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of it. My point here is to let you know that it won't change your life, if you think that tomorrow better things will happen by doing it then you are hallucinating. How come will those tattoos gonna change your life? Ink has now power, it can't give you something to change your life.

If your purpose for changing a little bit of your appearance is to look more fiery, brave or cool then you will end up looking like a helpless pussy cat trying to fit in. Because you really don't like it, you just wanted to look tough, you are faking something. You are not genuine, you are borrowing confidence from external things.

Build the habits for winning, not the looks to intimidate because at the end of the day, people will see the real you. You can never hide the truth. Hardwork is what will make you more confident, stronger and better. Change your attitude and you will be able to change your life. Some people believes in swag so much, anyone can become arrogant but at the end of the day, if you can't prove something then you are nothing.

The secret recipe for success and improvement is change the inside and not the outside. Look for yourself, do something to make yourself better, develop some skills. Never impress anyone because it will only take away your power. The real power is showing who you are, using what you have and not doing anything because you are trying to make an impression. Just always give your best and surpass your boundaries. Never compare and never copy. Just follow what your heart says, make decisions based on your instincts. Always stay on your grind and never believe an idea that is making you weak. Be realistic but try to do the impossible things.

Always focus on your strength and improving your strength, there is no other way around. Your mindset is what will determine your future. You can all have the tattoos in the world, you can color your hair with red, you can pierce your nipple but at the end of the day... if your content is full of bullshits then you will still fail.

You can fool people by trying to look tough and intimidating but if you are not really tough then they will just laugh at you in the end. They will compare you to a scare crow, a scary thing but can't do anything.